Doug Martin impressing Raiders with “fresh legs” and quick burst


Doug Martin has “a fresh set of legs,” according to offensive coordinator Greg Olson, as the 29-year-old running back has shown his quick burst of old during the Raiders’ organized team activities. It sets up a running back competition at training camp between Martin and Marshawn Lynch.

Martin, who has two 1,400-yard rushing seasons and four others with 400 yards, signed with the Raiders in March soon after the Buccaneers released him. He spent six seasons in Tampa Bay but had a career-low 406 yards last season and averaged only 2.9 yards per carry the past two years.

He also served a four-game suspension while with Tampa Bay.

“I got in my own way,” Martin said, via Scott Bair of NBC Sports Bay Area.

Martin, though, gets a new start with a new team in a new city and a new coaching staff.

“I feel like a rookie again,” said Martin, who was born in Oakland and grew up in nearby Stockton.

Lynch, 32, had 891 yards and averaged 4.3 yards per carry last season as he unretired after sitting out the 2016 season.

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  1. As a Bucs season ticket holder who goes to most training camp practices , I thought the same thing last pre season . But, when it came time to perform , he just didn’t appear to have it . I wish him the best of luck back home in Oakland , but as a running back who is pushing 30 and had a drug issue in the past, I’m not expecting him to be great .

  2. I would like to see him perform like he did a couple of years ago as #1 for the Bucs.
    He was really good, but injuries, bad societal judgments hurt him.
    Good luck. I hope he makes it.

  3. Last month’s 2018 draft was very deep in talented RBs and the Raiders could’ve easily picked one up in the 4th or 5th round. I have mixed reviews on McKenzie but I believe that if he had retained any semblance of influence over the draft that the Raiders would have done this. But this draft was controlled by Son-of-Al & Gruden. Doug Martin is a relatively decent RB but isn’t nearly as good as a drafted RB would’ve been.

    Marsshawn Lynch is a documented cancer who no other team wanted (for that matter, no other team wanted to hire Gruden either) and along with the change in OC from Musgrave to Downing Lynch was the primary culprit for the Raiders going from 12-4 in 2016 to 6-10 last year. But just as Al Davis had to have his “scholarship players”, Son-of-Al has to have his publicity stunts so the Raiders will again carry a liability like Lynch which will again have a large negative impact on the W/L record.

  4. A Lynch/Martin competition should be very competitive. Lynch will likely retire before being relegated to backup duty, so If Gruden wants to keep Lynch motivated his best bet is to call Marshawn the starter and roll with a 1-2 punch. Both runners are power backs, so the defense should be pretty wore down by the end of the third quarter, giving the Raiders an edge in the 4th. Could you imagine a backfield with those two in their prime? Scary.

  5. i think lynch will get more than 6 carries in preseason. last years team so unprepared for start of season

  6. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    May 29, 2018 at 5:31 pm
    Doug looks great NOW at the end of May….lets re-vist this mid-October. I strongly think the Raiders will have another starting RB by then.


    They better. Best case right now is 3rd in the division.

  7. “Doug Martin impressing Raiders with “fresh legs” and quick burst”

    –Funny how those fresh legs and that quick burst tend to show up when it’s not guaranteed you’ll get paid.

  8. Let’s be honest here. The buccs couldn’t run blocking has been a joke. Martin repeatedly got hit in the backfield. Either way, we are loaded at RB. Let the best man win (the #2RB spot of course)

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