Jabrill Peppers expecting better things in second season

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The Browns made safety Jabrill Peppers a first-round pick last year in a bid to add a playmaker to the back end of their defense, but his impact was muted during his rookie season.

Peppers had 57 tackles and an interception in 13 games and part of the reason he didn’t produce as hoped was because the Browns put him all the way at the back end of the defense. Lining up so far behind the line of scrimmage became fodder for jokes, which Peppers heard but he doesn’t put all the blame on defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ alignment.

Peppers said there “wouldn’t be jokes if I was making the plays I was supposed to make” and believes that he’ll start doing so this year thanks to the experience he gained in 2017.

“It allows you to play faster,” Peppers said, via Ohio.com. “You know what other guys are supposed to do as well. It allows you to help other guys play to your level, disguise certain things and make it look like a different scheme, things like that. It definitely helps having a year under my belt going through the offseason process with the guys, the whole offseason process, just relearning certain things, learning new techniques and how to play different schemes. It’s definitely going to be a tremendous help. I’m just looking forward to go out there, learn from my mistakes, playing that much faster, being in better shape now that I’ve got a year of conditioning with the guys under my belt, just going out there doing what I love to do and what I know how to do best.”

A year of experience isn’t all that will be different for Peppers. The Browns traded for Damarious Randall and his presence is expected to put Peppers closer to the line this time around. If the combination leads to more production for Peppers, it should brighten the outlook on defense in Cleveland.

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  1. He should have been a late second to early third round pick but the national sports media rides Michigan’s jocks so hard that he was made out to be the second coming of JC. He had one interception in his college career at safety and he’s far too small to play linebacker in the NFL like he sometimes did in college. Those of us who actually watched Michigan play and aren’t alums like those weasels Schefter, McShay etc…have always known that he was way over drafted and probably won’t ever amount to much in the league. Switching him to running back (like Michigans last EXTREMELY overrated player Denard Robinson) will be his only hope to ever accomplish anything in the league and the Browns aren’t smart enough to do that

  2. Use the guy right and he’ll be a monster player for you, like he was for us at Michigan. Don’t and he won’t. Not rocket science!

  3. Cleveland has the talent to make the playoffs in a weeeeeeaaaaaaak AFC. If they don’t, then there may be something to the idea that they are cursed

  4. He wasn’t a monster player at Michigan at all. At least not on defense where he played the vast majority of the time. When he was used in some gimmicky offensive plays and as a return man he had some limited success because of his athleticism

  5. The thumbs downs are hilarious. Most of you obviously didn’t pay close attention to his college career and are therefore speaking out of ignorance

  6. They should change the team name to the Cleveland Busts… How does a team pick near the top of the draft if not the first pick year in and year out and continue to loose like they do. I honestly don’t get this. They have to be the worst team in any sport in any city.

  7. Leave this kid alone (normally I would call him a Michigan puke) but I believe when used right he is going to surprise a lot people. He’s a Cleveland Brown now and I believe he’s going to have good year he learned a lot last year! GO BROWNS!

  8. He’s just an over-hyped gimmick player. He’s not big enough to play LB and is probably better suited to play at safety. But what do you do with him? He’s 5’11” 213. Can he really do much in run support. It seems to me he’s better in the nickel and dime package unless he can really show something this year. In a traditional defense he’s going to struggle to make plays.

  9. sashi brown was born in boston, grew up in boston, and went to school in boston.

    So… I am not surprised by the quality of his picks.

  10. Even though I’m a Panthers fan, in a weird way I’m following the Browns very closely. I very much see them as so many have seen the Cubs for so many years. One of the best fanbases who deserve so much better. I’m pissed when the Panthers have a couple of bad seasons….I cannot imagine the agony for Browns fans, and yet these still continue to show and support their team, you gotta tip your hat to that!

  11. spartanlegend says:
    spartanlegend says:
    spartanlegend says:

    Hahaha! Hate UM much?
    How about we talk about the illustrious career of MSUs Darquez Dennard.
    Bengals 1st round pick 2014.
    10 starts over 4 years.

  12. Bad coaching. You get a rookie and expect him to navigate the entire secondary, especially when the corners are trash? Dude needs some structure and some help. Give him that responsibility in a few years.

  13. I watched Pepper’s entire Michigan career. He was overrated. Showed some athleticism on returns etc, but never fit any kind of specific scheme the NFL would employ.

  14. I wish him well, hope he gets better and has more opportunities to make plays. It would just be the coolest thing in the NFL if the Browns really put it together all of a sudden and started winning. Good luck to them.

  15. To say he was put in the back of the defense is a gross understatement. There were games I watched on my 52 inch TV, he wasn’t even in the screen. The Browns basically played with 10 men on the field many times last season. That’s how exposed the secondary was last year. I expect big things from him this year.

  16. BayAreaBrownsBacker says:
    May 27, 2018 at 2:26 pm
    To say he was put in the back of the defense is a gross understatement. There were games I watched on my 52 inch TV, he wasn’t even in the screen…


    Ummmm you get that the TV shows the same picture regardless of size, right? Just, bigger or smaller. If I had a 500″ TV, it would show exactly the same picture as your 52″ TV, just, bigger. You get that, right? I need you to tell me that you understand that

  17. This kid is a box safety. It’s not his fault the coaches had him line up 20 yards off the line of scrimmage and drop even deeper into coverage. I’m not saying he’s going to be an All-Pro player, but he’ll probably play a heck of a lot better if you actually play to his strengths.

  18. I think he was overrated coming into the draft, but maybe he works out for them. He’s still better than any secondary players in NE and Pitt who allowed Nick Foles and Blake Bortles to break them off in the playoffs.

  19. I like how we’re supposed to believe that a guy named “spartanlegend” is unbiased on the subject of Jabrill Peppers.

  20. Spartanlegend and Dr.Rustbelt please tell me you’re not admitting to being Spartan fans!!?? Lol you’ve guys lost the ability to talk smack for at least 75 years, or until Dr. Larry Nassar gets paroled from prison. Half a billion dollar fine, basketball program that chokes every March, athletic teams loaded with rapists, below average academic reputation….oh then there’s Malik McDowell and Charles Rogers. They make Dennard look like a great pick!

  21. It’s funny to hear Michigan people act like their team has been consistently relevant in 30+ years. Peppers can be a role player but you basically learn nothing playing it’s Michigan except how to lose to your rivals. Give him a couple years of some real coaching and maybe he can contribute.

  22. If the Browns were smart they would of passed on Peppers and drafted Elite SS/FS Budda Baker who as a rookie made both All-Pro & Pro-Bowl teams ranking as the 16th overall safety n the NFL of 80+ Ranked as a Rookie with an 85.9 overall grade, Baker showed the ability to be a special DB as one of the top safeties in the NFL in just his 1st NFL season, he will make a huge jump his 2nd season. Baker had a late 1st to early 2nd round grade as well, Unfortunately for the Browns like they always do & history will prove they did again w/ the 1st overall pick this year, They botched the pick like they always do & picked the Bust over the All-Pro.

  23. He would be good playing alongside Derwin James, who Cleveland will obviously take with the 4th pick…..

  24. SpartanLegend is 100% correct. Peppers was way overhyped. Being a heisman finalist and 1st round pick are jokes. I think any realistic, knowledgeable Michigan fan would tell you the same. He was allowed to just run around like a chicken with his head cut off because Michigan had a ton of talent on those defenses.

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