Shea McClellin prepared to move on with life after NFL

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Shea McClellin has suffered five documented concussions, and he’s at peace with the fact he might never play again.

But such is the lure of the NFL that he won’t completely close the door.

McClellin told Mike Reiss of that he’s content with coaching high school football in Idaho, but is still willing to listen to offers.

“I’m still staying ready, still working out,” he said. “I’ve learned to never say never, there’s always a chance that I could still play again, but for now all my focus is on coaching high school.”

McClellin, 28, spent last year on injured reserve. He attempted to come back during a two-week window of practice, but said the lingering effects of the concussion returned.

“It’s difficult whenever you get an injury that holds you out, when you kind of feel like you’re good and then find out you’re not. It’s always tough,” he said. “I think it was just over time, it wasn’t just one thing. I’ve had five documented concussions, and probably more than that which aren’t documented. It was just residual effects that I couldn’t overcome, which is unfortunate. But sometimes that’s the way it plays out and you just have to deal with it. . . .

“I was feeling good, but unfortunately had more residual effects from concussions. It’s something they can’t clear you for. That’s the way it is nowadays, they’re tough on concussion things. It’s difficult, but I got through it. One thing I’d say, they handled it like they should have. I’m not upset with them, they’re not upset with me, it’s just the way it is. They handled it perfectly.”

The former Bears first-rounder spent his last two seasons with the Patriots, helping them to a Super Bowl win two years ago. The Patriots released him in March with a year left on his contract.

9 responses to “Shea McClellin prepared to move on with life after NFL

  1. Another small, yet key figure in the 2016 title team that was missing last year with Alan Branch and Hightower in particular being the other key figures.

    His athelticism and speed was huge. I really like what Marquis Flowers did in his place, though.

    Overall, McCellellin was drafted way too high by the Bears and was out of position his entire career until BB signed him in early 2016.

    Congrats on the ring and enjoy retirement.

  2. Dude, a whole year off practice and the effects of multiple concussions come right back, yet you are still hoping you might one day play again? Just enjoy coaching and wearing that SB ring!

  3. too bad, a guy who was a good fit for belichick teams. he always seems to find them relatively cheap by accepting that he will have to cut his losses on at least 50% of what he gets off the scrap heap.

  4. Well I’m sure someone will say he was glad to retire and get away from that horrible, unhappy place that is New England…

  5. Nice to see he got a sb ring

    He has paid the price to be rewarded and hopefully can be healthy here on out.

  6. trollaikman8 says:
    May 30, 2018 at 11:56 pm
    Only 28 yrs old?
    This guy could make most 53 man rosters.
    You obviously never saw Mr McClennin play in Chicago.

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