Tavon Austin doesn’t care what position he’s playing as long as he’s playing


The Cowboys list Tavon Austin as a running back on their roster, but he starts his day in the wide receivers room.

“That’s what he played in college and what he’s been playing in the NFL,” offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said. “He starts there, but he plays a lot of things for us, so he’ll be in all the rooms at some point.”

When the Cowboys traded for Austin on the final day of the draft, executive vice president Stephen Jones tabbed Austin a “web back.” Whatever a web back is.

It’s something similar to the role Lance Dunbar played for the Cowboys, only more.

“I don’t care what I’m being called as long as I’m playing,” Austin said. “That’s all that matters. You can call me anything you want as long as I’m playing.”

Austin also likely becomes the team’s punt returner, and the Cowboys could try him as a kick returner, too, although he has only 25 kickoff returns in his career.

Jones said the Cowboys expect to get Austin between 12 and 24 touches a game, which seems overambitious. Austin averaged 7.5 touches, including returns, in his five seasons with the Rams.

“That felt like my college days,” Austin said of Jones’ comment. “I felt like I was back at West Virginia. That’s definitely a good feeling for him to even feel like he wants to do that to me. Being in this league, you’re probably only guaranteed three or four times a game. For him to say that, I’m blessed, and I hope it does come, and I can take advantage every time they give it to me.”