President Trump to react to NFL’s new anthem rule on FOX News


If any NFL owners thought that capitulating to President Trump on the anthem issue would get him to stop talking about it, think again.

The President will appear Thursday morning on FOX News Channel, and he’s will share his reaction to the NFL’s decision to compel players to respect the flag and the national anthem — or to stay in the locker room.

The Commander-in-Chief’s network-of-choice has taped the interview, which means that it’s already known that the topic will be addressed.

Already, President Trump Vice President Mike Pence have declared victory over the NFL regarding the anthem issue. Look for more of the same on Thursday, and beyond. Which will make the NFL’s decision to cave to political pressure even more curious.

Keep the policy that the NFL crafted roughly a decade ago, which gave players the right to protest, and the attacks from the White House would have continued. Scrap the policy and demand standing, and the attacks from the White House will continue.

So what really has been gained? Time will tell. For now, though, it seems like the NFL hasn’t made a bad situation any better by alienating plenty of players and fans, inviting potential legal challenges from the NFL Players Association, and giving President Trump a reason to constantly brag and boast about taking on the NFL and winning.


36 responses to “President Trump to react to NFL’s new anthem rule on FOX News

  1. Another publicity stunt. I wish we had a real President instead of a reality TV personality.

  2. Cool, maybe he’ll stop insulting POWs and veterans one of these days while he’s at it! Not holding my breath though.

  3. Trump was not the reason the policy changed. The decreased revenue from the upset fan base who overwhelmingly view the kneeling by players as being disrespectful to the American Flag, the Military/Veteran’s and our Country.

    The past two years the point has been made by the players and it’s time to stop protesting and start developing ideas and action plans to make this great Nation, better. Let’s hope that happens.

  4. How does this criminal liar who dodged the draft and has committed actual, no-kidding treason have any ability to comment on anyone’s ‘patriotism’?

  5. Respect the flag or don’t play the game – its as simple as that – I agree with the change,its about time all players stood up and saluted those who have fallen before us and those who are still risking their lives everyday while these millionaires are playing a game for multimillions a year – if you have an agenda regarding the Anthem and America do it on your own time and off the field – jmho

  6. So people are surprised the president of the United States is sticking up for our flag and anthem? Man, what in the world did the last guy do to you upstairs?

  7. This is an extremely dissappointing solution the NFL owners have come up with. And the fact that Trump and his trolls will be crowing about it for quite a good while will quite propably result in even lower TV ratings. And these lower ratings will still somehow get blamed on Kaepernik.

  8. “Agenda regarding the anthem” – what? You think they don’t like the lyrics, or something? Maybe they are suggesting some new verses?

  9. In addition to being a First Amendment right, kneeling during the Anthem is NOT a sign of disrespect. Remember, Kap began kneeling after meeting with a veteran to discuss a more respectful form of protest as opposed to just staying on the bench. The Supreme Court has ruled that students cannot be compelled to say the pledge; mandatory displays of patriotism are for 3rd world dictators in banana republics. This is America, we’re better than that.

  10. Trump was not the reason the policy changed. The decreased revenue from the upset fan base who overwhelmingly view the kneeling by players as being disrespectful to the American Flag, the Military/Veteran’s and our Country.

    Nobody viewed it as “disrespecting the flag” until Trump opened his big mouth.

  11. Kneeling is the most profound way to respect the flag. Its ridiculous that we have this inane argument. Im ready for some football.

  12. For the record I understand that no one likes disrespecting the flag, but really does anyone who isn’t color blind not understand???

    If America was so great that the color of your skin didn’t matter this would never have made the news!


    More likely America will still suck but you will run off your mouth!

  13. I get apprehensive whenever President Trump “piles on” to advance his agenda.

    Silence can speak as loudly as words.

    I am glad to finally see the NFL addressing the issue.

    Maybe now we can just get on with playing ball?

  14. I’m sick and tired of people feeling they can disrespect the flag that represents our nation. People have died defending it. The protests the NFL players are exhibiting have nothing to do with the actual anthem or flag of this great country. There are other ways to express their distaste for how people are treated by police officers.

  15. Listen, this movement started with: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game.

    That’s spitting in the face of this country. I’m a person of color and was an immigrant (now citizen). I don’t give a rat’s rear end what moments of unfairness certain demographics suffer. This country isn’t perfect, but for all the bad, there’s many times more good that this country offers its people every day.

    You want to effect change? Great. There’s plenty of time around the clock to do that. But standing for the anthem is the ONE moment that we should all honor and recognize the greatness that this country provides. In my opinion, if you can’t do that much, then you don’t really deserve any of it.

  16. Kapernick knelt during the anthem not as a sign of disrespect to the flag or disrespecting the veterans of our country but to bring awareness to police brutality. This has been accomplished. Kap and Eric can now return their actions to the traditional. Perhaps if they promise to do this they could have a job.

  17. Trump never forgets. Right or wrong, he never forgets, that’s why he’s been successful. He has not forgotten the USFL debacle. THAT is what this is all about.

  18. Well, when you have so few actual victories to talk about you may as well go to your state sponsored TV station and crow about made up ones.

    Demanding you stand for the flag. Need any guesses as to what other countries have demanded that throughout history?

  19. I’m glad he’s taking time out of his golf schedule to address such an important issue. It would be nice if he would even attempt to adddress the issue of children getting killed on a weekly basis at school, but you know, baby steps.

  20. you don’t take a crap in someone’s sink because you didn’t like the meal. These protests are outrageous, most of America want to see us respect our veterans and respect the flag, it’s a simple as that

  21. I knew the NFL would change their policy once President Trump got involved. The NFL currently enjoys a lot of tax breaks and other special perks from the United States government. The NFL knew Trump could commission an investigation into the NFL that would more likely than not uncover gobs of malpractices, unfairness and wrong-doing. The NFL did not want to take that chance. Another victory for Trump and the ‘Great America’. There’s some people on this planet that you just don’t mess with. Donald Trump is one of those people. Geaux Saints!

  22. When you kneel in church you are humbling yourself to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – when you kneel in anything having to do with America you are blatantly disrespecting our soldiers who have died for us as saluting has ALWAYS been standard since America was founded – 2 different things

  23. .
    cool a dude that openly disrespects veterans will be on faux news telling us how kneeling wasnt about how certain people are treated but about disrespecting veterans

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