The 2019 NFL draft will be in Nashville

Getty Images

The NFL draft is heading to Nashville.

The league’s owners officially voted this morning to put the 2019 NFL draft in Nashville, after a strong bid by the Music City was bolstered by a huge turnout for a party to show off the Titans’ new uniforms.

The NFL is seeking to make the draft a major event in every city that hosts it, and Nashville going all-out for the uniform release event was a big point in its favor. The Nashville event will surely have a music component outside the draft, and the large number of both college and pro football fans in Tennessee make it a good fit for the draft.

The draft was long held in New York but has moved in recent years from Chicago to Philadelphia to Dallas. Nashville will host next year, and in 2020 a joint bid between Cleveland and Canton, Ohio, is expected to get strong consideration to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the NFL at the site of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A future draft in Las Vegas is considered very likely as well.