Report: Some “star” players consider sitting out until Kaepernick, Reid have jobs

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As noted here last week, the adjustment to the national anthem policy should remove any impediment to the employment of quarterback Colin Kaepernick and safety Eric Reid, since neither will be able to kneel during the national anthem. Some players reportedly have come to the same conclusion.

Shaun King, an independent reporter who has had several anthem-related stories in recent months, contends that “[s]everal NFL stars have told me they are considering sitting out the season until the de facto ban of Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick is removed and both men are given spots back on rosters.”

King also claims that the unnamed “star” players hope to get 25 percent of all players to sit out with them.

If they’re truly considering staying away from training camp and/or the regular season, it will get very expensive. Teams can fine players up to $40,000 per day for skipping camp. In addition to any forfeited game checks, players will be susceptible to an attack on any unearned amounts of signing bonuses they previously have received.

And while teams often will look the other way when holdouts arising from contract disputes end, it’s safe to say that owners wouldn’t react well to walkouts based on the status of Kaepernick and Reid.

Besides, if players truly thinking about sitting out at great expense later, why not sit out at little or no expense now? The Organized Team Activities are voluntary, and more than a few players are skipping them for a variety of reasons. If “several NFL stars” are thinking about sending a message later, why not send a message immediately?

The fact that there’s been no chatter about players choosing not to show up on Tuesday for the next round of OTAs, either due to the new anthem rule or to the ongoing unemployment of Kaepernick and Reid, makes it hard to believe that any star players (or any non-star players) would give up money — and potentially give plenty of money back — all in the name of helping Kaepernick and Reid.

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  1. Had a feeling that, sooner or later, Trump’s cheap politicking on this issue would make an issue that probably would’ve faded away on its own become a major power struggle. I don’t think it’s going to end well for either party.

  2. The only players that could afford to sit out would have to be stars that have received really large paydays already. Any other players will be looking at tons of pressure from their families as they walk away from money they will need in 20 years. I can’t see this action being too successful.

  3. Guarantee it’s Bennett. He’s on his last leg and is positioning himself for something else. No other supposed “star”, maybe other than Jenkins, is dumb enough.

  4. Please do so and while doing it wonder why the NBA has a rule that all follow that every player must be on the sidelines and court standing for the National Anthem.

    If your issue is “police brutality” set up work-shops on how people should act when pulled over by the police (there is a right way and a wrong way) and make donations toward police training as a pilot project to see if alleged incidents go down in areas where your training/ideas are implemented.

    Those are real-world actions that can make a difference. At this point, kneeling is empty and useless virtue-signalling (which is maybe why they advocate for it).

  5. I Vote for any starting QB or WR in the NFC West not on the Seahawks sit out at least 8 games to make the point. That’ll show everybody!!

  6. That’s a double loss. They won’t get paid and they will be fined for not holding up theirvend if the contract. Losing money coming and going.

  7. man don’t no one want to hear that crap this year we want good non distracted football this year any one that want to sit out help your self quit if you like

  8. By all means do it. Better yet quit and sit around with them for support. Play the game that you are paid for. Protest on your days off.

  9. Like Mike Tyson said “everyone has a plan until your hit in the face.” Let the “stars” sit. The NFL should be able to hire any player they want without being extorted.

  10. Known race baiter Shaun King? Yeah, I’m going to trust THAT guy. Never in a million years.

  11. The only way the players can effectively win any
    concessions would possibly be through something like
    a “ wildcat “ strike. A wildcat strike is defined as a
    spontaneous action without notice to the employer.
    If the players stuck together and were willing to miss
    a few game checks it would be effective. I personally do
    not think it would work. The basic nature of an NFL
    is self-preservation. It is a me first league and one cannot
    blame the players.
    The one group where wildcats would work is in the college
    level. College players should unite and walk out on big
    games. College football players are getting ripped off

  12. Sure bro… we dare you. No? We didn’t think so. Shut Up And Play! Or don’t we don’t care WE are Not missing out on millions!

  13. Cool, let them sit out. It’ll open some chances for other more deserving and patriotic players who will better appreciate the opportunities this country offers.

  14. Oh yes, lets quote Shaun King, the idiot! The Guy who just ran with a story the other night sending out tweets and e-mails about how a Women in Dallas, who is American American, was raped by a Dallas Police officer after arresting Her for a DWI. He put out the officers name, address, Facebook account saying He did that. Only thing was the body camera that recorded the whole incident showed none of that happened. He still has not apologized to the officer and His family that He put in jeopardy. Lets not put anything by Him on here until it gets fact checked!

  15. Lol. You mean the same Shaun King who last week claimed that a woman was raped by a deputy only to look like a fool when the video came out? And the same Shaun King who just today retweeted a story from 2014 and said it was happening right now?

    Using King as a source is a joke. But call me when somebody actually gives up hundreds of thousands of dollars of pay because of Kaepernick or Reid.

  16. The NFL is going to self destruct. It’s like watching a car accident happen and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.

  17. They haven’t learned – it’s not wise to bite the hands that feed you.

  18. They’ll sit out of a sport and lose salary when they could just take the money from fines and kick it over to these guys because the problem they fail to realize is that these two players aren’t good enough at football to make a team when accompanied with the headaches that are attached to them.

  19. Fantastic! Anyone who wants to sit out should do so. Let those who want to play football, play and those who want to demonstrate, demonstrate. I predict those who demonstrate will see how quickly they’re forgotten about and will return to the field when that reality sets in.

  20. Let em’ sit out. They won’t last 2 weeks. By the way, you do know that Shaun King is very loose on the facts, especially regarding his own racial identity. He also tried to push a story by a woman was claimed she was exually assaulted by a TX State Trooper last week and it was fully debunked by the Trooper’s body camera. Shaun King is bad news.

  21. “[s]everal NFL stars have told me they are considering sitting out the season until the de facto ban of Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick is removed.

    There is a better chance the Easter Bunny is NFL MVP than this happens…
    What a joke !!!!

  22. Let then go and stick their heads in the sand and see who cares ! This has gone quite far enough and if players have such a grandiose view of themselves that the game and NFL cannot get along without them, then let them discover what a dose of ” reality check ” feels like. Arrogance and conceit starts to wear very thin, very soon and humility will go infinitely farther. Let us not forget that this is entertainment and one has many choices on how to spend their allotted portion for same.

  23. Yeah right… no one is going to sacrifice all that cash so that some 2nd string QB (with a lot of baggage) can get signed.

  24. I’m willing to bet my paycheck that not one single star player sits out due to Kaepernick or Reid not having roster spots… This may Be he most ludicrous report I’ve read yet…

  25. Do it, I dare you. Sit out a game and miss that game check and you’ll come crawling back. Reid wants too much money and Kaep sucks. End of story.

  26. All the players have gone on strike before (1987) and the owners held out for a strike shortened season…what was it.. no games week 3 and then scab players 4,5 and 6?

    Will enough players risk that salary without the cause being a new bargaining agreement?

  27. Let them sit out. Fine them 1 million per game. I’ll bet that stops very quickly.

  28. Won’t happen. If the players/union were going to take a stand, it would’ve happened already. They’re not about to lose money for a principle.

  29. Didn’t Shaun King just have to walk back accusations of police officers in Texas sexually assaulting a young black woman?

  30. Is this the same Shaun King that wrote a story about the Texas policeman that supposedly kidnapped and tried to get the black lady to adhere to sexual favors to get herself let go, is that the Shaun King we are talking about? When the police body cam came out it was proved that the officer was completely professional and did nothing wrong. Did Shaun King come out and apologize, well sort of he blamed the lady and stated that anyone who criticized him was racist. He practically ruined the troopers life, I think I won’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth…

  31. Well, we all know Shaun King is a reliable ‘source’ of information. You are quoting this guy? Really? Isn’t this the same Black Lives Matter guy that just got discredited for claiming a white cop raped a black women during a traffic stop, posted the officers name, then had the police department broadcast the entire unedited body am showing the entire claim was a lie? He shouldn’t be worrying about NFL anthem protests. He should be preparing a legal team. Hope he gets sued.

  32. oh dear Lord please let this happen…..I don’t ask for much…but this would be amazing to see happen bc I really believe these guys have been straight up blackballed by the owners….owners are dug in and showing who runs this league….please let these players finally see that they are not as important as they think…they are not bigger than the flag…as we celebrate memorial day…let them see what they knelt on and who they offended.

  33. Good. Do it.

    This whole farce is overtly based on propaganda and is at best vaguely racist. They are peacefully protesting a serous issue, and fans throw out their faux-patriotic outrage, but stay quiet and cheer on players like Tyreke Hill.

    Spare me. The players taking a peaceful stand are the true patriots.

  34. THe minute you said Shaun King I stopped reading. He did nice work when it came time to catch the alt right criminals in Charlottesville, but pretty much every other thing I’ve ever seen from him has been pure racism.

  35. I am sympathetic to the issue. It is a brutal fact that there will not be a resolution to “what might have been”. I am a fan of the Steelers. It is a team and an ownership that is generally seen as having a very non-racial culture, and with the “Rooney Rule” a reputation for investing to make things better racially across the league.

    But. Anyone who remembers the Michael Sam signing by the Rams should know that this ship has sailed. It is not possible anymore to be objective about the football of Kaepernick. The point of the league is to compete. It is impossible in life to separate politics from other things. And yet. You have to. To compete. It includes being objective about football. And it includes all those who are investing their lives in the pursuit of the Superbowl to believe that the decisions being made are objective about football.

    In recent weeks we have seen Cliff Avrill talk about Pete Carroll’s decision to pass in the Superbowl. We have seen Patriots talk about Bill Belicek’s decision to sit out Butler in the Superbowl. We have even seen Ben talk about using the Third Round on someone who will add value two three years down the road.

    How can any team that is asking it’s players for every last ounce, sign Colin. They can’t.

    Colin Kaepernik is paying for his protest with his career. Big price. I think if he appreciated that at the time, it would not have changed anything. You may or may not respect his protest. You have to respect the investment.

  36. Consider the source, TBH. No star player is going to do this, and certainly not 25% of the league. Shaun King isn’t exactly the most reliable source of unbiased information.

  37. It’s nice to see a media member basically call out another. Well done.

    Shaun King is probably saying this hoping that it will encourage one of the stars do it.

  38. Go for it. They would be giving up paychecks so I will certainly believe in their sincerity. Unfortunately for them though the owners can ride that out easily given how they are still making their money while the games still get played. Actually they will be making just as much but paying less as they save on the salaries of sitting players. And if its 25% of the players then the effect will be spread accross teams. For every owner whos team is doing a little or even a lot worse there will be another owner whos team is doing a better by the same margin so across all owners this wont shift any voting numbers. And then historically the players never have the ability to last without their paychecks. Plus any high priced vets that see a younger player filling their shoes for peanuts has to consider the loss of pay might stop being voluntary. And if they are doung this during camp they are just giving the teams extra time to groom their replacements before the season starts.

    So this is just empty noise my guess. The fact that the players making that threat are ‘unnamed’ is a hint there might not be as much courage going on as some might pretend.

  39. announce the names whats the big secret nobody really plays anymore anyways its flag football…when r they going to put in the we will not sue clause besided the 100 million dollar contracts like parasailing or bungee jumping nobody forces these college athletes to accept these rookie contracts and join the league

  40. I would like the protesting players to utilize their platform.
    The national anthem is a moment to reflect upon our country.
    The players probably do have the right to peacefully protest during it.
    But I would like the players to utilize their platform, instead.

    I am not asking for zero protesting. I am not telling them what to do.
    I am confident there are other approaches that would yield more positive results with less backlash, however.

  41. King also claims that the unnamed “star” players hope to get 25 percent of all players to sit out with them.

    Is King also selling ocean-front property in Siberia?


  43. Eric Reid said he understood what could happen and he didn’t care. Now that those millions of dollars are passing him by he cares? Money talks eh Eric. Don’t quit your day job.

  44. Please I hope they sit. There’s new stars right behind them. That’s what crack’s me up. Anyone player can quit sit out whatever. There is someone dying to take your place. The line is a mile long. It is a privilege to play professional sports.

  45. Go for it guys…join the pariah club! It ain’t free, so be prepared to pay the membership fees.

  46. Shaun king is race baiting liar. He dox’ed that cop who was completely innocent of rape and never even apologized after the “victim” lied. Also he’s a white dude who pretends to be black

  47. I have very serious doubts that Shaun King has ANY actual sources for players who plan to sit out. If 25% of the players sit out that is fine by me, the other 75% can play and a few extra rookies will make some squads.

  48. Have at it. You won’t be missed. Plenty of others would give anything to have the job that you feel is less important than protesting. Actually I would give you credit for putting your money where your mouths are….I just don’t think anyone is going to do it.

  49. Un-named players is like un-named sources in the media…yawn, good luck with that. Again protest all you want, just not on company time.

  50. Enjoy your unpaid vacation you MORANS. that’s the ticket hurt your team and your players , Your ego thinks your above the game that EMPLOYS you and your NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. I’m a bit confused about something.
    So players aren’t supposed to protest during the anthem?
    So when rams players came out of the tunnel with their hands up and worn I can’t breathe shirts why did it stir up so much trouble? They didn’t protest during the anthem.
    Oh it was cause it was on the owners time?
    So when the police threatened to no longer watch as security at games was this not also on their jobs time? And a police not doing their job is a matter of life or death. A football player not doing their job is a matter of entertainment.

    So football players can’t protest but trump on his tweeter supports the Chicago police department for protesting their mayor. Actually there was a blue Wednesday where the police, most likely on the clock, showed up to demonstrate.

    Now I’m a bit confused because it seems like the football players are protesting the police’s actions. And the police are protesting not being supported by their mayor or being vilified. Yet only one group is being banned from protesting. So what are the police protesting… Their right to shoot unarmed people (blacks at a higher number but this is a people issue because police have shot unarmed of all races… Not just blacks).
    Heck the Chicago police are upset that they have to file paperwork for every stop and frisk they do. They are literally protesting doing more work for their jobs… But anywho I’m just confused.

    Then the statement that blacks kill blacks so blacks must deal with that issue first before worrying about police’s killing blacks… Well if I chose not to argue that point… Could I not extrapolate it?
    Fans are disrespecting the anthems more than football players. The fans should work on getting their fellow fans to respect the anthem before they worry about the football players doing the same.
    I mean honestly 53 players per team, two teams a game, at most 16 games a week. Simple math shows that even if every player kneeled that’s still only 106*16 or 1696 individual protesting people a week. There’s more fans in a section disrespecting the flag and anthem than there players are all around the league.
    Im just confused.

    But what also confuses me is the voices of the veterans who agree with the kneeling. Who felt like they fought for the right to protest and thus their lives were used in vain if the rights to protest is taken away from any I individual. I’m confused because are they veterans deserving respect?

    It’s like a person who streaks across the field. The only people who see it are the people in the stadium cause the NFL just shows some random stretch of the field.
    Couldn’t the NFL allow players to protest and just show some fly over or a large image of the flag during this? Players get to protest, and fans at home don’t see it.

    And if the NFL is worried about people coming to the stadium cause of the protests okay I see that. Maybe people will stop coming. By I’m pretty sure ads, concession sales, parking sales, merchandise sales, and etc will squeeze every penny out of the fans who do watch

  52. Why isn’t anyone talking about how bad of a quarterback Kaep was in the first place? Didn’t they have to run a high school offense for him? It’s a lot easier to kneel down than it is make hot reads, isn’t it?

  53. Shaun King, who recently pushed an entirely false story alleging that a police officer raped an arrestee. Good source.

    When will this story die!?!?

  54. Lol so they want to use fascism to force nfl teams to do want they want lol. Please, nfl players go ahead and sit out. Funny how kings article doesnt mention names.

    Just last week king got busted promoting a 100% fake accusation that a cop raped a girl. Bodycam exposed him for the lie he pushed.

  55. You guys do realize that these kneelers are racists, right? I hope everyone who decides to sit out for these clowns is cut and never re-hired again by any NFL football team. Enough already with this garbage. Lets play the game on the field.

  56. Please do it. Please Please Please.
    Then I will have respect for said players.
    It will not happen though.

    By the by – what the hell are they “considering” – JUST DO IT.
    Idle threat if, in fact, any such players exist.
    Shaun King is a white race baiter – pure and simply.

  57. Gee, if the sit-outs include Michael Bennett, Marshawn Lynch, the Browns DB who tweeted a picture of a cop’s throat being slashed, and the Chiefs DB who stayed in the tunnel rather than observe an NFL moment of silence for the 59 slain and 600 wounded in Las Vegas, I might resume watching. And if the sit-outs became permanent, I might just re-institute the season tickets I canceled this year after 40+ years.

  58. I would love to know who would destroy their career and lose money for those 2.

  59. You mention “Shaun King”, like nobody knows who that is…and a bunch of self-centered American athletes sacrifice REAL MONEY for the “greater good”? I’m calling B.S.

    Unless these “star players” are the guys who are already holding out/staying home…i.e. Aaron Donald, Le’Veon Bell, Tom Brady…ahhhh, who am I kidding.

    This Dolezal-esque Shaun King BLM guy and aNY players hyping him up are totally delusional. Do it. Play hardball with the league.

    See how many of your brothers got your back or are more focused on “feeding their family” (ahem…personal interest/gain/greed), like Sprewell. They may even call it a “commitment to their team”. But we know, everybody is loyal to the money. Stop playin.

    As for what happens in court and with Trump’s U.S. Code violation, we’ll see. But I ain’t buyin’ this, at all.

    NFLPA and “stars”…please shock me. Show your power.

  60. I’m also not going to show up at work until the NFL employs at least 2 white cornerbacks.

  61. Good!!! I hope they sit out for the rest of their careers, just like I hope Kaepernick and Reid never play again!
    Tonight I watched two shows on PBS. The first one involved the placing of the remains of a crewman of the USS Arizona down with the ship. His name was Raymond Haerry and he was thrown overboard when the first bomb hit the Arionza on Dec 7, 1941. He managed to swim through the flames on the oily water and made it to shore. He had died in 2017 at age 94, and wished that his remains be placed with his former ship mates.
    The second show was the annual Memorial Day celebration from Washington, honoring our military service men and women from the past and present.
    I had tears in my eyes watching both of those shows and when I think of these dirt bag players disgracing our National Anthem and our flag in the name of their selfish, biased and misguided opinions, I get really angry.
    It’s Memorial Day weekend. We should honor our fine men and women who are serving or have served all of us so that we might enjoy the freedoms we have. It’s a disgrace to even mention Colin Kaepernick or Eric Reid, especially at this time.

  62. “[s]everal NFL stars have told me they are considering sitting out the season until the de facto ban of Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick is removed and both men are given spots back on rosters.” …….. then we just looked at each other and laughed and laughed …..

  63. The players should be careful.. 99% of the public make a fraction of their salary… And work for employers that do not allow protesting political causes on company time. The players are really demonstrating their disconnect with the Public. All the advertisers and fans buy tickets and pay money to be a part of the NFL. Anyone tha hijacks the nfls ability to deliver what the customers -advertisers want, has to go!

  64. NFL owners should vote on a rule that allows any team that cuts a player for skipping g a game in protest salary cap relief so the team can hire an immediate replacement. The team still follows the contractual obligation to the player, it just won’t count against the cap.

  65. “Stars” – knock yourselves out.

    It’s OUR money that counts here – we stop watching, we stop paying, we stop buying all the souvenirs, etc.

    So – knock yourselves out.

    As Mr. Rhodes so aptly put it – Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  66. Why is it these guys don’t protest anywhere else but their own NFL game on someone’s else’s time and dime while insulated from the general public? One would think if they really want to show how they feel, keeping your seat on the front row at an NBA game would be a great place to garner some attention…

  67. Just remember, a vast majority of these players have NEVER EVER had to get a “normal” job !!!

  68. Lately I have seen accusations of police harassment the like directly contradicted by video evidence from body cams. Now the ACLU wants body cams banned because of the evidence they show. And we are all supposed to believe there is some major injustice in this country? The whole BLM movement was started with a lie. Now it has snowballed into the NFL players trying to end the game they get paid millions to play? I fully believe King is a lying piece of garbage, so I find it hard to believe this nonsense.

  69. Please do. So I can justify dumping this sport once and for all.

  70. I will bet anybody a MILION DOLLARS NO STAR PLAYERS WILL NOT PLAY BECAUSE OF KAEPERNICK..Hate to break the news but not everyone cares about a backup QB…
    Not to mention no player is going to give up that pay check.
    It’s not happening…
    This Shaun King likes to make up lies

  71. Without names or pictures it’s all BS
    Nobody is going to forfeit their own salary over these two guys

  72. How ironic it would be if a starting QB or Safety sat out until either Kaepernick and/or Reid have been signed, only for their own team to sign one of them and they find themselves out of a job.

  73. So your telling me the unionize players that can’t even sit out for a full season to increase their benefits and pay is somehow gonna sit out out 2 games so 2 overrated players can get jobs? Yea right. If this idiot thing happens i can see players left and right taking out high interest loans like last time.

  74. I mean, most of these guys have zero life skills and if not for the NFL would have meaningless jobs. So, ya, sit down and give the next man up the chance to win your job.

  75. See AAF! Salt Lake, Phoenix are looking for players. If San Diego ends up with an AAF team, who wouldn’t want to play in America’s finest city?

  76. Owners are holding out until 2021. Then the players will hold out, then the owners will play with scabs. We will watch the scabs because we love football. The players will start to run out of money. Then the players will sign a deal with way more restrictions than they have now.

    Why? The owners are rich and have lots of fruitful investments. The players earn way less and buy way more. Owners will always get the better deal.

    Players still earn way too much to play a sport. In all sports. Then they cry when they go belly up. Finish school kids, play the game. Invest your money. Become the owner.

  77. Just don’t put the cameras on players during the anthem simular to not showing idiots who run on to the field.

  78. If they are under contract, they won’t get paid and could get fined to boot. They are lucky to make what they have and the average player has a short shelf life, so….

  79. Now there is an easier way to protest. Just stay in the locker room, especially if one is a star player. Those network cameras may not notice a special teams player missing but they will surely notice any starter missing during the anthem.

  80. Could it be that the teams don’t want Kaepernick because he simply sucks as an NFL QB and was pretty much
    a One year wonder?….

  81. Yeah, they can get jobs at McDonalds. Oh wait, they have a no protest rule during working hours there too.

  82. Organize your forces before you go on strike. If you get enough players to sit out that games would be missed, the NFL would have no choice but to give way to your demands. If you don’t get enough players, the NFL will probably crack down and exacerbate the problem, but you’ll be out of jobs with little gain. Alright, make it a big one!

  83. I so wish they would do this but they won’t be they are liars. The idiots who suggest they would do that do not deserve to live in America because they don’t understand how well they have it in this great country.

  84. Shaun King of false stories is the source of the story. I am highly skeptical. I would really like to know who would sit out at the cost of fines and missed paydays. Not to mention being on the list of the majority of fans. Could imagine what would happen when they came back? FCOL, I think the players that stay in the locker room for the anthem are going to get massacred when they come out every game. It is pretty tough to boo an entire time when only a few do it on the field. It is pretty easy to boo the chuckleheads that single themselves out. Completely sitting out of a game would be the kiss of death. You had better be Brady, Mack, Miller, Ryan, Dak or your career could follow the path of the guys you are supporting.

  85. The players should voice their concern for police brutality and protest by just not disrespecting the National Anthem; NFL Players should lock arms while standing to show respect for the National Anthem. Player representatives should lead and seek a compromise on this issue.

  86. Ok, I love watching the NFL. I will miss the hell out of it, BUT I will be able to live without it. Hey, these players will them be able to go our in the community and help solve the social issues they lost there jobs over! College football will become even more popular!

  87. This whole thing makes no sense to me. An employer has a right to not hire someone that will be detrimental to their organization. Period.

  88. Star player are going to sit out till Colin & Ried get jobs,
    Obviously these players don’t have to pass a test to
    Play in the NFL.

  89. Just because you got some money, doesn’t make you smart. Seahawks offered Kap a job, but he wants to be a celebrity? Dumber than dirt.

    Folks need to switch to College football. Much more interesting and unpredictable. Don’t have to listen to these prima donnas, who think the world revolves around them

  90. exinsidetrader says:
    May 27, 2018 at 8:35 pm

    If your issue is “police brutality” set up work-shops on how people should act when pulled over by the police (there is a right way and a wrong way) and make donations toward police training as a pilot project to see if alleged incidents go down in areas where your training/ideas are implemented.

    Thank you for bringing up the personal responsibility component to living in a free society. To often absent in these conversations. Life is not a one way street.

  91. My company has 10 season tickets, I think I will give them up after this year and buy a boat instead and name it Season Ticket.

  92. I have said this time and time again. If NFL players want to protest police brutality, it is OK with me. What is not OK is where they protest. They kneel on the grounds of their employers. Not OK. Let imagine that U work, for example, Apple, Johnson and Johnson, JPMorgan and U go outside their building and protest. What do U think will happen?
    Let these NFL players rent an arena and protest or go to a national park and put on a program of protest. I am all for ppl who want to express their view. But I am not for those NFL players who do it on their employers grounds and while our flag is being displayed.
    They say it is. It about the flag. Kapernick says it is about a country that oppresses. Well get your signs and go protest, but not on your employers grounds.
    So he and Eric Reid R out of football. Why? B C the American ppl do not like what they R doing in a football stadium. Fans and attendance along with sponsors will dictate to the owners what they should do. This is not going away.

  93. How great would that be. Perhaps they could apply for an EBT Card since they bring nothing to the table

  94. guessing these other “star” players are also still in search of a job. No one in their right mind would actually sit out. easy to say they are “considering” because it shows some sense of support for their friend but “considering” and “doing” are 2 totally different things.

  95. Stories like this are WHY Kaepernick and Reid are unemployed. It has nothing to do with their politics, it’s about the media clusterf that will follow them around for the rest of their lives. If you hire either one of these guys, you stop being the Cincinnati Bengals, or Mike McCarthy’s team, or Philip River’s team, and become Colin Kaepernick’s team or the Eric Reid franchise. An NFL team’s focus needs to be on winning football games and no owner, no coach, no player wants that kind of distraction affecting their team’s performance on the field.

    As long as the media keep obsessing about Kaep and Reid not playing football, Kaep and Redi will not be playing football. End of Story.

  96. Get the list of “star” players and ask them which two should be cut so that their jobs can be given to Kaep and Reid

  97. This is one of those comments by Shawn King that appears made up more of hope than fact. The idea that anywhere near 25% of players would even consider this is laughably silly.

    Look, in the NFL, much like in real life, it’s every man for himself. This anthem issue is just not important enough to these players to entice them to reject losing millions of dollars and years off their career.

    This whole concept (that King is pushing, along with others in the media) is that Kaepernick and Reid have a right to spot on an NFL roster. That assertion is false for the as it is for every other player in the NFL.

  98. When they decided to take a knee during the National Anthem they defeated their appeared they were disrespecting our flag,the military who fought for our liberty,and our country.Kaps protest had good meaning but he went about it all wrong,he should have found another way to protest.he knew the risks of his actions could cause him to seek work outside of football,and that is what happened.

  99. I HAVE A SOLOUTION! Charge each individual for advertising. They are using a place of business to express a point of view. others do the same . they are called advertisers. charge them the same $300,000.00 rate. FOR EACH PERSON THAT KNEELS. So the average National Anthem takes 2 minutes. So they would each owe $1,200,000.00 per game. Now that would be fair. The players would get a chance to voice their concerns about social injustice while paying fair market value to get their plight out into the public.

  100. I think Shaun King should quit his job in protest until Colin Krapernick not only gets a job but wins the Super Bowl too.

  101. No impediment to them being signed other than suing the league… Not too common people get hired in those circumstances

  102. It’s like Forrest Gump when he started running and people just followed him. Kaep started kneeling and when he stopped said, “I’m getting kinda fired. I think I’ll go home now.” Now everyone with him that doesn’t have a job said the same thing as the follower in the movie. “Now what are we gonna do?”

  103. No worries, they dont have the guts to do it or they all would’ve been kneeling with Kap from the beginning……………………………….

  104. I love Solidarity, especially in the unemployment line. It is time to cut the head off of this snake! The only thing these guys love more than activism is getting paid. Some might try it, and some might even get cut. I say GOOD! The message has been said, so what can regular Citizens do? Enough is enough!

  105. Theres less than 10 non-QB players who wouldnt be permanently hurting their career by doing this. I dont see it happening.

    This is basically attempting a strike not sanctioned by the union.

  106. Ya, that will work. GM’s are in charge of their rosters and it is dangerous for the players to start telling the GM’s who they “need” to sign. Most of these players have been coddled since college and don’t understand the basic premise behind, Actions have consequences.

    But if they truly want to sit out, I support their actions. Now let’s see them try to live on money earned outside the NFL. If they can do that, then they are truly men of principle. Ya, right.

  107. King? Ya, that guy regularly lies so I doubt he has “several NFL Stars” telling him anything. Besides no NFL Star is going to sit out of camp @ at an expense of $40,000 Dollars per day in fines ON TOP of losing out on Game Checks worth hundreds of thousands of dollars PER Game!!! Ya, that aint happening.

  108. Go ahead and sit out. The 25% of the roster that got cut in training camp will enjoy now having a job.
    And the fans will enjoy cheering for players who respect the flag and those who fought for it.

  109. The self importance of these players is actually funny. Go who cares be like any other work force where either you quit or let go and no one remembers your name three days later. These players have zero clue of reality and they produce zero but to give ones something to do on Sunday before a new work week.

  110. Yeah it makes perfect sense….forego a 6 figure game check to show support for Dumb and Dumber. Vegas has the over/under at 8.

  111. Sit out and see how you get on then. Too bad you are so dumb.
    I am sure the owners can’t wait for this to happen, what a bunch of losers.
    This has got very boring for the fans, and that’s why they don’t watch anymore.
    Stand up and shut up.

  112. All employment is voluntary — but you may want to talk with Kaepernick about the drastic drop in pay from a $100 million NFL contract to the salary of an “activist”.

    I’ll take a knee on that to honor your choice to go from a rich, spoiled guy who plays a game to a poor, spoiled protester. Ya gonna sell that Ferrari, now that you can’t afford the payments??

  113. It’s better they sit out than for them to “sit-in” during the anthem. Hope they sit out the whole season.

  114. Bring in the replacement players, and watch these weakling cave after a few weeks. Ask the 1987 players how sitting games out went.

  115. If the NFL allows ANY players, stars or not, to sit games out without severe consequences, then you will see attendance to games and tv ratings drop big time….

  116. Let them sit out. I would love to see how long they are willing to sit. I bet not long!!!

  117. The golden goose is dead.

    The NFL used to be entertaining.

    Racial politics is ruining any entertainment value that used to be there.

    I’ve decided to golf on Sundays from now on… that’s entertainment.🤗

    No more NFL football for me or my family and I’m not allowing my 2 boys to play high school football either.

  118. Playing in the NFL or any sports league is not a persons right. Go ahead, sit out the season, without pay, see how that works for ya. But get used to working at Taco Bell for the rest of your life.

  119. You got a couple “stars” who want to uselessly posture over a pair of fools currently suing the league not being employed by the league? By all means be my guest.

  120. NFL is on its way to ruin. Players and owners have lost touch with fanbase.

  121. Let them sit, bring in hungry players who play for the love of the game not the love of the attention.

    As far as Kaepernik what has he done useful to help with the issues he kneels to support?

    Any foundation set up? Any action besides suing the league that gave him the platform and cash?

    Unemployment was his choice, he chose to walk away from an option year.

    Has he followed Manziel’s lead and done things to show he is serious about playing football?
    or does he just want to be another victim?

    Because he has starter ability does not mean he has starter mentality. See Jeff George, Johnny Manziel, Paxton Lynch…

  122. Why do they always use the photo of Kaepernick kneeling? How about a picture of his pig socks?

  123. Why continue to blame the president, the owners, the nfl? You keep trying to vilify them all. It’s the fans that spoke and simply asked for the product they are paying for with their hard earned money to stop disrespecting fallen soldiers who protect this country.

    It is that simple.

  124. Isn’t this the same Shaun King that falsely reported the black woman who accused a cop of raping her during her DWI arrest only to be found out a complete lie when body cam footage was released?? Shaun King is a race baiting hack. Poor excuse for a journalist.

  125. You know what would be amazingly ironic? A number of players sit out, this includes a qb that commands a huge salary (pick one). The team goes to backfill those positions with people off the street and this includes Kaepernick who is coming in for second-third string money. Then Kaepernick plays lights out, every bit as good as the expensive qb that was sitting out waiting for Reid to get signed too. The team then decides to stick with Kaepernick and save all that money so they cut the expensive guy. Or this story could be told with Reid in the safety position replacing a big tocket player who had sat out.

  126. Well….let’s see them try. Going without a paycheck for a while may say otherwise. Most of these guys aren’t rocket scientists and only have a few years to may some money.

  127. Gotta wonder if these “Star Players” would do the same if it were Adam Thielen, or Aaron Rodgers, instead of Kaepernick, and Reid.

  128. Go ahead. Sit out if you want. Just don’t whine about it when some unknown player seizes the opportunity to take your job and succeeds.

  129. Yeah totally smart idea. Let’s set out and cry and screw ourselves out of millions until teams sign a guy who was the back up to Blaine bleeping Gabbert and the safety who has had several concussions and not the best safety avabile with arguably two better safeties who are arguably better then him. Smart ideas guys!”

  130. billswillneverwin says:
    These honkey owners must go, raise a fist!
    ignorant racist.

  131. Look–a whole page of faux-patriotism. You didn’t care when these players weren’t standing for the anthem before, but once Fox told you it was evil you all jump.

    I’d love to see your vitriol over Tyreke Hill playing after beating his pregnant girlfriend. Hmmmmmm yeah…that doesn’t seem to upset all you “patriots.” #SpareMe

  132. This al really about power more than just protest. Black players are really stating, were in power, we are the majority and no one can order us to do things not involved in actual game play. That’s why the b
    NFL answer to this wouldn’t go away, there trying to tell the players, you will not do this, were the owners.

  133. OK, ”stars.” Here’s a knife. Put it just below the ear and quickly drag it down the side of your neck. Do both sides, if you wish.

  134. When the Tennessee Titans let go the former Ohio State running back Eddie George and no team signed him why did not the same thing happen then? Why does one or two players that are not signed cause such a ruckus? Certainly, this happens every year with some body. When one player starts and another does not why does the same thing not happen? May be it will. Oakland’s QB got sacked for this very reason? He stood while others knelt. The end of the National Football league is coming, as sure as dog poop stinks.

  135. All i know is im falling out of love with the nfl. I used to be absolutely obsessed with the inner workings, transactions, etc of this game.

  136. {{{ Report: Some “star” players consider sitting out until Kaepernick, Reid have jobs }}}

    Good then that will open the door for some of the younger guys who what a job and are not worried about being seen as someone who has a cause to stand up for ~ I have watched a couple of players who have been interviewed on the subject and they didn’t even seem to know what they are talking about or what they are upset about and outside of cops~cops~cops ~ Maybe its just me ~ ????

    JMHO here and its worth what you pay for it ~ I never thought Kaepernick was special as a QB ~ As a runner yes ~ If he could have an OK game as a QB and a great day as a runner then he looks much better ~

    Reid, I don’t much about so I can’t or won’t speak about him as a player ~

  137. I wonder if Talcum X will be footing the bill when these so called players boycott will he pay for their wives bling, drug habits, strippers, child support and that mistress ?

  138. That’s okay there is a million other people that would take their place!

  139. This is scary. Remember when the league faltered after joe Montana, Barry Sanders and Manning retired?
    How will it ever survive if Malcolm Jenkins sits for s few games…

  140. I wish as part of the legalized gambling change, we could bet on the truth of what reporters report and their predictions of what will happen. You could make a fortune betting AGAINST the Media.

  141. Welcome to America. The only place on Earth where people check their food stamp balance on an $800 smart phone and complain about being “oppressed”.

  142. Stopped reading as soon as I read Shaun King. The race baiter is just promoting his brand. Still waiting for him to apologize to the cop in Texas, whose life he tried to ruin by stating lies about raping a woman as facts. Any thing the comes out of this guys mouth is a lie as far as I’m concerned until he corrects the previous lies and mistruths.

  143. Shaun King trying to drive some hits, with his usual unnamed sources.
    I wonder which Tier III players think they’re “stars” this time.

  144. Go ahead and sit, you will find out how quickly your talent can be replaced for less money. Then you can sit at home and cry about why you don’t have a job.

  145. This is one of the most idiotic stories and it just keeps getting worse.Yep lets set out and try and make our Employers hire someone they do not want.I hope every one of them that do sit (which I do not think any of the “stars” have the balls to do it)get there walking papers.

  146. I will give Florio credit in this regard, comments that disagree with his posts make it through “being moderated” far more often than when certain other writers post.

    If I have missed it, I apologize; but, I would love to see an honest Poll on PFT on the Kaepernick (kneeling/pig-socks/pro-Castro) issue. I would be that 75%+ of NFL FANS are fine with no team signing him and the game moving on.

  147. Not that I believe this for a second, but if it’s true, what do they think the owners will do, cave? All the owners have to do to stop this kind of thing is say that anyone who does this is fired. Then the fired players can join the collusion lawsuit when no other team will take them. That would be comical. Go ahead and do it, we’ll all be laughing hysterically.

  148. Bound to fail. No popular support. The country isn’t a collective of racists. Racism is a fringe ostracized attitude that has no mainstream institutional support. We elected an African American President. One of the most popular initiatives of the previous Democratic Presidents was adding MORE COPS through the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office)program. Most big city mayors who run big city police departments are minorities. According to research, out of 51 cities with populations of more than 250,000 only eleven could be described as conservative. These are nothing but agenda guys. Guys with a viewpoint who want it heard despite the facts.

  149. I am not comfortable watching U.S. sporting events when many of the players indicate they they do not like the U.S. or Caucasians.

    So the more of them who do not take the field the better as far as I am concerned.

    They can afford to leave and go where they would be happier and I think they should.

    I have no problem watching foreign teams play and their perspective on the U.S. is not important as I can just admire their athletic ability. But to play in the U.S. in a U.S. league there needs to be some respect for the U.S. and diversity and I don’t like traitors or bigots so let them sit.

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