Quinten Rollins in for a battle to make Packers’ roster at cornerback

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Packers cornerback Quinten Rollins, who tore his right Achilles in an October game against the Vikings, is back practicing on a limited basis.

It feels good,” Rollins said, via Michael Cohen of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I didn’t have no setbacks since I started rehabbing. I’m day by day still with it, and every day is different. I’m just trying to take it one day at a time.”

Rollins, 25, faces a tough battle to make the roster. The Packers drafted cornerbacks with their first two choices, taking Louisville’s Jaire Alexander in the first round and Iowa’s Josh Jackson in the second after trading Damarious Randall to the Browns earlier this year.

“That’s just the nature of the business,” Rollins said. “It’s part of football. You’re always trying to find the next person up. I understand the business. You can’t get your feelings tied up in that.”

Alexander, Jackson and Kevin King, a second-round pick in 2017, are locks to make the roster. The Packers brought in veteran Tramon Williams and re-signed Davon House. Lenzy Pipkins, Josh Hawkins, Demetri Goodson, Donatello Brown and Herb Waters also are competing for jobs.

Cohen asked Rollins about the prospect of moving to safety, but Rollins rejected the idea. New General Manager Brian Gutekunst also has faith in Rollins’ ability to play cornerback, if Rollins can stay healthy.

Rollins has never played a full 16-game schedule, seeing action in 33 games in his first three seasons.

“It was unfortunate the injury he had, and you’re always waiting to see guys come back and where they’re at from those kinds of injuries,” Gutekunst said. “He’s another guy that needs to play. Obviously playing one season of college football he had some really good moments early before he got hurt the last couple years, but he needs to play. He needs experience. He needs to grow. We’re looking forward to getting him back.”

23 responses to “Quinten Rollins in for a battle to make Packers’ roster at cornerback

  1. Rollins has been hurt a lot in 3 years but he’s also shown playmaking ability…rather have Rollins on the squad than House. Josh Hawkins is the one to watch tho, I see him earning a consistent role

  2. With King, Jackson, Alexander and Williams all locks, that leaves Rollins, Goodson, Hawkins, Pipkins, Brown, Waters and House all fighting for maybe one, most likely two spots. I think he is gonna need an injury or two to make the team, I think brown and waters are the only two I think you could for sure say he is better than…

  3. No way is Williams a lock to make the roster. If any of the younger guys shows enough, he’ll be cut late in training camp.

    Green Bay isn’t going to go with a 35 yr old on the downside over a 23yr old with upside.

  4. “I didn’t have no setbacks since I started rehabbing.
    So he is saying there has been setbacks.

    The 3 locks mentioned in this article are all unproven and will have a learning curve. 2 of them are slight and will have trouble holding up for a whole season. He will make the team as there is just no much talent with the rest.

  5. The Packers will keep 6 CB’s


    1)Kevin King

    2)Tramon Williams

    3)Jaire Alexander

    4)Josh Jackson

    Probable to make the 53:

    5)Demetri Goodson

    6)Davon House

    The rest:

    Quinten Rollins- Like it says above he has a shot but the competition here is stiff and highly talented. He plays a step slow for my liking. I will not lose sleep losing Rollins.

    Lenzy Pipkins

    Josh Hawkins- Has a chance to take Davon’s roster spot. I hope he has great camp. They re-signed Davon for his experience, but Josh has played a little and flashes at times.

    Donatello Brown

    Herb Waters- I like him. Try to keep on practice squad.

  6. I tore my Achilles 5 years ago next month. The surgeon said I would never be quite the same and she was correct. Today I never know it happened, except when I go to push off with my left leg. Bottom line: it sucks.

  7. Rollins is gone. He’s too small, even when he does everything right guys still seem to catch balls against him. Torn Achilles for quick-twitch dependent guys like Rollins mmeans death.

  8. Fellow packer fans with opinions: My belief is Tramon Williams is a roster lock, barring injury. Like wise House. King, Jackson, and Alexander, too.

    Of the rest Pipkins is the only one I saw flash. Hawkins athletic but too raw for my tastes. Previous regime liked Goodson but I don’t see it, and bodies for camp.

  9. King, Jackson, Alexander are a good foundation, just don’t burn em out and start em too early like they did Randall, etc…

    Thats why we love football though, draft smart and you can turn the 32nd ranked secondary into a top ten secondary in under 3 years with the right coaching.

  10. stankytoes12 that’s not even close to an accurate description. Green Bay usually has kept 7 corners on the opening day roster so saying King, Jackson, Alexander and Williams are locks is accurate the others will be fighting for at the very least 2 spots but probably 3. This article is also way off base as there’s almost no doubt he makes the roster.

  11. He is considered a mistake made by another GM that would cost little to nothing if cut so his roster spot is very tentative. It would be great if he can beat out House or Tramon and give the Packers a younger option but if he doesn’t prove it in the limited time he has in camp than he could be sent packing.

  12. Tough road for him. Three high draft choices and two capable vets who don’t hve his injury history. Plus Pipkins flashed ability last year. Odds are against him imo.

  13. “slaythegumptrump says:
    May 29, 2018 at 1:34 am
    Packers haven’t had a dback since Leroy Butler. Washout University.”

    LOL. Charles Woodson says hello.

  14. Packers haven’t had a dback since Leroy Butler. Washout University.

    Darren Sharper – 2000, 2002 All-Pro, 2000 INT leader, 2000’s NFL All-Decade team
    Al Harris – All-Pro 2007
    Nick Collins – 3x All-Pro, INT leader 2008
    Charles Woodson – 4x All-Pro, 2009 DPOY, 2x INT leader, 2000’s NFL All-Decade team

    Mike McKenzie, Tramon Williams and Sam Shields weren’t superstars, but they would start for most teams in the NFL throughout their careers.

    Frankly, this has been one of the Packers strongest position groups since their rebirth.

    .. plenty of washouts the last couple years though, for sure.

  15. So they drafted two corners in the first two rounds three years ago and now they did the same thing this year. I think a lot of us thought those two guys weren’t going to be anything special but they’ve been worse than that. Alexander and Jackson look good, although it will probably take some time to get them where they need to be.

  16. Packers haven’t had a dback since Leroy Butler.

    What? Sam shields, Al Harris, Mike Mckenzie, Charles Woodson, Nick Collins. Just to name a few.

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