Chiefs mum on whether they’ll discourage “home of the Chiefs” refrain to cap anthem

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The broad insistence on “respect” for the national anthem by the NFL, coupled with the President’s suggestion that anyone who fails to stand proudly for the anthem “maybe . . . shouldn’t be in the country,” fairly should bring unprecedented attention to the behavior of everyone attending an NFL game, including the fans.

Apart from fans not standing or not taking their hats off or or not getting their faces out of their phones or yelling profanities at easy-target players who are standing motionless during the anthem or going to the bathroom (either in the bathroom or elsewhere) or standing in line to buy a hotdog or hobnobbing in a luxury suite, there’s a specific tradition at Arrowhead Stadium, where 70,000-plus fans commemorate the last word of the anthem (“brave”) by shouting “Chiefs!

So will the Chiefs be asking Chiefs fans not to turn the last word of the anthem into a pre-kick battle cry?

“[O]ur plan is encourage everyone in our stadium to stand and respect the anthem,” team spokesman Ted Crews told PFT via text message on Thursday.

Crews specifically declined to address the question of whether drowning out the last word of the song with a word that isn’t part of the song constitutes “respect” for the anthem. At some point, however, the Chiefs likely will have to cross that bridge, because the NFL’s latest effort to close the door on the anthem issue has opened plenty of others, as fan behavior during the anthem becomes a belated focal point in the effort to determine whether the respect that the league and the President demand from the players is being demonstrated by anyone and everyone who is in the venue.

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  1. People have complained about and tried to stop this for years here in kc at a local lvl but it’s withstood it all. It will continue on why cause chiefs fans in arrowhead want to.

  2. The fans aren’t at work. They are paying customers so they can express themselves any way they want. I have the right to call them jerks and knock their hat off and get punched or go to jail. All actions have consequences. Get it?

  3. This wasn’t an issue until the anthem protest started. Thanks Kap.

    Non Chiefs fans wouldn’t get it. The “Home of the Chiefs”, is a Tradition that bonds all Chiefs fans. I have been in visiting stadiums for Chiefs games where Chiefs Fans loudly proclaim “Home of the Chiefs”. Pretty Cool.

  4. Come on guys…We were making strides in moving away from the No Fun League. Don’t blow it.

    Not a Chiefs fan…Just think we need to lighten up a little.

  5. Finally someone is bringing to the forefront what I have been saying all along. The fans at the stadium disrespect the flag worse than the players that are kneeling. The players are at least in one place kneeling silently.The fans on the other hand are yelling,talking on there phone,and buying beer. This ruling probably cost the league even more fans.

  6. Because fans arent on the job, they have the right to do what the want as has been emphasized on here since this started. Freedom, this is about being at work and deciding to do what you want rather then what the employer requires or doing something that hurts the brand. I have said many times and player on his own time in the stands of a baseball game ore whatever can kneel all he wants

  7. Because fans arent on the job, they have the right to do what the want as has been emphasized on here since this started. Fans arent at work

  8. “Because fans arent on the job, they have the right to do what the want as has been emphasized on here since this started. Fans arent at work”

    Give me a break. It’s OK for one group of citizens to show “disrespect” because they buy tickets but not OK for another group to demonstrate their silent concern on an issue because they are getting paid to entertain us? America has turned into an embarrassment in a rather short period of time.

  9. I like the Chiefs and this tradition, but I do have to laugh at the irony. Arrowhead is conveniently located near the Kansas/Missouri border, a strong Republican area that supported Trump.

    I know many people there that are against the protesting. However I have seen these same people not stand at home. At the stadium they all stand and pay attention, mainly so they can sing along at the end.

    It will be interesting to hear their viewpoint on the latest developments. LOL

  10. The fans pay for the experience to be there. They get a pass.

    The players are paid to play a game and not to leverage the extra exposure of the National Anthem for speech rights they have no right to while being at the game executing their workplace requirements.

    The players easily could have done this after the game or even before it – the fact they leveraged an attention grabbing segment is proof they are frauds and racists and hypocrites. They are trying to steal execution of rights that no other worker has.

  11. The irony is they say it at every sporting event not just at Chiefs games, what is the point of saying it at KU basketball games or Royals games? Also Rockets fans “wooing” when they sing “and the rockets red glare”. I love the excuse now is that we’re paying customer and aren’t getting paid, but at first it was all about just being disrespectful to the flag and anthem.

  12. crazy, the author of this is a lawyer, yet not once does he point out a substantial difference in that the players are employed at the time of this event – and being paid to do a job, where the fans in the stadium are not.

  13. Chiefs fans should just be kicked out of the country if they are going to be disrespectful like that.

  14. People looking for ways to say ‘well Johhny’s Mom let’s him do it’ to justify their own bad behavior.

    I don’t believe anyone has ever claimed that every fan at every game respectfully stands during the anthem. I also don’t believe anyone has ever said that nobody criticizes them.

    As for ‘Chiefs!’ It’s the last word. Are the people who start applauding before the last note is finished going to be called out next? You can Tribute your team with a cool tradition and be respectful to the anthem at the same time. I can see some not liking it. But that does not mean the people who do if have the intention of disrespect. (Like kneeling)

    The fan in the beer line or peeing or otherwise separated from the anthem is just that, separated from the anthem. Just as the player in the locker room or in the tunnel. The guy in the stands who doesn’t stand respectfully you will find the anti-Kap fan is unhappy with him too. But what’s the recourse towards that fan? Not go to anymore games because the guy in the green hat in section 205 was talking? Course not. He doesn’t represent the NFL. He doesn’t represent the entity you paid money to see. Big difference.

  15. I believe that it’s poor form to substitute “Chiefs”, or emphasize the “Oooo”, or to otherwise repurpose all or part of the Anthem.

    Having said that, this is not quite equivalent unless the Chiefs fans have explicitly described their action as an affirmative show of disrespect for the flag and country: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

  16. Chief fans did this in the AZ CARDINALS stadium and I thought it was in poor taste and disrespectful and this was years ago long before Kap shenanigans.

  17. Nobody goes to these events for the anthem period. This is getting out of hand. Too much focus on something that is completely secondary and unnecessary to the event itself.
    We have become too jingoistic in the USA since 1980. Today a person can’t even run for office without a flag pin on his lapel. If he tried he would be called out as being anti-American. I don’t believe the founding fathers wore flag lapel pins. Nor did Lincoln this is part of an agenda that isn’t helpful for the country.It is being used to divide the country. This needs to stop.

  18. I love how the Cheetolinis are now moving the goalposts from “respect for the flag/anthem” to whether you’re paying or being paid, just to suit themselves. Heaven forbid a black NFL player kneels, but a white red neck shouting different word or words over the anthem, no problem. And let’s not mention that the team name/logo, including the word being yelled, is a misappropriation of American Indian culture, therefore potentially racist. After all, it’s not insulting or inconveniencing white rednecks, so that’s cool.

  19. Technically, during the playing of the anthem players are on a coffee break. If the “they are on the job” analogy is what you go by than you probably wouldnt be upset if a WR, let’s say, tweets during the play or QB takes a personal phone call, after all which of us never did those things on a job.

  20. Don’t worry about what we do Mr. Lib. We had a kneeler on our team, and now he’s gone. You won’t find a more patiotic fanbase in the country. These are the people you liberals need to worry about at night. We won’t let you destroy our country, by any means necessary.

  21. So interesting how quickly it has become that you only have to respect the anthem and flag if you’re being paid to be at a venue. Oh how Fox News has messed so many of you up…come back to reality with the rest of the planet.

  22. All staff at the venue should stop working including concessions workers. If the fans want to be holier than thou, let them. But treating some employees differently is a recipe for disaster

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