With “respect” for flag now mandatory, there’s no reason to shun Kaepernick, Reid

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So if Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid can’t get hired because they won’t commit to standing for the anthem, Wednesday’s uncompromising compromise fashioned by owners who fear a tweet or an base-inspiring rally remark removes the last impediment to their unemployment, right?

I mean, Kaepernick and Reid now know the rules. They have to “respect” the flag. If they refuse, there will be consequences.

So problem solved, right? The burning desire to win! should result in a land rush for their services. And when they sign, there will be no confusion or misunderstanding: No kneeling, no sitting, no fists in the air, no disrespect of any kind for the flag.

By solving one problem, the owners potentially have exacerbated another, because with the primary impediment to the unemployment of Kaepernick and Reid — the fear that they’ll still kneel — gone, there’s no reason to avoid them.

And of course we know that won’t be happening. Ultimately, this entire issue is not about patriotism or race or revenue but control. The owners, in crafting the anthem policy, had left a thermal exhaust port in the Death Star, and Kaepernick jammed a couple of photon torpedoes right into it. The owners resent that Kaepernick discovered the loophole, exploited it, and taught his peers to do the same.

Kaepernick, and to a lesser extent Reid, are the lingering reminders of the fact that the players outsmarted the owners on this one, and that when the owners tried to assert control by keeping them out of the league, they took action to advance their rights.

Keeping them out based on their refusal to commit to standing was convenient, because no one expected them to bow to the league’s will. No one expects the league to bow to the will of Kaepernick and Reid, which means that the owners would much rather write them a fat check than let them ever set foot on the stage that the owners own and, once again, control.

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  1. Kaep has done great things since he’s been out of football, donating time and money, too bad he’s just not that good of a QB

  2. Kap’s issue is one of talent…people still think he is the guy from 4 years ago…that guy is gone.

  3. When are you going to realize that with Kaepernick it was not just about the kneeling. It was also his comments about Fidel Castro and him wearing anti-police socks. He has alienated several groups and his talent isn’t worth the backlash.

  4. I think there’s another angle to this. A legal one. Now that this policy is in place, the league can legally blackball these guys and claim it’s purely based on football reasons.

  5. I disagree with the premise of the article. Despite the new policy, why would any owner take the risk that the player might decide to disregard the policy anyway? That would just create an even bigger mess for the team and the owner.

    And why are we still talking about this nonsense?

  6. The NFL stage in fact is owned by the OWNERS (see the definition of the word in the dictionary). They actually control what they own and get to set the rules for their OWN stage. People are free to look elsewhere if they don’t like what they see on the stage presented to them.

  7. Kap is a backup who brings baggage. Lots of it. And Reid is over-pricing himself. There’s no mystery or conspiracy.

  8. To all the people complaining about Kaepernick and Reid still not being signed to deals:

    What about all the other players that kneeled/protested?

    Guys like Oliver Vernon, Russel Okung, Malcom Jenkins, Rodney McCloud, Michael Bennett, Sheldon Richardson, Rueben Foster, Jurrell Casey, Kenny Stills, Robert Quinn, Marshawn Lynch, etc.

    These guys all raised fists, sat during the anthem, etc, to protest. Yet, they still have NFL jobs.

  9. bystanderhere says:
    May 23, 2018 at 1:30 pm
    The NFL stage in fact is owned by the OWNERS (see the definition of the word in the dictionary). They actually control what they own and get to set the rules for their OWN stage. People are free to look elsewhere if they don’t like what they see on the stage presented to them.

    The players can force the owners hand and refuse to obey….what are the owners gonna do….hire scabs again?…thats gone so well in the past….

  10. I don’t believe that any teams saw Kaepernick as a long-term starting QB. I suspect that some teams saw him as maybe a little better than what they had at the moment as their starting QB. However, they would need to extensively tailor their offense around him, and he apparently had very limited capability to improve. So from just a football perspective, you would be trading (at best) a slight short-term improvement for a delay in medium-to-long resolution at the QB position. And for those teams where he might have been slightly better that their current starter, there were plenty of other options available who had more potential for growth.

  11. Colin Kaepernick would seriously need to prove that he can be a leader of a team to becone a starter. To do that he will need to initially be a back-up, which is something he hasn’t done.

    Eric Reid has not exactly been great since being in the NFL, and his tackling has been somewhat suspect. Throw in his history with concussions, and I can understand why teams are being a bit careful with him.

  12. I mean it’s not like both of these guys have sued the people they want to employ them or anything along those lines…

    Obviously, there is “no reason to shun” them.

  13. If you sign a player, he breaks this rule, and you cut him you don’t get off scot free. You have cap implications and also may be hit with a challenge that you can’t cut him over this. The policy does not seem to indicate this is grounds for being released with no financial impacts.

  14. Bash Kap’s skill, or lack thereof, as much as you want, I agree with that sentiment. But Reid is a top 32 NFL safety and should absolutely be on an NFL roster.

  15. the teams will say they dont want the headache of answering why they werent on the field

  16. In many ways, the policy is genius — though I’m disappointed that the owners didn’t include the union in the discussions. If someone kneels, he will earn the enmity of their peers for being selfish and costing the team. If teams stay in the locker room, the players will likely be showered with boos when they come out. If the union fights this, they will be tagged as anti-American. The players are really boxed in with this new policy with few good options. Personally, I would’ve chosen an approach that was less brass knuckles. This policy — or the process that created it — just deepens the divide between ownership and talent.

  17. No, the fact that they will have to stand or stay in the locker room does not eliminate their biggest problem.
    They still will alienate a large portion of the fan base for what they have already done.

    What they have done is the problem (aside from declining skills).

  18. I’m pretty sure the primary impediment for them not being on the field is the media distractions they cause. They’re not only getting a player, they’re getting a bunch of baggage along with it. Without that baggage, chances are they’d be able to find a team.

  19. dc49er says:
    May 23, 2018 at 2:05 pm
    Bash Kap’s skill, or lack thereof, as much as you want, I agree with that sentiment. But Reid is a top 32 NFL safety and should absolutely be on an NFL roster.

    Then why isn’t he on the 49ers’ NFL roster?

  20. citizen x says:
    May 23, 2018 at 1:19 pm
    Kaep has done great things since he’s been out of football, donating time and money,
    Please enlighten me on what he has done to bring America together. I am all ears.

  21. KAEP >>> at least 15 other QB’s in this league that will be starting this season. The game isn’t about football, it’s about money. Owners have little desire to win over their desire to continue to get paid. The profit sharing model of the NFL gives very little incentive to win – they all get the same slice of the pie, every year after year after year after year…

    Who wins? #money

  22. Kaepernick’s attorney Mark Garegos just announced again that his client will be signed by an NFL team within the next ten days.

  23. “With “respect” for flag now mandatory, there’s no reason to shun Kaepernick, Reid.”

    Florio is right, so now if no team signs them it’s because they’re not good enough football players. End of argument.

    Works both ways.

  24. They will find some other form to protest during the Anthem. They will stand and refuse to take their helmets off. The NFL did not address the helmet or hat removal during the playing of the Anthem.

  25. I do not agree with your take that this is about “control.” I believe it is about business, specifically, making money from fan support in an entertainment business. I think it’s more about trying to settle down a fan base worth billions than exercising control over a couple of people they don’t like.

  26. The narrative that has been pushed here has been ridiculous ….The owners gave the players the right to protest….No they didn’t , they failed to dot the “I” and cross the “T” and Kap find the loop hole , so the owners made it right …simple as that. Stand as you should. The anthem is a weekly & daily reminder in all sports as to why we can watch & are free to watch. Let the few who kneel for media attention for a cause that had no merit stay in the locker room. Quite frankly I hate the idea of players staying in the locker room and simply would have made it it a rule to stand if not you are fined a game check for each instance .

  27. Unless you take into account the fact that CK SUCKED BIG TIME. As I recall, he quit on his last team, became a distraction, made it about his social activism in the midst of a losing streak. A diva. A total selfish jerk.

  28. XaqFields says:

    Then why isn’t he on the 49ers’ NFL roster?


    Because he didn’t accept our one-year offer and is trying to make top 15 SS money.

  29. There was never any “reason” for any team to not even give him a look-see. Any reason that is given by anyone is really an excuse, an alibi, an explanation that is made up. The deniers are going to claim that Blaine Gabbert, whom Kap beat out for the starting job in 2016, is a better QB than Kap, and that was why Arizona signed Gabbert without even giving Kap a tryout.

  30. Their PR headache still outweighs their onfield talent. Kaepernick has been declining for years because NFL defenses have figured out Option QBs, and there are better and younger safeties than Reid still unsigned. Their bogus legal complaints (solely designed to seek a settlement) complicate things as well.

    I believe neither even wants an NFL job at this point. They get more attention being “martyrs” than they would being washouts.

  31. You still don’t get it. Coaches hat distractions. Anyone that signs CK will be asked questions about it by the media for the entire season. Why take on the aggravation for an old has been back-up?

  32. The reason to shun them is the reaction of the fans for any team that were to sign them, Captain Obvious.

    You really think a team is going to put more butts in seats by having CK on the roster? It’s a business, and signing this guy would be bad business. Nothing less, nothing more.

    This whining and pretending there’s collusion really irks me. Each team, each BUSINESS, acting solely in its own best interest (putting butts in seats) is going to do what’s right for itself. Unless the Jags move to Havana, I don’t think there’s going to be a fanbase that would accept CK.

  33. Which brings it back to the original point; both players are more trouble than talent, so they won’t be signed.

    It does still come down to playing to win. Will either of those clowns help your team win? Or would they be a cancer and create a toxic culture?

  34. Kaepernick is not coming back as anything other than a starter ~ Reid I don’t know much about ~

    Back to Kaepernick he didn’t even look like he wanted to play when he was out on the field lost to much weight and some of his arm ~ And he seems to have his mind elsewhere ~ So if he is signed I wouldn’t pay him more than the vet min. ~ Besides how long has it been since he was a starter a game ~ ???? a couple of years ~ JMHO here ~ Trade for Teddy Bridgewater first if you can ~ The Bills seem to be giving QB’s away ~

    I still believe they should just keep them in the locker room from now on and let them take a knew in there ~ That would put an end to their BS of self-serves on the sideline on game day ~ Maybe they can hit the parking lot after the game to talk to the fans who were out there tailgating their butts off for 6 to 8 hours ~ Yeah I don’t see that playing very well ~ Most player will not want to be in talking range of their fans unless there is a chainlink fence between them ~

  35. Sure there is, unless Kaepernick pledges to stay IN the locker room. Otherwise, you “shun” him for getting your team fined unnecessarily.

  36. I wouldn’t let CK play for my team if they paid me.
    Reid is damaged goods. Plenty of other, better options out there.
    They are not OWED a spot.

  37. The ratings for this season are going to be terrible.

    You already killed the golden goose.

    I can’t wait for the NFL to die and take these gigantic children with it.

  38. I wonder when these Kaepernick stories will end? Whatever he was protesting got lost along the way, mainly because he lost all respect from the majority of fans for his Pig Socks and Fidel Castro t-shirts. His kneeling could not be seen for what it was, but for what he represented.

  39. Too late…🙈

    I’ve already moved on away from the NFL. I now watch football on saturdays and I golf on sundays.

    The 32 billionaires that own the NFL allowed this to linger on so long they completely pissed me off.

    I’m officially a former NFL fan… never to return! It’s principal.

  40. I enjoy how every little development in this saga is construed somehow as a new reason to give Kaepernick a job.

  41. Florid – I mean, Kaepernick and Reid now know the rules. They have to “respect” the flag. If they refuse, there will be consequences.

    Still missing the point are we? Don’t you get it. It’s too late. The consequence for not “respecting” the flag continues. It doesn’t change because they now have to stand. They are a distraction. Even if they sign tomorrow they are distractions and nobody wants that. Not even the most liberal of cities SF wants them back. GOOD! Next !

  42. usdiver96 says:
    May 23, 2018 at 7:26 pm

    “If it’s all about control, how did Jim McMahon manage to sign several contracts? Because he was not costing owners revenue.”

    Cause fans loved Jim McMahon and he won games

  43. does kneeling or sitting on the sidelines physically injure anyone or have any effect on their individual rights?

    does kneeling or sitting interrupt a game on the field?

    if no one else’s individual rights are affected and there is no interruption in the workplace, then all we are dealing with are opinions;

    i thought the Bill of Rights specifically protected ones opinion from others;

    if flag-burning is legal, then so is kneeling or sitting respectfully during the anthem, which we all know was written by a slave owner and extols slavery;

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