Kevin White: I believe in myself even if Bears don’t

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The Bears declined to exercise their fifth-year option on wide receiver Kevin White‘s contract this offseason in a move that couldn’t have taken anyone by surprise.

Injuries have limited White to five games since being drafted seventh overall in the 2015 draft and the option is guaranteed in the case of injury, which makes for too much risk for a player who hasn’t shown he can actually help the team on the field. In a series of short answers to questions from reporters on Wednesday, White shrugged off the decision.

“I’m motivated every single day, with or without the option. … Don’t know [if the Bears believe in me],” White said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “Really doesn’t bother me at all. I believe in myself.”

White added that he’s “built Ford tough” in response to a question about what he’s learned about himself over the last three years and that “anything I want” is possible during the 2018 season. That may not be a popular outside opinion given how things have played out, but actions over the months to come will prove much more significant to White’s future than anything that comes out of his mouth.

38 responses to “Kevin White: I believe in myself even if Bears don’t

  1. So he’s Fix Or Repair Daily?

    But I hope he catches a 100 passes and stays healthy.

    I know what it’s like to go through life with untapped world class talent. An injury stopped me in my tracks (for every pitcher in the Bigs, there are 10 with the same talent but got hurt).

    At least he hit lotto and if he didn’t bling out, he has start-up money.

  2. I’ve heard of boxers having a glass jaw, is it possible Kevin white has a glass body? Tons of potential, bears didn’t pick up his option we’ll take him here with the giants. Just in case, Dave Gettlemen Josh Norman’s Beckham as long as he can stay on the field. We already had the exact similar situation with Cruz, only difference was Cruz was able to stay on the field enough to help us win a Superbowl.

  3. To be fair, he wasn’t trying to make big promises. He knows that he has to show it.

    Having said that, it would have been nice to draft Vic Beas… ah whatever, it’s time to move on.

  4. Don’t worry Kevin, you only have one more year with that joke of a franchise. Put together a good year and you’ll find you way onto a respectable team.

  5. Doesn’t he have a metal rod in his leg now? And didn’t he jump up draft boards because he was a combine darling? I seem to remember the pic of him jumping in the air before the 40 and I swear that bumped him up 20 spots in the draft. Not a good combo when you rely on pure speed and have a metal rod in your leg now…

  6. just to bad the bears the bears do not believe in him to keep paying him not to play since being drafted right Kevin? shut up and prove you were with being picked and you will get even more money if not from the bears then another team dumb enough to pay you big bucks for being injured all the time.

  7. I guess comparing himself to a Ford is a way to let the Lions know he’s available in trade for a 7th round pick?

  8. Curious to see what he does in this new offense. Dowell Loggains ruined this guys career by throwing him screen passes and getting rocked at the line of scrimmage. not his game. still have a glimmer of hope for this guy, but seriously, calm down with the talk until you’ve truly proven yourself

  9. metalhead65 says:
    May 24, 2018 at 8:53 am

    just to bad the bears the bears do not believe in him to keep paying him not to play since being drafted right Kevin? shut up and prove you were with being picked and you will get even more money if not from the bears then another team dumb enough to pay you big bucks for being injured all the time.

    You see, this is the problem with the media. He’s not Ebron coming out and talking without prompt. He was asked the question, and he answered it the only way he could.
    Q “Do you feel the Bears not picking up your option means they don’t believe in you?”

    A “No, they still believe in me. They just want me to earn it.” (This guy is delusional.)

    A “No comment” (oh, this guy has no confidence in himself anymore.)

    A “They clearly don’t believe in me.” (He’s a malcontent.)

    A “Doesn’t matter what they think, I still believe in myself” (Confidence is too high)

    No matter what he answered, he couldn’t win. Nobody wants to see injuries derail a career. Your complaints about his time on the field is a weak response from a weak person. He’s not being paid THAT much when you consider guys like Charles Rogers who made triple this guy for the same amount of games played over multiple seasons. And by the way, he’s being paid just enough, IMO to justify the expenses of the lifelong damage he’s having done to his body.

  10. The Bears are done Kevin “the bust” White, If he has a poor year, he will be done. If he has a good year some other team will pay him more than Bears. Either way he done with the Bears.

  11. I’m pulling for the kid, but odds are against him. After all those injuries he’s probably a 4.6 guy now and the Bears have a couple of other big possession receiver types they could keep around for a lot less money.

  12. I can’t believe I was actually debating between my Raiders picking cooper or glass Joe before the draft. I’ve seen my team blow too many picks. I’m glad this wasn’t one of them.

  13. This dude has a hereditary degenerative bone condition, according to sources. It’s no surprise he is injured often. It’s more surprising this condition did not impact his draft status a couple years ago.

  14. For someone made of glass, how about you prove it instead of lip service. Just shut up and prove you’re able to stay on the field for a season.

  15. Please tell me Kevin Mr. Glass White wasn’t being salty toward the Bears here.

    Like they had ANY reason to exercise that 5th year option.

    Considering you have the bone density of Sophia from the Golden Girls, consider yourself lucky you are still in the NFL at all.

  16. This will be CJ Prosise of the Seahawks next off season. I swear some of these guys just stay nicked up and on the shelf just to get to their next contract with no tread off the tires.

  17. Fastest on race days! Fixed and repaired daily cause there are idiots driving them. Thank you! All Fords since I was 17 and not one problem yet.

  18. Sure, we’d all like to see him succeed but not much chance of that. The Bears have been paying this dude for what, three years and he has done nothing but collect a pay check. Even if he never plays another down he should be grateful that he’s been getting more cash than most people will ever make in that time span.

  19. MOPAR – my only problems are repairs. Was true in the 60s/early 70s. Don’t know about now.

  20. Time to back up all that big talk, Mr White.

    Motivation does not necessarily equal production.
    Even a Ford can be a lemon if it spends the last 3 years
    in the repair shop.

  21. Realistically, White has been replaced by the receivers and tight ends on the present depth chart. The only way White will get any playing time will be due to injury. My bet is he is about 5th on the depth chart because he cannot run a route tree and his last year with the Bears. That will make him a true bust!!!!

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