Malcolm Jenkins: New anthem policy “will not . . . silence me”

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One of the players at the forefront of the movement that spawned protests during the national anthem (and who remains gainfully employed despite his activism) has spoken out in response to Wednesday’s effort by owners to take the anthem issue off the table.

“What NFL owners did today was thwart the players’ constitutional rights to express themselves and use our platform to draw attention to social injustices like racial inequality in our country,” Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins said on Instagram. “Everyone loses when voices get stifled.”

Jenkins made it clear that the new policy won’t keep him quiet.

“While I disagree with this decision, I will not let it silence or stop me from fighting,” Jenkins said. “The national conversation around race in America that NFL players forced over the past 2 years will persist as we continue to use our voices, our time and our money to create a more fair and just criminal justice system, end police brutality and foster better educational and economic opportunities for communities of color and those struggling in this country. For me, this has never been about taking a knee, raising a fist or anyone’s patriotism but doing what we can to effect real change for real people.”

It’s also never been about “disrespecting” the anthem or the flag. But the new NFL anthem policy jumps to that conclusion, ignoring the important reasons underlying the protests — reasons that many in power apparently would prefer to ignore, along with the freedoms that Americans enjoy to do that which may not be popular or regarded by some as “patriotic.”

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  1. He’s right – it’s always best to bite the hands that feed you. Why else would the owners take such a drastic measure? It’s costing them money.

  2. Ok, so are you also fighting for the kids that have to go to school each day and don’t know if they will be safe because of some mad man with a gun ?

  3. Malcom, “your” communities have to want to fix themselves before anything gets better. They would prefer to keep playing the victim.

  4. Oh, I didn’t realize they had a “constitutional right” to protest during their employer’s business hours without consequence. I’d love to get a copy of their constitution. It sounds a lot more fun than the official one.

  5. See Malcolm, what we have here is your and your fellow players’ fundamental misunderstanding of constitutional rights. First Amendment free speech applies to the government, not private employers. Period. So shut up, do your job, and protest on your own time like the rest of us.

  6. No, Malcolm, you don’t have a “right” to disrupt your employer’s workplac or me as a customer of the NFL.

    Otherwise cashiers at grocery stores could protest before checking you out. Or a plumber would protest something before fixing your leaky pipe.

  7. Because of player angst the divide in America is getting wider and wider. Let’s stick to football and leave the social issues outside NFL property. Fan are paying for football, not millionaire whiners. Protest black fathers leaving the home. 75% do.

  8. I respect Malcolm and have no problem with the players kneeling. That said, I think his whole “constitutional right to….” argument is wrong. It’s not the government that is restricting the players from speaking, it’s a private entity. I think the NFLPA would have a strong argument that any statute that allows teams to fine players for conduct detrimental to the team if they don’t stand has to be collectively bargained between the league and the players’ union.

  9. Just agree with the other team – offsetting penalties. End of rule.

  10. Seems to be one of the “kneels” that actual has done something other than kneel.

    As to twarting the constitutional rights…I’ll check the constitution later but I don’t think the founders listed any rights that are specific to the workplace.

    Now if you were outside the stadium on public property, during your offtime, protesting and the NFL owner said you can’t protest or I’ll fire you…then your 1st amendment right would have been violated.

  11. The players should have the right to do what they want and express themselves freely. The owners should also have the right to disagree and not renew their contracts. They don’t owe the players anything. Their consequences to your actions and expressing your beliefs. It’s a privilege to play in the NFL. Kaepernick just figured that out.

  12. I’m an eagles fan but next time you go into a meeting. Take a knee or raise your fist and see how long you stay employed with that company. As long as the players wear that jersey and are in the public eye, you work for that team and the shield. There are a lot of other ways to voice a cause.

  13. Every one of us that is an employee is LIMITED by what we can do and say at work. It would be a very dumb employer that would allow me to engage in activities on work time that insult a huge majority of his customers.

    Sometimes you can’t fix stupid, even if you let him stay in the locker-room to do it.

  14. Racial inequality? Lower income families, specifically black families, can basically go to college for free. Stop the whining and complaining and go to school and get an education, improve yourself. Why is it that every other ethnicity doesn’t seem to have this problem. I really don’t see this as a racial issue, this is a black america issue.

  15. “What NFL owners did today was thwart the players’ constitutional rights to express themselves…” Incorrect, the Constitution protects you from being censored by the Government, not you’re employer. You have no Free Speech rights in the workplace.

  16. Jenkins suffers from narcissistic arrogance & an exagerrated sense of self-worth. Sonny from the Bronx Tale said it best- “Nobody cares” Malcolm.

  17. Nobody wants to silence you, Malcolm.

    The league is simply asking you to find a different way to express yourself, as the “anthem protest” method turns off a significant portion of the fan base. The challenge you now face is to come up with a better way of working to impact the social problems you wish to address.

  18. He does realize that he can still kneel doesn’t he? Hilarious! Go ahead and kneel Malcolm it’s only money. The fine should start at 1 game check.

  19. Trump has black unemployment as it’s lowest EVER! Yet you dopes are still out there protesting a bunch of lies spread by a fake media.

    These guys are brainwashed fools.

  20. Time and time again we here the players say this is a business. It seems clear it is sour grapes as it comes when a player gets cut or asked to take a pay cut. It is indeed a business, this is their job. They work hard to get to this level and they are admired for their accomplishments. This is however their job. Who amongst us has the opportunity or even feel it appropriate to protest a cause while you are at work, working. These athletes are very high profile and would have no problem creating an audience anywhere Monday thru Saturday, or all off-season. Seems a bit convenient that the awareness events only happen while certain players are at work. I fully agree with the need for awareness and justice for every citizen of this country. All I am saying is time and place. Also, make a point to actually affect change. You have the resources to do.

  21. “Our platform”? What the heck are you talking about? Since when is your place of work “your platform” to spout your SJW diatribe?

    Get real – a good first step would be to rid yourself of your entitled opinion on what the NFL owes you: nothing.

  22. I don’t have a constitutional right to go to work and stage a protest in front of the customers. Neither does he.

  23. ” I think the NFLPA would have a strong argument that any statute that allows teams to fine players for conduct detrimental to the team if they don’t stand has to be collectively bargained between the league and the players’ union.”

    You are correct. That is why the league is going to fine the teams and not the players.

  24. You don’t get to act, say and do whatever you want at your job. A private sector employer can tell you what you can and can not do while on the job. They are the ones cutting the check so get over it and play football.

  25. Remember that winning is the goal of each organization. Even liberal teams like the Seahawks only tolerate so much distraction before moving on from players. Sherman and Bennett would still be on the team if the Seahawks went deep in the playoffs. The distractions by both of them exceeded the limits when combined to their cap hits and diminishing potential elite play due to age/injury.

  26. The players that want to have every right to protest. Again, it is their right to do so.
    However, not at the start of an NFL game during the anthem. Please just once have the
    players or group of players that have any issue spend their money to get TV air time or radio airtime and voice their concern. Stop using the free platform before a TV game to show their protests. If they care so much about a specific issue then pay to get it heard. Simply put, they won’t do it. The free platform of TV and media is as far as they will go.
    Hence, it holds no importance.

  27. You don’t have a constitutional right to protest at work and not suffer employment-related consequences. How many times do we have to say this?

  28. I respect your right to express your views and will join you in your fight to have them. But I will not do that during football games (entertainment).
    Sorry, kiss my money goodbye.

  29. ” use our platform to”
    Mr Jenkins, you are hired help that is all, the only part of the platform you get is to play the best football you can,

  30. I wish pft would share the ways these kneelers are standing up against “oppression” outside of kneeling. Or can these millionaires only “stand up” for those without a voice during the season, on Sundays, when they’re supposed to be working…


  31. This was a power move pushed by a fake President.
    I’m a war veteran, I stand for the anthem, but I will not stand by and support forcing people to forfeit their rights to peaceable assembly and free speech.
    This is BS

  32. If I worked at a fast food restaurant and every time a customer ordered food, I took a knee and expressed myself to the point that customers left the restaurant… I’d be looking for another job!! No different here Malcolm. Do it on your own time!!

  33. The NFL doesn’t owe Malcolm Jenkins or Chris Long a ‘platform’ to protest the American flag, or any other ideal.

    You are a player in the NFL by privilege only.

    You serve your team, and the NFL first.

    Take your “fight” outside the stadium.

    We just want to watch football.

  34. ” I think the NFLPA would have a strong argument that any statute that allows teams to fine players for conduct detrimental to the team if they don’t stand has to be collectively bargained between the league and the players’ union.”

    You are correct. That is why the league is going to fine the teams and not the players.

    Individual team’s ability to fine a player for conduct detrimental to the team is part of the collective bargaining agreement. Article 42. It has a list of violations with a schedule of fines but does seem to grant the teams some discretion to have other rules with the caveat that they must be “reasonable” which is obviously a matter of opinion. It also allows the NFLPA to challenge any fines given for conduct detrimental to the team. We’ll see how that ends up going.

  35. The players absolutely have a right to peacefully portest. Feel free to march on city hall every Tuesday.

  36. Wow, this is one depressing comments section. A guy says “your” communities have to want to fix themselves? What an outright racist comment. And yet it gets massively up voted. Man, it is so freaking sad being in this country right now. A guy is just trying to use his platform to bring awareness to social injustice. You don’t have a platform keyboard warriors because nobody cares about you! He said he doesn’t care about kneeling or whatever. Yet you have people in mass bashing him. And the analogies people use are ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. “If a grocery store clerk started protesting before checking you out” Are you serious with that? I don’t even know where to begin with that. Just so horrible.

  37. Would you care if that McDonald’s worker took a knee during the anthem (which btw it’s not possible to serve food and respect the flag at the same time) BEFORE they served you your food. That’s the more correct analogy. NO. You still get your damnn food just like you still watch the damn game. Spoiled closet racists. You guys that get up in arms about a guy kneeling would have LOVED Germany in the 30’s and 40’s.

  38. ”qckappa says:
    May 23, 2018 at 7:31 pm
    The multitude of comments show that racism is alive, well & thriving in America.”

    And this comment as well as Malcolm shows that ignorance is alive and well in America…..

  39. Save your breath , Malcolm. The fans got distracted and played by a corrupt president who cares very little about American values or values in general and the owners caved .

  40. Holy Crap! what are you people talking about!? they do have a platform. and you put them there. and continue to do so, as you watch every game, go to the stadiums, buy their jerseys, and make comments on websites such as these. the NFL uses and makes money based off of these poeples’ names and likenesses to the tune of millions and billions. hell, the NFL even forces them to be put in front of a camera and in front of microphones. and we say that they dont have a platform. the NFL and the fans have basically forced it down the players throat, and now we think we can tell these people when and how to use that platform.

    y’all a bunch of hypocrites and crybabies.

    no one cares that you cant protest at your job. literally, no one here knows your last name, your employer, how much you make isnt spilled out for everyone to know about, and no one puts a camera or microphone in your face, literally asking for your opinion on something. different world. you arent in the top percentage of people in the world that are blessed enough to go to the NFL and play.

    get over yourselves.

  41. He is disrespectfull. He is an employee, I suggest he give Vince McMahon a call.

  42. I agree Rimodawkins, somehow we also got to “Lefties” & the 2nd Amendment, but truly a whole lot of “you” and “your communities”. Where is the we are all human beings in this all tied to, and connected together in this world for the best for ALL of us.

  43. Did you all see the Sterling Brown, Milwaukee Bucs video? It is heartbreaking.

  44. The biggest problem in the communities of color is the number of kids born to single parent homes and homes without fathers. The current rate for black kids born to broken homes is around 80%. Hispanics is 40% and Whites 25%. Children born to single parent homes have a much higher rate of behavior problems including trouble at school and with the police. I wish Jenkins would protest against broken homes.

  45. alldonesmith says:
    May 23, 2018 at 7:23 pm
    See Malcolm, what we have here is your and your fellow players’ fundamental misunderstanding of constitutional rights. First Amendment free speech applies to the government, not private employers. Period. So shut up, do your job, and protest on your own time like the rest of us.


    I find it ironic that most people who post stuff like this also are the ones who are screaming the need to “religious freedom” laws that give them the right to discriminate at their work place if it goes against their “religious beliefs”.

  46. Interestly, that the “best for all of us” only applies I guess if we’re rooting for the same team but applies almost no other time. “Sad”

  47. rodgerstonelson says:
    May 23, 2018 at 7:21 pm
    No one said you needed to be silent…just do not disrespect the flag.


  48. This protest has backfired. Regardless of whatever Jenkins et al think many people see them as anti-police. It’s time to find another way.The penalty for this should be ejection. If not players on each team will conspire to get off setting penalties.

    The latest FBI data shows that the police kill more whites than blacks but a black man is 3x more likely to be killed than a white. Blacks are also three times more likely to be the victims of murder and three times more likely to be charged with murder. It’s likely police shootings are simply in line with the numbers of violent people from the different communities they encounter.

  49. not surprised to see commenters here ranting about black fathers. shows their true colors, and that their concerns have 0 to do with the flag and 100 to do with the color of those kneeling.

  50. You don’t have a constitutional right to protest on company time. And sorry but while racism still and sadly will always exist, the biggest problems in some of those communities are…… Themselves. No one else can fix your families. No one else can prevent you from ruining your own neighborhoods, making them largely well known to be unsafe and dangerous. It’s not the MAN’S fault. Stop with the 24/7 victimhood mentality for starters.

  51. None of these guys should let it silence them. They should all take some of their own personal time away from the games and make this point. Their celebrity status will guarantee them press coverage, especially if they work together. And if they are doing this on their own time the league has no power to tell they they cant. No one can tell them that because now they will have moved it to where the first amendment really does cover them. Trump would still shoot his mouth off but so what? He would have no power to silence them either.

  52. ohhh. you walmart stock boys can’t protest at work? know why? because you’re minimum wage selves are replaceable. There are a handful of people in the world that can do Malcolm’s job. That’s why he can kneel, upset the apple cart and make all you snowflake patriots-when-its-convenient loud mouths “uncomfortable.”

  53. Trump is currently looking into prison reforms, which is Jenkins’ main cause. If Jenkins skips a white house trip, it shows he’s more about image than results. Who would pass on a chance to talk the the President about their? Even if you hate him and think he’s wrong that’s all the more reason to talk to him.

  54. Doesn’t seem like a well-thought out policy by the NFL.

    For one, it takes the position that the protest was all about “disrespecting the flag”. Couldn’t we take this to mean that it’s equally true that the NFL is taking the position that it is pro-police brutality?

    Also, if players are only required to stand, it leaves plenty of room for continuing protests. For example, what if players started standing and turning their backs to the flag? What if they knelt right beforehand and then after the anthem was done?

    And since players now have the option to stay in the locker room during the anthem, isn’t it going to draw more attention when only half the team comes out for it?

  55. Malcolm, you work for the owners, the owners get their money from the fans, so, in effect, you work for me. Don’t kneel down. If you do, I will stop watching and you will lose me as a fan. Me and all of my money. You will lose a whole lot of additional fans. Can you, and the NFL, afford to lose 50% of your fanbase along with 50% of your money?

  56. justintuckrule says:
    May 23, 2018 at 8:37 pm
    ohhh. you walmart stock boys can’t protest at work? know why? because you’re minimum wage selves are replaceable. There are a handful of people in the world that can do Malcolm’s job. That’s why he can kneel, upset the apple cart and make all you snowflake patriots-when-its-convenient loud mouths “uncomfortable.”
    And despite all that bravado speak its still the bosses call what someone can do at work. In Jenkins case there are only a handful of guys that can do what he does, but also there are only a handful of guys that would pay him that many millions to do it.

  57. This is why the NFL made a mistake today regarding the anthem protests. After the initial craziness early last season, the anthem nonsence, and constant press coverage of it seemed to wane. They should have just ignored the issue and it would have went away when players realized nobody cared anymore. Today’s ruling made a small issue into a big one.

  58. fine, Malcolm, you’re a selfish jerk. I say this because I’m a former team captain at Manti High School and we won the 1999 2-A Utah High School football championship. He’s putting his own desires above the good of the team because if he refuses to comply, he will be fined and other penalties hurting the team may occur.

  59. Why is the NFL the only professional sports league with this issue? Perhaps because they have horrendous leadership and a bunch of owners who all think they are smarter than one another… All the other leagues tell the players to just stand there, shut up, and cash their checks – or they won’t have a check to cash..

  60. It’s OK to have the NFL give $89 million and still want to act like idiots

  61. Jenkins should fight for his causes on his own time, not when he is an employee of the NFL. The players who sit or kneel for the anthem are disrespectful dopes. Fans want to see a football game, not player’s political views.

  62. I know it’s fashionable to bash Goodell, but this time, in this instance, please don’t. He did the right thing and told the social justice warriors to cool their jets. I wish he did the right thing more often.

  63. skawh says:
    May 23, 2018 at 7:21 pm

    Finally it’s over! I STAND with the NFL. Hail to the Redskins!


    Yes! Hail to the Redskins!

  64. I guess every company on the planet is inhibiting people’s constitutional rights too? I hope all these primadonnas get a reality check to replace their game checks.

  65. Get to the stadium a day early & set up a booth with flyers & literature & a donation pot….. raise your awareness there…. take out a TV add….. start a charity fund raiser….. start an on line blog …… do something that will really make a difference instead of annoying me & others when we tune in to be entertained & watch some football as opposed to your perceived social/political views!!!

  66. Good news malcolm. The nfl has never tried to silence you. They just dont want you disrespecting fallen service members. Even if you dont think you were, millions believed you were. No one wants to stop you from fighting any cause.

  67. Does anyone else have an employer that allows “activism” during work hours?
    Do your job and work your activism on your own time.

  68. These players should pay dearly. When they have chances to protest outside of work, they don’t. It is time they are fired and no longer make millions. Even though there is no right to protest at work about non-employment issues, there is a responsibility that goes with rights – and even there, jerks like this pig are violating standards of conduct.

  69. “Everyone loses when voices get stifled.”
    You and everyone in America is more than welcome to use every bit of your free time using any platform you have to express your opinions. It’s super simple. Why do players think they can use “on the clock” time to alienate paying customers for their personal agenda?
    It still baffles me at the absurdity of the outrage against this rule.

  70. I have an idea, Jenkins. If you want to kneel in protest, do it the next time you get burnt on a red zone fade route for a td.
    You can claim racial inequality, and maybe the SJW official will call the play back and penalize the WR and QB for victimizing you!
    Let’s see what happens!

    Wait…I gotta get my popcorn.

  71. For all the “protest on your own time” fans here, let me ask you this. How many of you are required to make a political statement at the start of your workday? If you were, I imagine your opinion might change.

    These players aren’t injecting politics into this – their employers are by making a performative demonstration of patriotism part of their job.

  72. no, he was silenced the day he got them to cut a check. since then he’s a sell out

  73. When did you use YOUR TIME, or YOUR MONEY to speak out? If I recall correctly, you used both your employers time and money to speak your piece while at WORK?

  74. Your platform??? You are paid to play football.. NOT run your agenda which consists of protests!!! Where were all these players in the off-season doing something for their cause????? ENOUGH ALREADY !!!

  75. This should open people’s eyes to the complete ignorance of understanding our Constitutional system.

    Through the years we see the social justice media mob take out private sector employees not toeing their ideological principles. It’s not about “equal” rights, it’s about special “rights”. A class of citizens with a megaphone via media and the monetary means to role over opposition, seek to redefine societal norms.

    Collin Kaepernick is a man who drove home to a 1.5+ million dollar home in a predominantly white neighborhood behind gates. Where the average house costs 1+ million dollars.

    Oppression in the modern era folks.

  76. Does any player even care about football anymore?
    Or do they just have an agenda?

  77. Wow,

    I just don’t get it. First and foremost, activism should occur in the same space as the problem, in America’s communities. And who the hell charged NFL players with the task of assigning responsibility for fixing America’s racial ills to NFL owners? I don’t think the NFL employs America’s police departments.

    If Kap was serious about changing things, why didn’t he start in the communities of the Bay Area? A very progressive section of the country that would no doubt be receptive to his message. How about enlisting the aid of the Silicon Valley corporate titans? I guess that strategy makes too much sense.

    This whole kneeling thing has gotten way out of control and taken on a life of its own, time to get real and work towards progress, not likes on social media.


  78. Imagine you decided to buy a fast food restaurant. Doesn’t matter which one, at least not within reason.

    Your cashier, on company time, decides to use her “First Amendment rights” to declare “Hello, welcome to [restaurant]. Meat is murder! May I take your order?” as she’s a member of PETA. Most potential customers are immediately turning around and leaving in response.

    Do you tell her to stop? Or eat the business loss?

  79. Two years ago when they started kneeling, my 12-year-old son asked me why are they disrespecting our flag and military? Their message has been lost due to the forum or platform they chose to do it on. Malcolm’s message would be best received if he protested by refusing to play when called upon or if he refuses to tackle a receiver and allow him to score. They cost the owners millions of dollars and damaged the brand and now they have to suffer the consequences. I for one no longer watch the NFL and did not renew my season tickets and there are millions of other fans like me. I watch plenty of college football on Saturday’s and save all my “honey do’s” and yard work for Sunday’s.

  80. OMG, this is so simple, let me see if I can spell it out so even you can understand it: The First Amendment simply says the GOVERNMENT cannot punish you for what you say. Your employer, your friends, and your mama CAN punish you if you say something they don’t like. Period. That is all …

  81. The cops tased a Milwaukee buck over a parking violation. Reason number 68 of why they kneel

  82. dmq13 says:
    May 23, 2018 at 8:22 pm

    I find it ironic that most people who post stuff like this also are the ones who are screaming the need to “religious freedom” laws that give them the right to discriminate at their work place if it goes against their “religious beliefs”.

    I’m not religious at all, and I don’t support that craziness either. If you’re going to bypass substance and just make a straw man argument, make a better one next time.

  83. Tell me Malcolm: Why the National Anthem?

    Why that ONE moment when we pause our enjoyments to honor and thank America for a $42,000,000 salary playing football?

    Why disrespect the very servicemen and women who are viewing your game, and risk their lives for your freedom?

    Please stop desecrating them and our great flag, the symbol of why we are free.

    Please stop perpetuating your racist rant. The fans are sick of it.

    We are Americans.

    We are better than that.

  84. Most teams will probably treat it as the cost of doing business. They have 8 regular season home games, and they will just let the league fine them. if a team owner fines a player, then the player may simply leave the team and go somewhere else (if he can) when his contract expires. In the end, winning is a lot more important than making a player stand.

  85. Okay, well take a knee then. See how your bank account handles that, week in and week out. See how your teammates despise you for letting your personal ego cost them 15 yards to begin every game each week…

    Yup, you’ll be staying in the locker room. So be it. I’ll be sitting on my ass on the couch, drinking an ice cold beverage, stuffing my face, ignoring the fake pageantry, pomp, and circumstance…as usual.

  86. What’s actually sad is, we are sitting on here debating what millionaires do on TV, as if it actually matters. Wrap your mind around that. We could all be ya know, helping each other and fixing things ourselves, but we rather talk about people who don’t know we exist and worry about what they do.

    Everybody should love everybody. This frivolous stuff doesn’t matter. If you think someone who protest during a national anthem is a bad person and it makes you truly upset, you’re being irrational. Protect your brothers and sisters first, then the land.

    Or maybe will we will just be turned off and tuned out forever..

  87. Yeah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah said the rich guy being paid a lot of money to play a game. As if…

  88. Government pays for anthem displays

    Government also provides anti-trust exemption for sports leagues

    Most teams play in taxpayer-funded stadiums

    President routinely bullied league into making policy

    If you can’t see the problem here, you are probably both racist and willfully ignorant.

    And please, stop comparing their job to your blue-collar slob jobs. These players ARE the product, the league (and the platform) exist because of them. Are you really too dense to grasp the difference?

  89. If you want “real change”, then hammer home the message “OBEY POLICE COMMANDS”. Really bad things happen when the police tell you to do something and you stand there screaming about your rights and then slap them when they are trying to handcuff you. THAT should also be part of the narrative but sadly it is not even in the discussion.

  90. Ok so maybe donate your money you’ll pay them in your fine to these communities you’re so call “protesting for” no, that’s too easy huh?

  91. I love the perception by certain political parties that the first amendment should be broadened beyond what was actually said, in order to protect themselves.

    But at the same time, wanting to limit the very next amendment, which paved the way for the first amendment.

    “I should be able to do whatever I want, but I don’t want you to do what you feel you need to do protect your family” mentality…

  92. Do owners like to lose $$$$$$$$??? No and that’s the BOTTOM LINE… These tools don’t have a clue!

  93. Malcolm is wrong. when an employee enters a workplace, they give up some constitutional rights. Employees have to behave in accordance with their company / owner’s policies and procedures. Malcolm can retire and protest all he wants, but his owner and the NFL have the right to make a policy and employees have to follow it or deal with the consequences.

  94. Instead of fining the teams, they should carve the money off their available salary cap for next season.

    And every successive cap hit increases by 50%.

    Make it really hurt.

  95. The First Amendment protects you from being arrested based on what you say. It doesn’t protect you from being fired when you say or do something that’s detrimental to your employer’s business.

    So go kneel. Nobody will arrest you. This is your employer’s policy, not a law.

  96. when all Americans are treated equally
    then you will have nothing to protest
    that should be the goal of every American
    respect each other, respect the servicemen who protect America
    respect the flag
    but until we can respect each other, regardless of color, race, religion, or sexual preference
    we must honor those who try to bring equality to all Americans, that is the true strength of America

  97. It would be easier to take you whiny commentors seriously if you would be honest about what’s being protested. They’re not protesting the flag. Or the anthem. Or the troops. Every single player asked about this — and many military veterans — have made that clear every time it’s come up. They’re simply using it as a vehicle to draw attention to injustice. And, hey, look, it’s worked.

    It’s fine (and perfectly reasonable, frankly) to have objections to the protest, or to defend the police or whatever. But people who try to make it about what it isn’t about — the anthem, the flag, or the troops — are just lazy dolts who want to feel superior and patriotic without actually doing anything. It’s not a respectable position.

    So, have at it. Explain why their position is wrong. But be honest about what they’re actually challenging. They’re not challenging the flag. And you know it.

  98. In a league where 68 % of players are black, your comments are overwhelmingly white with little to no regard of the population that makes up just 10%. Why so hostile?

  99. fmwarner5 says:

    May 23, 2018 at 10:03 pm

    For all the “protest on your own time” fans here, let me ask you this. How many of you are required to make a political statement at the start of your workday? If you were, I imagine your opinion might change.

    These players aren’t injecting politics into this – their employers are by making a performative demonstration of patriotism part of their job.


    It’s because the NFL is funded by the USA government. So the NFL wants to include the Anthem, and these players who are paid to be part of the league are doing their own agenda while at work. If they really want to make a change do it on your own dime.

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