Jarvis Landry considers himself “the best receiver in the NFL”


Jarvis Landry has more catches than any other player in NFL history in his first four seasons. Yet, Landry ranked only 52nd in the NFL Network’s list of top-100 players.

Landry considers himself better than that. In fact, he considers himself “the best.”

“I consider myself the most complete receiver,” Landry said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “If you turn on the film, I do everything. I block; I play inside; I play outside; and I come out of the backfield. My value is that much more to the team and to the offense. I consider myself the best receiver in the NFL.”

His goal is “to eventually be No. 1.”

Landry, whom the Browns acquired in a trade with the Dolphins, has 400 receptions since entering the league as a second-round pick in 2014. He led the league with 112 receptions last season.

Landry’s new quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, said he already takes “great comfort” in having Landry as one of his wideouts.

“His catch radius is the widest I have seen from a receiver,” Taylor said.

30 responses to “Jarvis Landry considers himself “the best receiver in the NFL”

  1. Hmmm. He’s playing for the Brown now, correct? If this is what floats his boat so be it. As long as it keeps him on the field for Cleveland’s sake.

  2. News flash… player from team X thinks he’s the best at his position in the NFL. It’s like players have egos or something… weird.

  3. Catches a lot of underneath stuff, averages about 10 yds per catch, what a decent rb would give you.
    You need to stretch the field to be great at wr.

  4. You can’t compare today’s stats to past generations. The rule changes have made piling up stats commonplace in todays NFL. They also failed to mention most of his receptions are dink and dunk stuff which is just a gloridied hand off.

  5. “Jarvis Landry has more catches than any other player in NFL history in his first four seasons.”

    That’s an impressive statistic. I don’t care about your know-nothing “it’s just dink-and-dunk” opinions. That’s an impressive statistic.

  6. Taylor hasn’t even risen to the level of incompetence; he’d have to work to be mediocre. That said, that receiver is equally awful. No wonder they love each other.

  7. Delusional is the word. Any receiver who averages less than 10 yards a catch is at best a #2 slot receiver. Ring a bell?

  8. ” his catch radius is the widest i`ve seen from any receiver which is a great thing because with me throwing to him he`s gonna need it “

  9. He’s not #1 or 2-5. Probably top 15 though. It’s a strange debate, as his numbers show you some all world reciever and on pace for the most catches ever, but when you think about it and watch it (in Ft Lauderdale and watch all the Dolphin games) he is a 3rd down move the chains 8 yards a catch receiver. Tannehill and Cutlers safety blanket to convert 3rd downs. Not a deep threat, doesn’t run complicated routes, and nobody is drafting him over his college roommate OBJ who actually is an elite receiver. Teams gameplan for Odell, teams also allow Landry to get the underneath stuff and tackle him 3 yards from the line of scrimmage. The most useless 100 catch a year reciever ever. But you would never know unless you watch the games.

  10. He would actually have to catch the ball more to even be in consideration. Too many drops to be elite reciever.

  11. Jarvis Landry was first in number of receptions but was 25th in yards per game. He only had one reception over 40 yards. There were 12 running backs with a higher yards per catch than Landry. These were players with enough receptions to qualify. 112 receptions is a lot but you have to remember there were 3 RBs with over 80. So while Landry does catch a lot of balls I would not call him one of the top receivers in the NFL.

  12. Jarvis will be Todd Haley’s Hines Ward on this team -the go-to guy for first downs. The Browns haven’t had that guy since Brian Brennan in the 80’s glory years.

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