Russell Wilson: “Definitely more on table” offensively with Brian Schottenheimer


The Seahawks have a new offensive coordinator for the first time since the 2011 season as they hired Brian Schottenheimer to take over for Darrell Bevell after Bevell’s long run on Pete Carroll’s staff.

The change isn’t a major one for players knew to the organization, but veterans like quarterback Russell Wilson and wide receiver Doug Baldwin will have some adjustments to make. Baldwin said “you can be fearful of it or you can be excited about it” last week and that he’s chosen the excited path because of the chance to put “something together special again.”

Wilson calls Schottenheimer, who was a coordinator for the Jets and Rams before spending the last two years as a quarterbacks coach with the Colts, “a great teacher” and shares Baldwin’s feelings about what the coach’s lessons can mean for the unit.

“It’s definitely some added stuff for sure, there’s definitely more on the plate,” Wilson said, via the team’s website. “We’ve always had a lot of information, but it’s even more. But that’s OK. I’m ready for more and more and just continue to see how far we can take it. I think we’re going to have a great offense, I really do.”

The Seahawks made another big change to their offensive staff when they hired Mike Solari as the new offensive line coach after disappointing work from the unit under Tom Cable. If Solari can get better results, it would do a lot to help Schottenheimer look good in his first year on the new job.

11 responses to “Russell Wilson: “Definitely more on table” offensively with Brian Schottenheimer

  1. This isn’t just Wilson being Wilson, toeing the company line. And Baldwin, who likes microphones more tha Hefner likes blondes.

  2. OC Darrell Bevell didn’t have a creative thought in his head. Hopefully this “new” offense can create more points on the board.

  3. Wilson is one of the league’s best players. Sadly, I can’t say that about too many of his teammates. The Rams are the team to beat in the NFC Weat and I expect the 49ers to be competitive as well.

  4. The playbook really isn’t important in Seattle, because most of their best offensive plays come from broken plays where Wilson scrambles around and then makes something happen from nothing. And the reason they’ve needed that has been because of how poor their o-line has been in recent years. If they get the o-line fixed then maybe comparing this playbook to that playbook will matter, but without that the success of the offense will be about what Wilson does when things break down, and how he can make something from nothing, and at that point the play that was originally called doesn’t matter.

  5. Wilson was arguably the best quarterback in the league in the first half of 2017 but the 12th best quarterback at best for the entire 2017 season. Seattle ranked 12th overall in passing yards for the 2017 season. Tom Brady, Carson Wentz, Jeff Goff, Big Ben, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers were definitely better than Wilson. Heck, Nick Foles was better because he won something Wilson will probably never win in his career, i.e. Super Bowl MVP.

  6. kamthechancellor says:
    May 28, 2018 at 4:55 pm
    Best quarterback in the NFL. A bit of a strange bird off the field, but I wouldn’t want anyone else.



  7. I don’t think anyone can judge Schottenheimer based on his previous quarterbacks. He’s never had a qb of Wilson’s caliber. He loves to run play action off the running game which, if you’ve watched any Seattle games, Wilson is absolutely lethal at. He’s a good match for Russell. This team is going to surprise the tree toppers around the league who only care if they drafted a lineman with their first pick or spent the most in free agency on one.

  8. Hawks offense has it’s problems – but one of them was it’s predictability – new blood was needed. Open to seeing what Schottenheimer can do.

    Still could use another WR . . .

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