John DeFillippo has high praise for Stefon Diggs


The Vikings want to sign receiver Stefon Diggs to a new contract. The team’s new offensive coordinator possibly has given Diggs a little extra leverage at the bargaining table.

John DeFillippo heaped praise on Diggs after the team’s first three Organized Team Activities.

“More of the tape study of what I had of the Vikings was when I got here, the tape doesn’t do that justice,” DeFillippo said, via Sid Hartman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “His ball skills are fantastic. The way he tracks the football in the air.”

The admiration is mutual; Diggs is into DeFillippo.

“I bring the energy a lot, and he’s one of those guys that give you that positive energy,” Diggs told Hartman. “As a coach he gets me going and definitely keeps me focused out there. He keeps you minding your P’s and Q’s, because he has a lot of things that he likes to do.”

The Vikings like the idea of keeping their nucleus of key players in place. Diggs has one more year under his initial rookie deal. And if the Vikings won’t pay him big money, someone else surely will.

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  1. Opposing CB’s will be saying the same things as Coach Flip, as their shaking their collective heads after experiencing the Cousins to Diggs connection.

  2. Suprise suprise of course the troll had to be the first to comment!

  3. Hoping he will take a deal for $10 million a year but market value is higher – would be nice to keep Diggs, Thielen, Cook, and Cousins together for the next 3 years without killing the cap.

  4. Diggs will get signed; he’s just too valuable a player to let walk away, and has proven that for the last three seasons.

    The real question will come down to whether the Vikings can sign both Barr and Hunter. Given the depth of the DL, I figure Barr gets signed first.

  5. Fwippel
    I figure Barr and diggs get signed before Hunter but I do believe our cap genius finds a way to fit everyone in. Barr and diggs go first cause Barr is going to be an absolute nightmare to replace regardless of anyone’s feelings of his performance to this point. He’s extremely talented at a position that doesn’t exactly have free agents at his level and age just walking around. That position is extremely hard to replace. I don’t think people are factoring that in on their feelings about these contract extensions everyone is talking about so much. The drop off if we lost Barr would be massive and I don’t think our defense can handle a loss like that and maintain its rank. Diggs gets signed because anyone who has been employees by or even a fan of the Vikings, knows what it’s like to have literally no truly talented receivers with no hope to get one on the horizon. Diggs is the kind of guy you have to hold on to, and he deserves it too. Like Barr, we won’t be able to replace his level of talent at that position and now is a time where diggs is more important than ever with the potential rise of this offense and the start of a new era with a new franchise qb and a new on the rise OC. That makes diggs invaluable with his talent and dependability. Not to mention I think him and thielen work so well as a tandem that I’m not sure we want to separate them. We are lucky to have a duo like that, and they both seem to only be getting better. With cousins coming in, I feel there’s a good chance we have only scratched the surface on how great diggs can be, so we need to extend him now, before the season starts and he has such a good year that we can’t afford to keep him at all. There’s a high probability that he could improve that much. As for Hunter, it’s no knock on him to put him as the last of the guys that need to be extended. He’s so talented and only getting better, and fits what the Vikings do to a T. But…. He is a DE on the left side. No, we can’t find someone with that much talent, at that age, and we def can’t find one quickly. But of all the positions that we are looking to extend, that one is the easiest to replace if it came to that. It’s very possible to find another DE unfortunately. Clearly it’s not something anyone wants, but I personally think this is how we need to be viewing these extensions. All of these guys are crazy good and talented, so there’s no point is everyone trying to debate which one is the better player and use that as criteria for how we need to go about the extensions. We need to be viewing it based on the drop off if the player absolutely had to be replaced if we couldn’t work something out. We need to be considering above all else how good the immediate backup is to each one and if they could step in and start, and then after that how difficult it would be to find a replacement on the open free agent market and what players will be available next off season. Unfortunately, that leaves Hunter as the last one. I truly think we resign them all. They’ll figure out a way. But it’s no coincidence that kendricks went first of all these guys, and it supports my opinion that this is how the FO is looking at this. A talented brilliant linebacker who plays so well in coverage and against the run is the first extension because it would take a very serious effort to replace, and by the time they did, this nucleus of defensive players would likely not be what it is now. Not by the time a new LB found his stride. Look for it to be addressed this way.

  6. Diggs will be average with Cousins at QB! Kirk Cousins doesn’t like throwing the football down the field, kirk will dink and dunk to the RBs. Viking made a huge mistake in signing Kirk Cousins, Case Keenum is the better QB hands down. The Vikings will find it hard to win 9 games this season and if Vikings HC benches Kirk he has no one to replace Kirk at QB. Worst free agent signing in the last ten years!!!!

  7. It will be interesting to see how the new OC, QB and existing offensive players mesh. Diggs has succeeded with multiple QBs (and is one of the reasons Keenum had success) – he’ll be fine with Cousins too.

  8. nfcleast says:

    May 27, 2018 at 9:42 pm



    I’m convinced sportsmanship doesn’t exist in Philly. You won, can’t you just be happy about that and show sportsmanship?

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