Competing with Ryan Tannehill helped Raekwon McMillan recover from torn ACL


Quarterback Ryan Tannehill‘s return to the field has been a major storyline for the Dolphins this offseason, but he’s not the only player on the road back from a season-ending knee injury.

Linebacker Raekwon McMillan tore his ACL on his first snap of his first NFL preseason game and the 2017 second-round pick went from prospective starter to the operating room. McMillan went to rehab the injury from there and found himself working alongside Tannehill.

He also worked against Tannehill, albeit in a friendly competition that McMillan said helped push him on his way to a full recovery.

“We got our surgery on the same exact day,” McMillan said, via the Miami Herald. “We starting rehab on the same exact day. From Day 1, it was always a competition. Who could walk without their crutches first? Who could run full speed underwater first? It was just little stuff. Who can get a bigger quad muscle? It was just really stupid stuff like that to keep competing with each other.”

McMillan was set for a major role in the middle of the Dolphins defense last year and the team hopes to have him using his competitive juices to fill it for a longer stretch this season.

10 responses to “Competing with Ryan Tannehill helped Raekwon McMillan recover from torn ACL

  1. Hopefully these players are fully recovered. Both are upgrades from what was in those positions last year.

  2. He was a beast in college.. a tackling machine. It will be nice having him this year. Basically 2 top 10 draft picks added to the D this season. Before the draft when Miami selected him many said he was a top 5 talent. Hopefully the D builds some chemistry this training camp and can come out and compete.

  3. What was stupid was the team using its projected middle linebacker on the punt coverage team in a preseason game when they had no one else to replace him with if he got injured. That was downright asinine.

  4. I am happy the media picks the Dolphins in a group of worst 4 teams. They know nothing! Tannehill had a 86.7% completion rate and was ranked 4th is passes over 40 yds. when he got injured. Suh was a beast and will be missed, but we had no LB’s that could take advantage of keeping them clean. Raekwon will make a huge difference. All 3 LBs need to be able to cover and we have that now. We have huge depth in the secondary. Here is the biggest bonus… the reason Jarvis Landry caught so passes is because he was basically the only option and especially the 3rd down go-to. Now they have 4-5 guys bigger and faster. Offense is not predictable anymore. The Dolphins will still throw X amount of passes, but not all to Landry making him not as good as he appeared. I am so sure of this, I would bet anyone that Landry has less production with the Browns than he did in Miami. Wilson, Amendola, Stills and Grant are all 4.4 speed and Gisecki and Parker are 4.6 or less for their size. Gase’s offense is about versatile personnel and mismatches. Even if the Oline is slightly better; the Dolphins will shock many teams.

  5. Another meaningless off-season fluff piece for a false sense of optimism. If it weren’t for fluff pieces, what would us Fin Fans have to look forward to? …. thanks!

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