Ravens hope they have found “the guy” at receiver after years of looking

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The Ravens have had only two players who played wideout make the Pro Bowl, and both Jermaine Lewis and Jacoby Jones doubled as elite returners, which got them to the all-star game. Neither ever had a 1,000-yard receiving season.

The Ravens have searched for a standout wideout their entire history.

Derrick Mason came the closest to filling that role with four 1,000-yard seasons with the Ravens. Although he didn’t make a Pro Bowl in his six seasons in Baltimore, he did finish with 471 catches for 5,777 yards and 29 touchdowns.

Welcome to Baltimore, Michael Crabtree.

Crabtree, 30, has never made a Pro Bowl either, but now in his 10th season, he does have two 1,000-yard seasons and another season with 922 yards.

The Ravens are ready to feature him as “the guy.”

Crabtree is the guy, because he’s got a little different way that he runs the routes,” quarterback Joe Flacco said, via Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. “He’s really crafty with it, and he knows when to break away from guys and how to get open. He’s really good at doing that, but I would say it’s a little different than your normal guy.”

The Ravens also added receivers John Brown, who had one 1,000-yard season in four seasons in Arizona, and Willie Snead, who had seasons with 984 and 895 yards in New Orleans. The three upgrade the Ravens’ receiving corps.

“They’re veteran players,” coach John Harbaugh said. “They’ve been in games. So what you see is what you get, and we’re seeing it.”

Have the Ravens finally found the answer at the position? Stay tuned.

21 responses to “Ravens hope they have found “the guy” at receiver after years of looking

  1. Don’t get me wrong, when Crab signed with the Raiders I was a little skeptical. He proved me wrong the first few years. The last two years he had a major issue with catching the ball. And last year he quit on the team late in the year. Swapping him out for Nelson is an upgrade in all facets; leadership, catching and a team player.

  2. They need to find a guy from somewhere….The fact that your QB threw a 6 yard dump off to a 37-year old tight end on 4th and 14 with the season on the line is really telling…

  3. Okay… he knows when the break away from guys. Doesn’t mean Flacco knows when to throw it.

    Until the Ravens get rid of Flacco, they aren’t going to be making the playoffs. They know that, which is why they passed on the top two receivers this year and settled for 10 year veterans near the end of their career. They know there’s no point in trying to prove a rookie can play when they are dependent on the quarterback. Once Flacco goes, and that awful contract… the rebuild can finally start.

  4. If Crabtree was THE GUY, then why was Baltimore the only team to make an offer to Dex Bryant?

    @superfanentertainment – you can’t seriously be backing Dak, how the hell does he know what you need to win a championship?

  5. Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones & Anquain Boldin very good receivers. The problem was and is Joe Flacco. I have never seen anyone underthrow receivers the way Joe Flacco does and still have a job.

  6. Hey PFT, why can’t you post the question that Joe was asked, when he said ““Crabtree is the guy, because he’s got a little different way that he runs the routes…?

    Was the question “Hey Joe, you’ve never had a legit #1 receiver. Is Crabtree the guy?

    Or was it, hey Joe you could really use a dependable receiver now that Boldin and Smith have moved on. What do you think of Crabtree?

    But look how many posters bit on the bait…

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