NFLPA wondering who NFL compromised with on anthem policy

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The NFL seemingly wants to solve its anthem problem with its latest “compromise,” but by definition that can’t be a unilateral decision.

So the guys they’re ostensibly compromising with just wanted to point that out.

NFLPA assistant executive director of external affairs George Atallah just tweeted out the union’s fundamental confusion about the league’s apparent decision to allow players to stay in the locker room, but to demand that anyone on the sidelines “respect the anthem.”

“Maybe this new rule proposal that is being voted on is a “compromise” between the NFL office and club CEOs on various sides of the issue,” Atallah wrote, “but certainly not with player leadership; we weren’t there or part of the discussions.”

That’s the first and most obvious problem with the NFL’s hurried attempt to create a policy which will make the fewest people (or that one person in particular) unhappy.

Now they appear to, or have set the stage for, their entire labor force wondering about the impact of a decision they had no input on.

23 responses to “NFLPA wondering who NFL compromised with on anthem policy

  1. SO they turn around and stand the other direction. That’s fitting to turn the back on the country that’s turned their back on them.
    End the violence against unarmed people.

  2. It’s because the owners do not respect the union. They own them like they own concession sales. The union will compromise everything the owners want. Player leadership??? Ha ha.

  3. The NFL takes rights away from players all the time. They recently took away the right to lead with your helmet when initiating contact. The NFL has decided that players disrespecting the national anthem is bad for business so the NFL is going to do what is necessary to protect that business. If the players don’t like it, they can go on strike or look for another line of work. There are two other leagues forming and the CFL is available.

  4. My big regret in life is not becoming a trillionaire. I mean if these Moe-Rons can own nfl teams, I should be the richest man on the planet.

  5. I guess what bothers me about the whole thing is that the message being sent by the kneelers is that a national policy of systemic racism makes it okay for white police to shoot unarmed black people for no reason. If you don’t think that’s the message, go back and look at what Kaepernick said when he started this whole thing. This is all based on a few high-profile cases, some of which were justified shootings and some of which were by black cops. If you look at the research, there is no evidence that white police are targeting black people. Black police shoot unarmed white people and you hear nothing about it because it doesn’t fit the narrative. I’m not saying racism isn’t a problem in society but the idea that this nation supports the murder of black people so it isn’t deserving of respect is flat out ridiculous.

  6. This isn’t a problem. Simply do the Anthem before bringing players on the field. This is a non-issue.

  7. Do away with the anthem altogether. Antiquated custom that serves no purpose but to delay me getting my beer. I’m paying a grand to be in that stadium. No need to force faux patriotism down everyone’s throats. Half the people use that time to go to the bathroom before kickoff anyway.

  8. This rule won’t change anything. Just play anthem before they take the field and they don’t have to have a rule.

  9. So what happens when some of these disrespectful clowns decide to stand, but either turn away from the flag, or raise a fist in the air?
    You know its gonna happen, some of these losers just want the media attention it will bring

  10. Wow. I hope every player on every team takes a knee before every game even if just to protest the league wading into an area where they have no interest being. NFL is choosing to become political. Could this be the start of the downfall of the once beloved sport?

  11. Rob – it’s not just about murdering blacks. It’s about officers using the badge to make them feel like it’s 1955 Alabama again. If you think this happens once a blue moon, look up the hundreds of videos on FB. Some black kid had the swat team drawn at him in his front yard after running a stop sign down the street from his house.

  12. I would personally stand for the anthem but after this ruling I would kneel and hold a sign that I’m protesting the league’s decision to become political. This is a free country. Or is it????

  13. I still don’t understand why they do the national anthem at EVERY game. It should be reserved for special games (post season, 9/11 games, maybe the season opener, etc.). When done at every game, it makes the anthem less meaningful, which is evident by the amount of fans in line for concessions during the anthem and not at their seat appreciating the song.

  14. The NFL cannot win with the national anthem issue. No matter what the league does, it loses. Some players will be upset if they’re not allowed on the field for the anthem anymore. If they’re allowed to be on the field for the anthem but are forced to stand at attention, that’s a whole new controversy. Some owners don’t want any more players kneeling to bring attention to social causes, and a group of very vocal fans feel that way too. Any solution you can come up with — or even sticking with the status quo — is going to upset a lot of people. There’s no way around that anymore. Leave them on the field players win, leave them in the locker room playes still win. Why…because the media will be looking to see who was on or off the field for the anthem bring more attention to the problem.

    The unon doesn’t give a crap if the owners respect them or not but you will include them in anything that has to do with player fines/disciplinary issues. Understand how these things work with the union. If we give you this anthem policy what are we getting back in return?? It’s always a give and take.

  15. Umm, the compromise is between people who felt all players should be required to stand for the anthem and people who felt players should be able to do what they want. Because players have the choice to not be on the field for the anthem, they are not being forced to respect the flag and anthem, so the second group is being factored in. Duh.

  16. If the fans are there to see football and not worry about social issues, how about not playing the anthem at all? That should solve everyone’s issues involved, but once again, it’s all about being bullied and showing white supremacy in our American melting pot… Damn shame!

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