Doug Flutie says Johnny Manziel has a steep learning curve in Canada

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The best-case scenario for Johnny Manziel in Canada would be to follow the lead of Doug Flutie, who like Manziel was a Heisman Trophy winner who played briefly in the NFL, ran out of options in the United States, then went to the Canadian Football League, played very well, and returned to the NFL as a starter. So what does Manziel need to do?

Flutie says the first thing Manziel needs to do is learn the Canadian game, which has different rules and strategies with a bigger field, three downs and 12 players on the field.

“In Johnny’s situation, very similar to me, there’s a learning curve that goes on up there and you’re competing against guys who are veterans in the league and know what they’re doing,” Flutie said. “You really have to learn that game and get efficient at it to win championships and be at that caliber.”

Flutie said Manziel will need to be all-in on football if he’s going to learn the Canadian game in a short period of time and play well enough that NFL teams are interested in signing him.

“He needs to be a leader on the team, show that he’s serious about football again, and put his nose to the grindstone and go,” Flutie said.

If Manziel does that, he may play in the NFL again. But he needs to take the CFL seriously, and not view it as just a stop on the road back to the NFL.

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  1. Seems like opposite cases. Flutie had the talent but the NFL was too stupid to see it for years. Manziel has no talent but the NFL was too stupid to see it for years. Huh, maybe there are some similarities after all.

  2. Right now Johnny is saying and most importantly doing all the right things.

    If he is indeed serious about resuming his career then as someone who has made more than enough jokes at Manziels expense, I wish the man nothing but good luck.

    Something is seriously off about those who are rooting for Johnny to fail at turning his life and career around. Compared with what Kaep is doing by trying to sue his way into a job, Manziel is at least doing things in a respectable manner for the time being.

  3. just stay in canada johnny they at least can get physical up there…the only physical part of a game here is in the nba where the all star warriors r abt to get embarrassed…houston is knockin them all around the court and soft durant and curry might as well join the nfl where u cant make contact

  4. He was never an NFL-caliber QB and should’ve been a 5th or 6th round pick in the first place. Best of luck to him. In Flutie we trust…

  5. The good thing for Manziel is that he now plays in the saddest town in the country. The funniest thing to do in Hamilton is going to Tim Hortons to buy a coffee…

  6. Thank you Doug for playing when the goons went out on strike. Sorry that your career was disaffected by those greedy types who didn’t care if we got to watch the games or not.

  7. I wish him well ~ I don’t like to see anyone fall flat on their face even after a long night of drinking ~ LOL ~

    Hopefully, he gets his life in order ~

  8. Thanks Dougie – you played there 20 years ago. I am sure nothing changed since then. Go party boy!!

  9. Great player and great guy as well Doug Flutie…moved around Canada a bit, played for a number of teams….did very well wherever he went….Eventually got to the NFL,my Bills…as a back up and ended up being the guy for a while…He had a brother playing in the CFL ( wide receiver I think)…and if memory serves, they hooked up on a couple of teams…Flutie had more than a decent career despite being a “smallish” type of QB…

  10. you can do it Johnny…let it come to you and you should be have the talent

  11. Well said Mr. Flutie. The CFL is high caliber football and if not taken seriously, Manziel will fail. Many have come north and quickly figured out the talent level is high. Curious how Manziel will do with the 12th man on defense. Expect a lot of interceptions thrown early on.
    Those that criticize the CFL in Canada are usually just bitter because the NFL will never put a franchise north of the border.

  12. akaodoyle says:
    May 23, 2018 at 8:53 am
    Not even the CFL takes the CFL seriously.

    A comment from a bitter Canadian still desperately hoping for an NFL franchise.

  13. I liked Flutie (I’m a Titans fan, but I live in Calgary where he played a while in the CFL). Seemed like a pretty good guy. Hopefully JFootball listens to him a bit.

    Also too, I was also happy the Bills sat him against my Titans for Rob Johnson, which ended up leading to the Music City Miracle. What a weird decision by Phillips back then.


  14. Doug Flutie was truly great in the CFL. But the gold standard was Warren Moon. Undrafted in 12 rounds – unbelievable.

  15. I keep reading comparisons between Manziel and Flutie but they were really very different in their styles. Flutie was great at throwing on the run and his main goal when leaving the pocket was to throw, not take off running like Manziel was known for. Manziel was an electrifying college player but much like Tim Tebow that doesn’t mean his style translates to the professional level. Biggest strike against Johnny is he has never been known for film work or heavy studying and slackers tend to stay that way.

  16. At the drop of a hat Manziel is supposed to sprout leadership ability and professionalism in the CFL. This is a steep learning curve and I don’t expect it to happen. I hope he proves me wrong.

  17. Flutie is getting lots of nice guy comments. actually he had a huge ego and was rather vain, and rob johnson really did win that game with the titans. the miracle was the reason the bills lost.

  18. I don’t understand why people take such joy in expecting others to fail.

    Yes, I know this is the internet where so many people just go to treat each other like trash, but there really needs to be one day a year set aside for people just to treat each other with a little compassion and positivity.

    Manziel has had his issues, but if he can turn things around I think that is a good thing. He can’t climb into the WABAC machine and change the past. He has to move on from the past and learn from it. Just like we all do.

  19. webster8723 says:
    May 23, 2018 at 9:58 am
    Doug Flutie is the man. Even though he played for the Pats briefly he’s still the man

    That’s WHY he’s the man. Mass guy through and through.

  20. gmen32 says:
    May 23, 2018 at 9:46 am
    akaodoyle says:
    May 23, 2018 at 8:53 am
    Not even the CFL takes the CFL seriously.

    A comment from a bitter Canadian still desperately hoping for an NFL franchise.


    I strongly dislike Canadian football, but it is not because I want a Canadian NFL team. It is the damn rouge. There should be no point for a touchback. In HS, we were tied 17-17, and had the ball on the 15ish. The coach called a punt, and kicked it through the 10 yard end zone, on the multi purpose field we played on. We won 18-17, and I have never watched that bastardized game again.

  21. Maybe he grew up, if he did great. Get your life together and move on. He is still getting paid to play football.

  22. Maybe they should post this on the CFL site where it matters cause I mean honestly this guy already had his chance and blew it. NFL (not for long)

  23. stucats says:

    bbb82 says:
    Who is Johnny Manziel?
    ask your mother.

    She has no idea. I guess he didn’t make much of an impression.

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