Adrian Peterson posting his workout videos, hoping teams notice

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Free agent running back Adrian Peterson is in shape, and he wants NFL teams to know it.

Peterson has been posting videos of himself doing grueling cardio workouts on the treadmill, jumping onto boxes with a barbell on his back, and so on. Peterson said this week on ESPN that he’s hoping teams will notice those workouts and give him a call.

There’s no question that Peterson is in the kind of shape most people could never fathom, and he says the neck injury that ended his 2017 season is totally healed. But whether any team thinks he can still contribute remains to be seen.

Peterson had a strange 2017 season. He signed with the Saints but was largely unused, and with good reason: He wasn’t nearly as effective as the Saints’ other running backs, Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara. But when Peterson was traded to the Cardinals, he had a couple of huge games, gaining 134 yards on 26 carries in one win and 159 yards on 37 carries in another win. Of course, Peterson also had some terrible games, being held under 2.0 yards a carry on three separate occasions.

Now 33 years old, Peterson doesn’t have much time left in him. But he wants teams to know that he’s ready to go.

38 responses to “Adrian Peterson posting his workout videos, hoping teams notice

  1. AP, one of my favorite players. I remember you destroying william gay, you carried the vikes for years and are a HOF player. Hang it up while you’re healthy and you have a brain. You don’t want to sacrifice later years and your brain by playing 4 more years with a 3 ish ypc and a couple TDs here and there. Sign a one day with the vikes and retire.

  2. He cares more about posting workout videos online than he does spending time with any of his 50 kids. Didn’t this clown do the same exact thing last year?

  3. Yeah but those two huge games came against two of the worst rush defenses in the league at the time, Tampa and San Fran, so it was hardly anything impressive as most teams did that against them, yet everyone screamed he was back. Then he ran into some real defenses, Rams, Seahawks, Texans and Jaguars and did nothing.

  4. Unfortunately the days of the I back who is a liability as a blocker are over. Wish the Vikings would have had a QB during your years (other than 2009, but then you fumbled 3 times to keep us out of the Super Bowl). Always a fan, please retire.


  6. I think retirement wouldn’t be a bad idea, but it’s Barry Sanders all over again. Both guys deserve rings, I think that’s what AP wants now. If that’s the case he should decide to work for cheap and make it known he’s willing to. Weird to say but NE likes having a stable of backs with usually at least one vet. But yeah I’m waiting on him and #28 to retire in purple.

  7. Age discrimination to the point of stupidity in the NFL. He is the same age as Lebron James.

    John rigging was elected to all-pro at age 34 and won a SB, and ran for over 1300 yards! And in fact he played his best HALL OF FAME football AFTER the age of 30!! And Adrian is just such a player with that kind of potential.

  8. Oh, and that year John Riggins got 24 Td’s at the age of 34 and 14 TD’s at the age of 35!

  9. So NFL teams will be impressed by a workout video? There are entire rosters working out at at their respective facilities all the time. The only people who will be impressed are your average Joe’s that are used to working out at Planet Fitness.

  10. Uh oh, must be some collusion going on. Lol.

    I have no doubt AP is still a remarkable runner. Probably still better than 70% of the backs or higher. But, unfortunately he brings with him a lot of negatives.

    He can’t block. He is a below average pass receiver. His once Superman level running abilities are now more at the Batman level. But his biggest liability is now his ego. He can no longer be “The Man” and he can’t accept that. He’d be a great role player, but I can’t see him ever being okay with that.

  11. Agree with above post about his liabilities and his ego. Unfortunately, with only a 53 man roster on game day, only a teams number one back is safe from special teams duties etc. and a teams 2 and 3 backs have to be good in pass protection, and usually specialize in the passing game out of the backfield. The one exception being some teams carry a goal line / short yardage back like Blount. But that guy you CANNOT have fumbling. So… in the end… while he still probly has something in the tank I don’t seen anybody barking up that tree anytime soon.

  12. He’d have been gone years ago if Minnesota hadn’t “rewarded” him with stupid money when he demanded it, when he should’ve been kicked off the team, and they caved. When you feed rats, they tend to stick around.

  13. I TOLD YA (years ago) that Minnesota would improve without a-drain peterson.

  14. He would fit nicely with Seattle or Tennessee and their exotic smashmouth game

  15. AP just stop already! You’re a top 5 RB of all time just call it a career, who really wants to remember Emitt Smith as a Phoenix Cardinal, Jerry Rice as a Bronco/Raider, or Montana as a Chief?

  16. I’m not sure whether I’m more impressed with the barbell box jumps or the way that he caught the bar after letting it roll down his back.

  17. The question is, why is not effective anymore? He’s still in unreal shape. But for some reason, teams can easily focus on him and shut him down most of the time.

  18. Ah gee, ya, well ya know…

    Adrian: Did you answer my question, cause you kinda just rambled off

  19. I read this morning that Adrian is saying he wants to play for the Packers.🤣

    Umm sorry Adrian we don’t need or want you. We are good👌

    Aaron Jones RB

    Jamaal Williams RB

    Ty Montgomery RB

    Devante Mays RB

    Another strong position group.👍

  20. I think a lot of teams would put him on their roster, but realize he wouldn’t take the contract because it didn’t pay enough.

  21. reefromwhatyouare says:
    May 26, 2018 at 6:31 pm
    I read this morning that Adrian is saying he wants to play for the Packers.🤣

    Umm sorry Adrian we don’t need or want you. We are good👌

    Aaron Jones RB

    Jamaal Williams RB

    Ty Montgomery RB

    Devante Mays RB

    Another strong position group.👍


    Ummmmmm, at this stage of his career he wants and will play for anybody. I thought Montgomery was a WR?

  22. Learn to block & catch. Or just catch. He can’t do it & has never bothered to learn. He also fumbled away multiple playoff games.

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