Adrian Peterson keeps mentioning Houston as possible fit

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Adrian Peterson trains in Houston during the offseason, even opening a megagym in his adopted hometown a couple of years ago. So it’s no surprise the star running back would love to play his 12th season in Houston.

Peterson, 33, mentioned the Texans and four other teams as possible fits in a recent appearance on ESPN’s NFL Live.

“You know obviously I’ve mentioned Houston a couple of times,” Peterson said. “I feel like Green Bay wouldn’t be a bad look as well. Carolina. There’s some options out there. You know Miami. Down there in [Los Angeles]. That would be a nice look, too, with Todd Gurley. You see around the league they have a two-back system. Guys are not really not pounding the ball 20, 30 times a game, so I think that leaves the door open for a couple of opportunities for me.”

Peterson also recently said he would be open to a return to New Orleans.

Peterson has posted his workout videos, hoping teams take notice. In truth, Peterson likely would have interest in any team that shows interest in him.

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  1. Time to sign that one day deal up in Minny and call it a career AD. Hopefully you saved your money and have something else you want to do.

  2. For a guy who has made a fortune in this league, coming across as a has been just looking for a job seems sad.

  3. I hear Adrian is one of the “star players” who is planning to boycott the game until Kaep and Reid have jobs. Another one of these “star players” is Dez.

  4. He will get a call. Just not now. He better stay in shape and ready. He will be given a chance when injury creates a need and opening. What team remains unknown for now.

  5. Had he been self-aware and taken a pay cut and reduced role, he could have finished his career in Minnesota. I know its not a fairy tale ending but he could still be on a team and he’d have that “1 team for his whole career” thing which is pretty cool.

  6. 700levelvet says:
    May 28, 2018 at 3:56 pm
    For a guy who has made a fortune in this league, coming across as a has been just looking for a job seems sad.

    Not about the money, its about “legacy.” He is at 99 rushing TDs for his career.

    None of the teams he mentioned need him. Really think the Rams need AP mean mugging the coach because he thinks he deserves more carries than Todd Gurley?

  7. May 28, 2018 at 4:51 pm
    Aging abusers of anabolic steroids and peptide hormones should retire.
    CM3 is retiring!?

  8. Aye, stay fit and stay out of trouble for a few months and a banged-up team will call mid-season.

  9. His passion is there but that’s all that he has left unfortunately. Unless your Tom Brady then age does matter. RBs takes way to much of a beaten to keep playing past 30. Hence the idiot in Pittsburgh is fighting a losing battle.

  10. No Minnesota on the list? Seriously, he isn’t a change of pace back or third down specialist. And at his age not too many teams would be interested in him even if they had a need for a feature back. Too bad he had so many issues. Minnesota was content using him to fuel the whole offense and he could have owned most of the record book but trouble off the field and games his agent played trying to get more money out of him than anyone ever needed scuttled that. Good luck AP, even if you latch on this year, it is probably the last go round.

  11. 3.4 yards per carry last 2 years.

    Even if you think you would get a call if there’s an injury, he wouldn’t.

    Maybe he could go spend some time with the mom of his two-year-old son who died in 2013 in South Dakota.

  12. 700levelvet says:

    For a guy who has made a fortune in this league, coming across as a has been just looking for a job seems sad.

    He’s paying a fortune for all the fatherless kids he has spread around the country. I know in 2015 he had his 8th. No telling how many he has now.

  13. He’s unlikely to sign with the Packers due: 1) He’s washed up. 2) Packers won’t pay the league minimum contract for what might be a 2nd string at best RB. 3) Packers never put much thought or $$ into the RB group in general.

  14. He’ll mention every team as long as you keep writing these articles. Clearly he’s desperate and needs money.

  15. Michael E says:
    May 28, 2018 at 6:48 pm
    700levelvet says:

    For a guy who has made a fortune in this league, coming across as a has been just looking for a job seems sad.

    He’s paying a fortune for all the fatherless kids he has spread around the country. I know in 2015 he had his 8th. No telling how many he has now.


    That’s a stereotype. There could be other reasons why people are desperate for money.

  16. Carolina fan here
    We got a guy CJ Anderson who rushed for 1000yds last year not 3 years ago. And a second year RB with 1000+ total yds and 80 recepetions last year. And if we need a first down or a goal line carry for 2 yds check out Cam’s stats in those situations.

  17. He might have fit in Carolina before the Anderson signing, or in NYG before the draft. After free agency, the only teams with a fit would be GB, Houston, Indy, Tampa, or NO for about four games.

    Of all these teams, it’s unlikely he gets signed. Just because there’s a possible schematic fit does not mean there’s a likely chance of it happening. A.P. had a few good games last season, but also a few bad ones, and his chances are hurt by bad O-line in ARZ, bad scheme in NO, and him showing his lack of explosiveness running the ball he used to have. These teams will not likely sign him.

    GB, for instance, does not tend to delve into free agency and they already signed two top tight ends, and also tend not to spend at the HB position. Indy, like GB, has a young backs that they drafted to take Peterson’s position and just severed ties with an older formerly legendary bellcow in Frank Gore. NO would only need him for four games and had a previous experience with him. Houston has Foreman who showed some promise before his injury. Tampa might be off the top of my head the most likely fit, but I’m not of the opinion Peterson will be signed by them either.

  18. Can’t catch, can’t block. Can’t play a full season without injury. Total Shaun Alexander type collapse to a once dominate player. You can’t be a 3rd down back when you miss blitzes that kill your QB and if they do a dump off you either drop it or stumble and juggle it. Never in stride. Green Bay knows this and will not sign him. He can’t go to NFL network or ESPN because he’s incoherent. Can’t be a Viking because he bad mouthed a team that paid him 17 mil to sit on his rear a whole season and then paid him 17 mil again when he sat out nearly a whole season with a miniscus tear that if he just snipped it he’d have been out for only a couple weeks. How does he repay them by talking smack about the Vikings to every newslet. Clown. He’ll be broke in 2 years.

  19. This is getting a little sad… he was great. Hopefully he can move on with some happiness and satisfaction and be at peace with his career. If the phone rings at some point good for him but these match making pleas just need to stop already.

  20. I promise you this guy is already broke!

    He won’t play this year unless there are injuries. He wants to be the focal point of the offense. It’s not happening. It took him all of one entire game with the saints to chirp at the coach because he didn’t like his role.

  21. I hope he signs in Green Bay for no other reason than to see the PFT comment section servers overheat.

  22. The obvious fit is a place with a mobile QB and uncertainty in the backfield. I don’t necessarily want him on the Seahawks, but from his perspective, he’d have the best opportunity to succeed where he’s the #2 running threat on the field on any given play, and a veteran presence in an otherwise young RB group. Not to mention, Seattle runs the ball a lot and sees a lot of guys get injured over a season.

    Again, I don’t really want him in Seattle, I just think he should be loooking for that kind of opportunity.

  23. jimmylikesthat says:
    May 28, 2018 at 6:41 pm
    Don’t go to New England. Just in, winning is not fun

    As things stand already the Patriots are looking at having to cut some RBs so not likely.

  24. Peterson is delusional. Texans don’t want or need him. Forman is the future of the running game in Houston.

    Peterson needs to go to Indy; that’s where he might possibly have a shot. But if I were him, I’d worry about that mistress who’s suing him and the fixing his home life because he’s wrecked it with all these mistresses.

  25. The problem is in order to be effective AP has to get the ball 20 to 30 times. It won’t work in Carolina (Mccaffrey), Los Angeles(Gurley), GB or Houston might be his only options. With league looking at younger backs as being faster, cheaper, and less risk there might not be a spot.

  26. His passion is there but that’s all that he has left unfortunately. Unless your Tom Brady then age does matter. RBs takes way to much of a beaten to keep playing past 30. Hence the idiot in Pittsburgh is fighting a losing battle.
    I actually think this is *why* Le’Veon Bell should fight for that contract now. He’s 26 and this will be his last big one, one that he may or may not end up playing out. Regardless he’ll be 30 in 4 years and while some positions can continue to play well 30+, running back historically hasn’t been one of them.

  27. He kept mentioning Dallas the last time he was a free agent, and that didn’t exactly happen. His best bet is to wait and hope that a starter goes down with injury. Peterson is known to keep himself in peak physical shape, so he’d probably be able to hit the floor running with whichever team he eventually signs for.

    As a wildcard, if Dalvin Cook isn’t ready to go in Minnesota, I could see Peterson going back to the Vikings. Now that they have an established veteran starter at QB and not a developing younger guy, Peterson would now be a much better fit than he was a couple of years ago. Though I’m not saying Cousins is anything near to being Favre, both he and Peterson could actually coexist in the same offense.

  28. Peterson was no longer a good fit in the Vikings offense when they let him go and I doubt he would be a good fit under the new offensive coordinator. Regardless of who is right or wrong, it’s obvious there are bad feelings on both sides. So if the guy can’t or doesn’t want to play here, I have no idea why Vikings fans would begrudge him for mentioning Green Bay as a possible destination. It’s a business and he still wants to play. Furthermore, it’s not like we haven’t embraced a bunch of former Packers over the years. I wished him well when he left, and I’d wish him well if he went to Green Bay (even though I’d obviously hope he’d be shut down in the two games each year).

  29. Green Bay? I’m surprised he even threw that out there. It seems like wishful thinking, and I wouldn’t rule it out for league minimum. The problem is…….he can’t block. He never had to block in Minnesota, because he was the feature.

    Maybe a return to Minnesota would be a good move. He fits in very well with the fanbase. Did you see the fight he tried to pick with his coach? Peas in a pod.

  30. Just sign the 1 day deal to retire in MN and go home to your family in Texas. You got that gym which seems to be doing well, you could look to growing that business

  31. Manzel needs someone to hand the ball off to, give the CFL some love, because the NFL has passed you up AP.

    You were a beast, and you had an unreal ability to play through injuries… but father time remains undefeated. I hated you, but GD it I respected you. Don’t lose that respect by not seeing the writing on the wall… nobody wants to see you exit this game in a wheelchair.

  32. I remember when the great Willie Mays was stumbling around in the Mets outfield, not knowing that he should have stopped playing a long time ago. The best thing that could happen to Adrian is to not get signed and preserve his legacy.

  33. I’m not sure why anyone would even bring up Minnesota. Why? Because he played most of his career there? As soon as he left it was easy to see what a handcuff he was to our offense, between the negative runs, no catching ability, and no pass blocking ability. The Vikings want a guy that can catch the ball and pass block. We saw that last year with McKinnon. If we need that north and south guy, we still have Murray, who actually took less money to stay with the Vikings. Even if Cook weren’t ready, we have no need for him.

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