Report: Rob Gronkowski close to getting reworked deal

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The Patriots and Rob Gronkowski are nearing a reworked contract, Jeff Howe of The Athletic reports. Howe adds it is unknown whether the All-Pro tight end will sign an extension or simply earn a raise.

The sides have worked toward a renegotiated deal since last month when Gronkowski committed to playing this season.

Gronkowski is signed through the 2019 season and scheduled to make $9 million this season and $10 million next season. The Patriots restructured the deal May 24, 2017, giving Gronkowski a chance to earn more in incentives last season.

Gronkowski made $5.5 million in incentives in 2017, giving him a total salary of $10.2 million.

He has skipped the team’s voluntary offseason workouts. The Patriots’ mandatory minicamp is June 5-7.

24 responses to “Report: Rob Gronkowski close to getting reworked deal

  1. Get this guy signed long term and make him happy….seems there is some discontent among the ranks of a few of the players – this is not the norm in Foxboro – get this wrapped up and then work on getting Brady ready to roll

  2. Get him signed long term….an additional 3-4 years beyond his current schedule that runs thru the 2019 season & if that don’t work shop him to a team in the NFC for the best return, do it while he’s still under your control……
    BUT, I hope it all gets worked out & he signs on for an additional 3-4 years
    GO PATS!!!

  3. nba allows more hits than the nfl now…curry durant thompson and green should all sign up they cant handle the rockets physicallity…no 3 point stance LOL

  4. Brady is the GOAT but last year I was hoping they’d trade him and keep Jimmy. Why lose out on a dozen or more years for a couple. Total bonehead move by Mr. Kraft. He should let Bill do Bill. Sign Gronk long term for what? Best TE ever but with no QB to replace Brady when he falters (and he will). Remember Brett Farve was MVP quality with Minnesota and got to the NFC Championship and the next year was horrid. Father time…

  5. What are the chances that we will not see the same people who have been whining about the Pats for having been “cheap” to Gronkowski now whining about the Pats paying Gronkowski?

    I put the chances at rougly zero percent, although I will find it hard to disagree with those of you who expect the chances to be less than zero percent.

  6. 3 people that drive the #HATERS crazy:
    Bill B
    Tom B
    Rob G
    ……ALL on the Patriots & ALL the best at what they do!!!!
    OF COURSE the fans of other teams come out in droves to post negative comments…..alas, to no avail….YOU LOSE!!!
    The 3 Amigos …..HEY!!!

  7. Haters – if you wanna hate the Pats and their fans (like moi) – go for it.


    If you want anyone to take you seriously you have to

    1) Learn to spell
    2) Identify the team YOU root for.

  8. I’m glad the NE Bradys are going to give Grunk a better deal. Hope he bleeds them dry and sends them into salary cap hell. This team is going nowhere and anyone who disagrees should check out that sweet strip sack in the final minutes of the SB. Everyone is wise to NE’s gig and the gig is up.

  9. Can’t wait for the season to start. Love to watch the folk expecting the Patriots to fall apart and then watch how these haters disappear as the season unfolds with the Patriots going deep in the playoffs

  10. nhpats – thanks for the illuminating post, but you got the sequence wrong – Gronk catch ball FIRST,THEN Gronk run over puny defender, score TD and get paid.

  11. I love Gronk. But I could honestly see him locked up by June and then traded next offseason after a Super Bowl run. Gronk will turn 30 years of age in 12 months.

    I could seriously see BB sending a message to Kraft, Gronk, and Brady of who is in charge.

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