Lions still figuring out backfield rotation, but LeGarrette Blount will have role

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LeGarrette Blount is accustomed to sharing the backfield. So, if the Lions have a rotation with Blount, Kerryon Johnson, Theo Riddick and/or Ameer Abdullah, the veteran running back will fit right in.

“I came here with the intent to help out in every manner that I can,” Blount said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “Whatever that may be, that’s coach [Matt] Patricia’s call. I just came out here to make sure that my presence [is felt], and take advantage of everything that I could possibly take advantage of while I’m out here.”

Blount led the Patriots with 299 carries in 2016, but he started only eight games. Dion Lewis and James White also got starts and carries. In 2017 in Philadelphia, Blount shared the backfield with Corey Clement and then Jay Ajayi when the Eagles traded for him October 31.

The Lions signed Blount in free agency and then drafted Johnson in the second round as they seek to improve the league’s worst running game. Riddick and Abdullah were Detroit’s top-two rushers last season.

“It’s kind of hard to judge those guys right now,” Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford said. “We don’t have pads on, nobody’s really trying to tackle them. Those guys make their money on missed tackles and running. But [Blount is] obviously a big dude. Big, physical guy, obviously has played in some big-time games for some successful teams, so it’s nice to have him in that room, I think, and have some of our younger guys kind of pick his brain and just see what he’s all about.”

9 responses to “Lions still figuring out backfield rotation, but LeGarrette Blount will have role

  1. This guy is an amazing RB and great teammate and winner. In a perfect world he would still be on the Eagles but he cashed in after the Superbowl. If the Lions don’t know how to use him then its on them.

  2. This fan of the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles thanks LaGarrette for his contribution to our wonderful season.
    The Lions will be well served to monitor his usage during the season and have him fresh if they make the play-offs. He is a beast

  3. Our running game is complete trash which compliments our dumpster fire team. Now we have another defensive minded coach that was only successful because of the greatest HC in the NFL and Tom Brady. Same ‘OL Lions!!


  4. “I came here with the intent to help out in every manner that I can,” Blount says!
    Nope. He went there purely for the intent of getting $2M! A year ago he was sore Belichick (who’d rescued Blount’s career) didn’t offer him a big multi-year SB-bonus contract after 2016 (1161yds 18 TDs!) but instead offered 1yr at $1.15M+incentive (a pay freeze). After little interest, Blount’s agent then claimed Philly signed him for 2yrs $3M (which was his bottom asking price for Pats) but it turned out to be a 1yr $1.25M with less incentive – effectively the same pay. Belichick had correctly assessed the market and how much top-level fuel Blount had left. Philly got a very lucky pickup due to Blount’s sore ego, and his stats did nosedive in 2017 (766yds 2 TDs). And now Blount has gone to Detroit for the SB payday he feels he deserves – and not to be that leading bellcow rusher but just share some backfield rotation duty, and the 32yr-old’s stats will continue to fall away.

  5. Doubters and critics will see a difference.

    Patricia is D minded… but he gets the whole package.

    Why do you think he went out and got Blount, when for years, Caldwell did little to nothing to improve the running game with same ole same ole?

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