Damarious Randall has the most retweeted tweet of any NFL player, ever

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Browns safety Damarious Randall has just set an NFL record.

Randall now has the most retweeted tweet of any NFL player, ever, as his tweet saying that if the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA Finals he’ll buy a jersey for anyone who retweets him has now been retweeted 643,000 times.

The previous record for the most-retweeted tweet (yes, people keep track of that) by an NFL player belonged to Lions punter Sam Martin, who said he would donate six pounds of dog food to Hurricane Harvey victims for every retweet he got. That tweet was retweeted 621,000 times, which would have meant Martin was on the hook for more than 3.6 million pounds of dog food, but Martin added in a video with the tweet that there was a cap of $10,000 on how much he would donate.

Randall said nothing about any cap on his jersey purchases. However, he’s obviously not actually going to buy a jersey for 643,000 people and counting. He’s probably going to root for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, but if the Cavaliers do win, he’ll need to use his newfound social media fame to find a clever way to get out of his guarantee.

44 responses to “Damarious Randall has the most retweeted tweet of any NFL player, ever

  1. I know LeBron is gonna get Whacked by the Warriors, but in the back of my mind I hope this guy Loses Millions

  2. It’s a gratuitous promise not supported by consideration — not enforceable.

    (Florio could have told you that.)

  3. That picture is a perfect representation of his play. Flailing about while he gets absolutely torched for a touchdown. Then arms up in the air looking around for someone to blame it on. I’m so glad he’s gone.

  4. buckstalion12965 says:
    May 30, 2018 at 5:14 am
    I smell a class-action lawsuit by about 1 million people who’ll end up retweeting that.

    Don’t the Cavs actually have to win (no chance) for that to even be valid?

    LOL I love how he gamed so many people.

  5. He’s got this. He buys “A jersey” for anyone who retweets him. The 643000 people will have to figure out a fair way to share the jersey.

  6. @tylawpick6 You need to look up the word selfish. Giving people gifts is the opposite of selfish.

  7. I smell a class-action lawsuit by about 1 million people who’ll end up retweeting that.

    In that case, like usual, the lawyers will be the only winners

  8. I didn’t even care who won the Finals because I’m pretty sure the Cavs are severely overmatched, but I instantly became a fan when this idiot started this just because I love to see dummies lose bets like this. Yes, honor this bet and pay your entire life’s earnings to make a point, lol.

  9. When I read the original piece on this, I took it as Randall saying “If the Cavs win, I will buy (for myself) the jersey of any Cavs player that retweets this.” Of course, the written word is much easier to misunderstand than the spoken word.

  10. Average NFL Jersey Price: $99.99
    Retweets: 697k
    Cost: $69,693,030
    Earnings as an NFL player: approx. $17m (tax not included)

    I’d say it’s a safe bet that he is not going to be true to his word regardless of the NBA Finals outcome.

  11. Dan Muston that is a stupid idea to tell him to put a big bet on Cleveland. If he does that then there’s 2 possible outcomes, Cleveland wins and he pretty much breaks even but has goodwill from fans if he buys the jerseys or golden State wins and he’s down big money because of his bet and no goodwill is earned so the best he could do in your scenario is break even. I hope your not a betting man.

  12. Many of these football players aren’t very smart.

    Their income is a certain percentage of the gross revenue of the league and they’re ignorant enough to piss off 50% of the population of America by kneeling for our nation anthem.

    They this fool posts online a public commitment to buy jerseys for fans if certain things happen…🙈 By the time he’s done paying the legal fees of the lawyers he’s going to need to resist meeting his commitment… he will be broke.😂

  13. Gotta love these social media drama queens. This reminds me of the Facebook posts I see from people saying something heartwrenching with post that says “One like = one prayer” or something attention getting.

  14. Yeah, because a twitter post is a legally binding contract. Just ask the tweeter in chief. Social media users ARE gullible enough for this nonsense.

  15. He never said a brand new jersey, nor a Cavs jersey nor an authentic ones.

    If the Cavs win expect to get your free Damerious Randall Green Bay Packers clearance jersey at your local retailer.

  16. Not that he’ll ever come through on this but perhaps he should have tweeted something like “I’ll Pick 100 of the people who retweet this to give a jersey to” or something along those lines. Don’t these guys have smart people around them giving them advice jeez

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