Marcus Mariota practices without a knee brace


Since spraining his left MCL as a rookie, Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota has worn a knee brace.

Tuesday during OTAs, he went without the protective gear.

According to Jason Wolf of the Tennesseean, Mariota said he’s not sure he’ll stay braceless, but for May it works.

“We’ll see. It might be a different story when the pads are on,” he said. “But for now, yeah, I feel comfortable, I feel good. The whole knee brace, it felt restricting, but at the same time I have to be smart and try to be safe out there. We’ll see. I’m not sure. I haven’t made that decision yet.”

Mariota missed two games during his rookie season immediately after the October injury, and then the last two of the season. A broken fibula at the end of 2016 hampered his offseason work, but he’s largely healthy now.