Reuben Foster won’t stand trial on domestic violence charges

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Linebacker Reuben Foster seemingly had a judge clear the way to his return to the 49ers.

Judge Nona Klippen ruled Wednesday that insufficient evidence exists to proceed with domestic violence charges against Foster, Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area reports. Those charges against him were dropped.

His ex-girlfriend recanted accusations against him in a hearing last week. Elissa Ennis said she made up allegations that Foster struck her because Foster broke up with her and she “wanted him to go down” as a result. Ennis also described her actions as a “money scheme.”

Foster has two other court dates ahead, though.

The charge of possession of an assault weapon was reduced to a misdemeanor Wednesday, per Maiocco, with pre-trial set for June 6.

Foster also is due in an Alabama courtroom June 20 to face a marijuana possession charge from a January 12 arrest. He is subject to league discipline for that arrest under the NFL’s substances of abuse policy.

Foster has stayed away from the 49ers’ offseason work since the domestic violence charges were filed in April with the team waiting for the case to play out in court.

35 responses to “Reuben Foster won’t stand trial on domestic violence charges

  1. Nothing is more American than getting a pass for beating your girlfriend a pass, but get blackballed for kneeling for injustice during their national anthem. The tone-deafness is…well deaf.

  2. Cool! So now the 49ers can reinstate him because he didn’t do anything wrong. Thank goodness that justice was served, just like it was for OJ. They are both just misunderstood and wrongly accused.

  3. I’m a niner fan, but this stuff is beyond being a fan of a particular team. Foster has shown enough bad judgment where he needs a significant suspension to let him know there are indeed consequences, not only in the court of law, but also your place of employment.

  4. @ citizen x, yes you are correct, generally anyone with enough money can hire an attorney that will be able to prove false claims in court. Unfortunately most Public Defenders don’t offer that same type of ability for a variety of reasons.

  5. All these people saying money talks and how he did it just choose to ignore the fact that she has been arrested and charged previously for trying to accuse another ex bf for domestic violence too?

  6. Yeah she got paid well ~ As did her lawyer and maybe the judge too ~ And it cleared the way for him to return to the 49ers ~ Well until it happens again ~ Doesn’t matter if he hit her or not ~ It only matters if she says he hit her ~ Men are now guilty until proven innocent ~ If I was single and young and was planning on sex or really much of anything with a woman my GoPro would be on 24/7 ~

    I’m not saying women don’t get hit or mistreated ~ They do and they should have there GoPro on as well ~ I fell for my grandkids and what the future might hold for kids today ~

  7. The judge on her own, threw the case out on the DV charges, based on the convincing liar she heard from in her court room last week. After that mess, I can’t imagine the Court or the DA wanted to have anything further to do with these sordid cast of characters.

  8. So many posters on this site and others were quick to crucify the man before all the facts came out. I’m just glad he was granted due process rather than be convicted in the court of public opinion.

  9. Anyone who was paying attention to this case saw that the evidence pointed out the the alleged victim was actually the abuser this time. She used the media and many decent people as a weapon against Foster when she found out she could not hurt him physically. Those who fell for her lies should reassess their willingness to jump to conclusions otherwise they may again end up as the weapon in another domestic violence situation.

  10. A lot of players complain that our judicial system is racist and mistreats black people but I don’t see that happening here. The second thing is that girl who lied should face charges and be put in jail. These type of lies can destroy someones life and/or career.

  11. A typical abuser will make everyone think it’s the victims fault and act like the victim with lies and bashing. A true abuser blames other people for their actions and never take responsibility. So yes there was an abuser here who lied and said he was the real abuser. But it does not mean that each case shouldn’t be or needs to be scrutinized or that conversations shouldn’t happen about both sides. It’s the only way to bring awareness to the very real prob of DV. Sadly it’s also thought of as only physical. As in this case, emotional and verbal abuse is the most damaging of all. It’s that form that people don’t recover from. When others are enlisted to enhance it or just continue it, it makes it simply despicable. And a true abuser enjoys that part thoroughly.

  12. how does a felony assault rifle charge get reduced to a misdemeanor assault rifle charge?

  13. “how does a felony assault rifle charge get reduced to a misdemeanor assault rifle charge?”

    Because the rifle was legally purchased. All Foster failed to do was register it in California which he has until June 30th to do. He is contesting the charge and will likely win on it as well.

  14. “any other person would have spent time in prison”

    Yep. The DA railroading someone with false DV accusations probably turns out differently if they lack the financial resources to hire quality representation.

    It was revealed in court that this woman didn’t have a bruise on her and that the police waited nearly 9 hours to get her medical attention yet the DA still stuck to his story about Foster having punched her 8 to 10 times.

  15. Wow. The prosecution insists that there is sufficient evidence to try him for domestic violence. I guess they really do not care if they put an innocent person behind bars, as long as they think they can win.

  16. Where were all you guys who know what happened when the hearing was held for the indictment? The prosecutors could have used all of you, and you’re here commenting on this article. For shame.

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