Jordan Peterson brought “amazing perspective” to staff, Pete Carroll says

Pete Carroll on Twitter

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll raised some eyebrows on May 10 when he tweeted a picture of himself with the controversial professor and best-selling author Jordan Peterson, thanking Peterson for “speaking to our staff and enlightening us today.”

Peterson has been accused of sexism and transphobia, and in Seattle and elsewhere Carroll took some criticism for bringing Peterson to talk to the Seahawks coaching staff. But Carroll said yesterday that while he knows not everyone agrees with Peterson’s views, he was glad to hear what Peterson had to say.

“I do know that there’s varying opinions,” Carroll said. “It happened to be an opportunity — I had heard about Jordan’s work and some of his perspectives. He was speaking here in town and we had an opportunity to get him to come by. He is a very thought-provoking individual. His psychology background, his mentality, his approach is an amazing perspective that he has created and he’s created a following. I just wanted to know what I could share with our people in terms of our personal growth and organizational growth and see if something could come of that with the opportunity that was presented. He did a marvelous job in visiting with us and I know he tore it up downtown and has a great following.”

Carroll said Peterson had an important message for the staff.

“He talked about personal growth. He talked about perspective and life and working together and helping each other find our best, things that really rang true to us around here,” Carroll said.

Carroll frequently brings guest speakers to address his players and coaches, a practice he began at USC and has continued in Seattle.

78 responses to “Jordan Peterson brought “amazing perspective” to staff, Pete Carroll says

  1. I think summing up someone has being accused of two isms really does the person, especially Jordan Peterson, major injustice.

    He’s developed a following of more than a million people on YouTube and has really struck a chord in conveying the idea of individualism and the sovereignty of the self. His books Maps of Meaning and 12 Rules of Life are great perspectives on multiple topics, like religion, self struggle, and how to be a better person overall.

    But yeah, he’s been accused of two isms. Doesn’t do the man nearly any justice.

  2. Professor Peterson is a genius and doing great work trying to help society, and men in particular by focusing on responsibility and self-control.

    Anyone who thinks that is wrong, especially seeing what Liberal approaches have done to the Black community and two-parent household in America, is someone that wants the worst for Society.

  3. Colin Kaepernick publicly advocates communism….and Peterson is “controversial”.

  4. Peterson is a honest thinker with a grounded analytical method. He reduces issues to their basic fundamentals to create the straightforward perspective…That scares people…or mostly ideologues who do not have an original thought. Modern society is sadly full of folks who hear it and run around screaming it because it fits their “place”….everybody here already knew that.

  5. there is nothing controversial about Jordan Peterson to anyone with the slightest faculty of critical thinking

  6. Gee, I wonder if they got to discuss the coach’s interesting opinions on how the 9/11 attacks were an inside job.

  7. The fact that Jordan B. Peterson is presented as controversial shows how disingenuous certain members of the media are. The man literally has 100s of hours of fascinating content talking about social psychology, theology, and individualism. He’s been on countless podcasts, radio shows, and other media talking about his ideas–but because he won’t be adhere to Canada pushing the usage of non-gendered pronouns as law (ze and zir, which my autocorrect keep trying to fix…) he’s “controversial.” To be clear, Peterson didn’t say people couldn’t be transgender or that he wouldn’t call someone he/she if it was a “preferred pronoun,” just that he wouldn’t be forced to use language by law. Oh, and his sexist view? That men and women, while very similar as a whole, are generally very different at their boundaries.

  8. Millennials think YouTube and Twitter followings actually mean something. They don’t. Petey is a Truther and a peddler of other conspiracy theories, so his enlightenment by this huckster makes perfect sense.

  9. To the first two commenters: you clearly came here with axes to grind, but who exactly is the villain in this piece? Peterson, whom you seem to admire? No. Pete Carroll, who speaks to keeping an open mind to all perspectives and even learning from them, and had your hero Peterson in to speak to his team despite what liberal people in Seattle and elsewhere might think? I would think you would admire him for that. So is the author of the article to blame, for factually representing this event in the most neutral language possible?

    Really, what is thing you hear going bump in the night here? And, please share, what is it like to live in constant fear of everything, all the time?

  10. Only in these backward PC times could a man dedicated to logic, reason and self improvement be so “controversial.” Awaiting the inevitable knee jerk hit piece on Peterson and/or Carroll that the far left excels at. Don’t let me down PFT!

  11. Anyone that has anything negative to say about PC culture and offers enlightening perspectives, or is even a Conservative is almost always labeled “controversial” by the media. And you media seem shocked so many people distrust you.

  12. He is only controversial because he is battling back against a lot of nonsense we have within our culture today. His primary message is one of personal responsibility and taking ownership of your own actions.

    To cast him into a category because of “accusations” (which doesn’t make him guilty) is intellectually lazy. It doesn’t make his message anymore untrue, despite what his critics think.

    It does seem like any intellectual that gets close to the target faces more and more criticism. It’s like these jerks know that their worldview is about to come down, so they are firing off every canon they can in order to take them down.

  13. If i was the extreme left, i would try to discredit this man too. He is a genius and he tries to abolish the idea of collectivism marginalizing any group of people. it just so happens that in todays society, it seems ok to marginalize or discriminate against white men in particular. Jordan Peterson is opposed to the narcissistic collective i.e a woman wanting power so she subscribes to 4th wave feminism. Being collective isnt joining a rights group that matches up with your individual traits/demographics. White men that do that our considered nationalists or KKK. Peterson merely tries to explain that groups like this with any “singular thoughts” are dangerous and dysfunctional.

  14. He’s only controversial if you are one of those extreme left wing fascist, but we already knew y’all were like that. Jordan is a mans man, a real man! That explains why you can’t relate or dont care for him.

  15. Jordan Peterson has been called many things, and mainly because he refuses to call a transgendered person Xe or Ze (which of course is made up English). And these people want it to be a crime if “not addressed correctly”. Thoughtspeak is a crime in 1984 (the novel). BUt in real life – not so much. Jordan Peterson is awesome.

  16. He is a very thought-provoking individual.
    I have to agree. I have found that many of his detractors somehow must not hear what he’s actually saying. I’ve watched more than a couple of his debates where his opposition are arguing with him over what he didn’t say and didn’t mean by what he didn’t say. If you are going to debate a well spoken deep thinking scholar, I’d suggest paying VERY close attention and stop and think before you respond.

  17. So he wont be spreading his message of personal growth and speaking to the PFT staff anytime soon..

  18. Jordan Peterson doesn’t hate anyone. He’s a good guy and brings a lot to the table. The people who criticize him haven’t delved much into his work and don’t care to understand him. Onward and upward.

  19. People would rather be told what to think about Peterson than listen to what he has to say and then decide for themselves. It’s much easier that way and it’s also convenient to hate.

  20. Accusing of two isms and the writers writes the story acting as if Peterson had been convicted of some sort of serious Felony…. If you’ve heard the man speak Peterson is an extremely intelligent Human Being.

  21. “Peterson has been accused of sexism and transphobia”

    So the guy is against the Left’s ongoing quest to sissify and emasculate our country’s men….. Better shout him off the stage quickly!

  22. Exposing the PC culture is “controversial”.

    People complaining about the “PC culture” are the types that really, really want a return to the days when white males could openly be racist, chauvinist turds in any situation without fear of pushback.

    Boo hoo.

  23. Peterson is the furthest thing from a sexist or transphobe. A sweet man with strong principles that have helped many people turn their lives around. Stomping out nonsense in the world and gender pronouns and preserving freedom of speech is a good thing!

  24. NFL players and coaches can do much, much worse than spending some time listening to Jordan Peterson. Maybe, instead of putting everyone into a “Left” or “Right” silos–we’d all be better off putting aside ideology (or perceived ideology) for awhile and listening to what intelligent people have to say. I give credit to Carroll, who seems somewhat a man of the left, for bringing in Peterson, who everyone has decided is to the right of Barry Goldwater.

  25. It’s always about the criticality of the accusation and never about the content of the speaker with some people.

    Prof Peterson’s message(s) is/are valid for all people and this includes the individual balkanized groups some people insist are so very very important. You know, the ones who defend their positions with ‘ism’ accusations against ANY perceived heresy.

    Here’s and idea. DARE to read his work. DARE to expose yourself to some other views. DARE to take the chance you might be better for doing so. DARE to stimulate your mind with a someones ideas that may differ from yours. DARE to leave the intellectual binders you’ve placed on yourselves willingly.

    Growth follows if your mind is truly open to even the chance he may have something worthwhile to say after YEARS of thought and experence.

    Congrats to Pete and staff on being willing to consider alternate POV’s in the quest to be their full selves and thusly serve their employer better by continuing to learn and grow their minds.

  26. He mixes tautological and banal self help advice with transphobia and out and out crypto fascism to cater to the fragility of white males, so, yeah, Jordan Peterson is kind of a d-bag. But hey, if you like your self help advice with a side of smug self-superiority and a healthy dose of social Darwinism, I guess good for you?

  27. Jordan Peterson could only be considered controversial by someone either unfamiliar with his work or willfully committed to smearing others with differing perspectives. To associate him with either of the descriptors above is laughable.

  28. Not sure how Peterson’s incoherent word salads qualify as “amazing perspective”. All he does is conveniently change the meaning of words whenever his “points” are challenged so he can never be pinned down to a position, which allows him the ability to conveniently weasel out of being held accountable or have to answer for things he has said. Also, he recently claimed in a debate that people seeing things when they are high on drugs is proof that God exists. So much amazing, bro.

    But his cultish followers will tell you that you just don’t get it, man. You need to watch 500 hours of his word salad rantings on YouTube, THEN you will see his “brilliance”!

  29. Jordan Peterson is fantastic, Im on page 53 of his 12 Rules book. Some people just have a hard time hearing the truth (that whole ‘order and chaos’ thing he writes about). People critical of the guy only have read memes about him on social media and have never heard him spear or read his stuff.

    In other news, this site has completely jumped the shark. I like Peterson and all but why am I reading about him here? And reports on anyone else that has spoken to any teams?

  30. Let me help edit this.

    “Peterson has been accused of sexism and transphobia by people who have totalitarian tendencies and wouldn’t want to and couldn’t if they tried understand his points”.

    You’re welcome.

    BTW there is no such thing as “transphobia”. If he really was suffering from a “phobia” – an actual medical condition- you’d be wrong to complain about him because of it wouldn’t you?

  31. He’s not transphobic. He’s not sexist. Unless you think scientifically proven facts are sexist.

    He brings a message of becoming the best you can be, taking responsibility for yourself, and the left absolutely hates him for it. The left is predicated on selling a victim mentality mixed with identity politics. If you look in the mirror to solve your problems, it makes it tough to sell you the idea that you are a victim of some ambiguous identity group.

  32. it’s very sad that a mandate of personal accountability and responsibility can be seen as controversial.

  33. I don’t have a phobia of either women’s rights or transgenderism, what I have is a rational fear of being accused by their thought police of not going far enough out of my way for their feelings & opinions when they deny me any of my own.

  34. Considering this generation has watered down the definition of sexism so much it doesn’t mean anymore the initial criticism means nothing. Sorry, but a man who speaks out against collectivist nonsense in favor of the individual isn’t controversial. In Canada you don’t even get a choice as to refer to a transgender as a pronoun it’s enforced by law which is the insane nonsense the far left in this country wants.

  35. Peterson tells snowflakes they’re brave and safe, and they run to him with wallets out. Been happening since it was snake oil from the back of a wagon.

  36. It seems hard for people who are against the new NFL Anthem Policy because it is seemingly restricting rights and free speech, then argue Coach Carroll was wrong for bringing in someone who apparently has expressed his individual ideas and refuses to accept the PC social terminology? It’s no different than those who argue against allowing conservatives to speak at college campuses, but are saying they offended by the restrictive NFL policy.

    It was very confusing until I reconciled that what lthese offended folks really want is two things: expression of only their viewpoint and if that isn’t possible, then no point.

  37. So the guy is against the Left’s ongoing quest to sissify and emasculate our country’s men….. Better shout him off the stage quickly!
    That’s actually not true at all. He has said many times that young American men need to grow up. He’s saying young american males are already behind their years from a maturity standpoint. The controversy came when he suggested that women inspire the young lazy males to grow up so they themselves can have more capable mates.

  38. definitemaybe55 says:

    May 25, 2018 at 7:20 am

    Gee, I wonder if they got to discuss the coach’s interesting opinions on how the 9/11 attacks were an inside job.
    WTC 7 Collapse, oh yes!

  39. nhpats says:

    May 25, 2018 at 8:51 am

    “Peterson has been accused of sexism and transphobia”

    So the guy is against the Left’s ongoing quest to sissify and emasculate our country’s men….. Better shout him off the stage quickly!
    You speak the truth (THIS TIME ONLY) lol.

  40. Neocons hate “PC culture” until someone calls their leader a dotard, a moron, or a deplorable. Then suddenly they become softer than sand.

    Buck up little guys, you can still do your marches with your cardboard shields and swords. Just try not to kill anybody with your poor driving skills this time.

  41. Good job Petey Cool. Perhaps with woke individuals like Michael Bennett leaving, it was a good opportunity to clean up your teams mind from all of the pop culture, pseudo-politcal junk in the locker room.

  42. “I guaranteed you Seahawk players don’t read books”.

    The problem is that after a few pages their lips get tired.

  43. 1) Alleged paragon of individualism and noted crybaby Jordan Peterson addresses the Seahawks football team
    2) Conservatives today love it because Peterson “triggers the libs”
    3) Seahawks players feel more emboldened to be individuals, speak for themselves and act in ways that get them called “distractions”
    4) “These whiny Me players on the Seahawks only care about themselves! Why don’t these locker room cancers just shut up and play football?” – conservatives during the season

  44. I read through all the comments. Literally not a single one as yet posted (52 thus far) has denigrated Pete Carroll for having this guy speak. Yet there are a bunch of comments making all manner of strawman arguments decrying “the PC leftists” for complaining about it.

    Granted, a solid 20% of them are troll accounts that never leave any comments about, you know, football. Still though, that’s a lot of ignorance even for a group that traffics in it.

    Let me, a Seahawks fan who grew up in Seattle and who voted Nader, Gore, Kerry, Obama x2 and Hillary, assuage your tiny, fear-addled minds: I’m fine with this guy being invited in to speak to the team, or even to groups of students in public schools. If your ideas are accepted by everyone, then you aren’t making anyone actually think.

    Incidentally, Peterson emphasizes personal accountability; try taking that message to heart PERSONALLY, instead of awkwardly trying to extrapolate it to blame “collectivists” or black people or whatever your boogeyman-de-jour happens to be.

  45. big black biscuits says:

    May 25, 2018 at 7:10 am

    I guaranteed you Seahawk players don’t read books

    When did you do that?

  46. Lost in this whole PC debate featuring Jordan Peterson is the glaringly obvious fact that Jordan Peterson is a bad writer with nothing to say. He’s the Dumb man’s smart man. He’s right about one thing in his life and now I’m supposed to take his ridiculous book seriously?

  47. sdelmonte says:

    May 25, 2018 at 7:15 am

    Peterson is a transphobic asshat. Shame on anyone for giving him a platform.

    No, he’s really not. He challenges the objective reasoning behind ideas and how they are conveyed, including the rhetoric and proliferation strategies around transgender awareness.

    The response to his position on this particular subject really highlights the unfortunate truth about the messaging behind the transgender acceptance movement, in that its most extreme advocates want you to have just two choices: (1) agree with us, or (2) become a pariah. It’s a truly horrific tactic meant to force blind acceptance of abstract social, biological, and psychological ideas that are understandably confusing to some.

    I personally believe all people should receive fair and equitable treatment in the eyes of the law, but there are aspects of transgenderism that I simply can’t comprehend at this time and thus I cannot whole-heartedly get behind those particular concepts. What does that make me?

  48. Controversial??? Are you gazing Through the Looking-Glass?

    Neo: Why do my eyes hurt?
    Morpheus: You’ve never used them before.

  49. Controversial/sexist/transphobic = opinions that reflect the views of half or more of the country, but not those of out of touch media elitists and academics who surround themselves with only people who think just like they do.

    There, translated that for you.

  50. The man tells young people to stand up straight, and clean their rooms. Controversial stuff, this. Controversial to people who are clinically delusional about their own sex.

  51. Jordan Peterson has a big following….of simpletons. Like many popular people, he is a psuedo-intellectual who knows how to profit off his followers.

  52. marcsasharc says:
    May 25, 2018 at 2:52 pm
    Jordan Peterson has a big following….of simpletons. Like many popular people, he is a psuedo-intellectual who knows how to profit off his followers.


    Pseudo-intellectual? Dude has a PhD in psychology and has taught at Harvard and University of Toronto. That seems to qualify as an intellectual to me. Try to come up with a different ad-hominem attack.

  53. Seattle needs a lot of “organizational growth” to be a playoff contender again, and Petey may not be the coach to do it, because it may take another 5 seasons or more for that growth to be completed.

  54. Jordan Peterson thinks he’s some kind of Mesiah. Beware anyone that thinks of themselves as saviors.

    Personally find him obnoxious in that while he’s obviously intelligent, he’s not nearly as intelligent as he thinks he is. Beyond that, all his conclusions are incredibly self serving. He reminds me a little of Nassim Taleb. Both of them are so wonderfully pleased with themselves; it’s nauseating.

    Very embarrassed that he’s a Canadian.

  55. For those of you who have the time I recommend you listen to what this guy has to say especially when he is debating. Listen properly without prejudice. He certainly gets you thinking.

  56. aj66shanghai says:
    May 25, 2018 at 7:54 am
    …So is the author of the article to blame, for factually representing this event in the most neutral language possible?
    That’s funny. You should probably look up the words “factually” and “neutral” because you seem to have no clue what they mean.

  57. kcl10 says:
    May 25, 2018 at 9:13 am
    He mixes tautological and banal self help advice with transphobia and out and out crypto fascism to cater to the fragility of white males, so, yeah, Jordan Peterson is kind of a d-bag. But hey, if you like your self help advice with a side of smug self-superiority and a healthy dose of social Darwinism, I guess good for you?
    Thank you!!!!

  58. Peterson is only smart, if you are uneducated, or he is telling you what you want to hear. He contradicts himself constantly, presents opinion as fact, and uses the exact same tactics that he rails against. The fact that this man could become “popular” and “respected” reflects very poorly on our society. Then again, people listen to Alex Jones, so what do I know.

  59. I hate the PC culture and how it’s affected our society. I like this Peterson guy. I’m going to buy his books.

  60. akaodoyle : it’s horrifying reading through these comments. That is why JP is so dangerous. Neanderthals think he gives them ground to stand on intellectually. The guy OPENLY denies our only credible definition of truth and is revered by deplorables as an intellectual lol. Unfortunately, it’s only funny until it becomes “popular”.

  61. Dear Pft…..we need to start sticking to the game on the field guys. This other stuff is getting to be too much. I am a political person but Id love if I ddnt have to worry about making a political post on this site (and Im fully right wing so it would likely get deleted anyway). FOOTBALL!!!

  62. Man, the few sure do ruin things for the many. And that’s true on both sides of the divide.

    There was a time when left and right were just a difference of opinion, now it like different worlds.

    Simply having an opinion isn’t enough to make anyone correct. But it’s ok to have an opinion anyway. Come together people!

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