Anthony Barr back at Vikings OTAs, after insurance delay

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Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr missed some time in the first week of OTAs, at a time when he’s also looking for a new contract.

He said Wednesday he was merely getting insurance, though in a manner of speaking that’s kind of the same thing.

I had to protect myself and get an injury insurance policy,” Barr said, via Courtney Cronin of “It took like a week to get situated, so I got that, and now I’m good to go.”

Barr’s entering the final year of his contract, and there have been talks about a new deal. He offered few details, but his presence suggests things aren’t contentious.

“My agent’s doing a great job,” Barr said. “They’re having conversations. I don’t know too many details on that. My focus is here with the team and getting ready.”

He’s set to earn $12.3 million this year, and if he was injured during team workouts he’d get that anyway, but he apparently wanted coverage for potential future earnings beyond that amount until a new deal is done.

21 responses to “Anthony Barr back at Vikings OTAs, after insurance delay

  1. Smart move by Barr. Anything can happen on a football field, whether contact or not. Here’s to hoping we can lock him in long term, as well as Hunter and Diggs! SKOL

  2. He wants to stay with the Vikings, otherwise he would play for the $12M this year and become a free agent. I hope they’re able to work something out that keeps him here but doesn’t make it impossible to keep one of the other young studs.

  3. I think hunter and diggs are the ones you keep first. Hunter will eventually replace grif and diggs is a beast. Barrs production can be replaced and I always thought he was a better 3-4 pass rusher anyways.

  4. So he had the whole off season to get an insurance policy but waited until the start of OTA’s ?
    I get waiting to see if he gets a new contract or extension but it seems to me that is just a subtle jab at the Vikings but also a smart move on his part on many levels

  5. vikings28 says:
    May 30, 2018 at 4:47 pm
    He’s a stud. Hope we keep him!
    If that’s what he thinks, you’ve got a problem.

  6. Many fans including me look at the stats and see a drop-off in Barr’s production. He isn’t filling up the stat sheet like he did early in his career. But if you listen to Zimmer, he raves about Barr and his ability. No doubt Barr does things that don’t show on the stat sheet. He’s is excellent in coverage, can rush the passer as well as top tier’d DE’s and has the speed to cover sideline to sideline against anyone in the league. Take him out of Zimmer’s defense and I think they would take a major step back. Dudes only 26, he’s got 6 more great years. Pay the man.

  7. The Priorities:
    Waynes (depending on how well Hughes, Hill and Alexander develop this year)

    We’ve got the best cap man in the NFL, maybe they’ll find a way to keep them all, but thinking one of the four will be gone next year….

  8. If you put on the film from 2016 you will see how he completely disappeared that year and only after harsh criticism that off season did he show back up in 2017. I think he should show more consistency first….He might be another Kahlil who disappeared after his new contract…..

  9. As a Viking fan this guy is way overrated. He does not make any big plays for the team as he did his first year. For 12 million a year you can do a lot better than Barr. If I were the Vikings I’d let him walk and sign another less expensive LB or draft one. Get Diggs, Hunter, Richardson (if he has a good year) and Waynes all signed before this guy.

  10. Buying an insurance policy is a smart move, and waiting till OTAs to pay the premium till he was certain an extension wasn’t completed is smarter.

    His numbers may not be sexy, but before making the over-rated cracks hopefully folks look closely at his function. The Vikes aren’t a 3-4 D and the D blitz packages use the whole team, so his sack numbers are going to be limited. Zim’s D requires run-first responsibility with Barr taking on blockers. With Kendricks strong in pass coverage and a good secondary, he plays the short mid-range game and cut down on missed tackles this year. He’s not an All-Pro, but he does his job and would be missed. He’s worth what Kendrick’s got.

  11. Diva with a tude realized the hold out route wasn’t going to work for him. Hard to pay him and the other two guys coming up on free agency after over-paying Cousins.

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