Peyton Manning: Andrew Luck needs as many reps as possible to return to form

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Andrew Luck hasn’t played in more than a year because of a right shoulder injury. Peyton Manning can relate, though his was a neck issue that kept him out of the 2011 season.

Everything is an individual thing, so you have to be careful speaking on it since injuries are different,” Manning told Mike Wells of ESPN after playing in Wednesday’s Pro-Am at the Memorial in Ohio. “But it’s also universal. For me, I was a [repetition] guy. I liked to get all the reps on practice. The theory of 10,000 reps, I believe in that. I felt like I was kind of behind because I hadn’t gotten the reps even though you have a lot in the bank. It took me a few games before I felt like I was coming back. Getting as many reps as possible is key.”

While the Colts remain confident Luck will play this season, the franchise quarterback has not thrown a football since last October. The plan is for Luck to begin throwing a football sometime between June 14 and the start of training camp.

“For me, coming off missing the entire year with the neck, I knew I was going to have to play a different kind of way, a different sort of physical state,” Manning said. “I was looking for things like positive feedback from receivers on whether the ball felt the same coming in and then when you get into the game and you throw a deep out. We played a preseason game and I threw a deep comeback route, and that was a thing to check off the box. You want to do everything for the first time again. You want to get hit; you want to make a tight throw, have a two-minute drive. I wanted to do all those things again.”

Luck, 28, wants to do all those things again, too. But he’s not there yet.

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  1. Colts fans might as well accept that pairing Luck with a turnstile O line has doomed the man.

    I would be pleasantly surprised if Luck is at 75% when and if he makes it back.

    The real question is if Luck does not make it back to mid-season and even then is a shell of his former self, what do the Colts do then?

  2. I hope Luck comes back, not a colts fan but the league needs more exciting quarterback play. I just fear that with advances in medicine and players coming back from serious injury within a year, why is it that they can’t pinpoint what is wrong with his shoulder?

  3. If Andrew Luck isnt ready by week or doesnt look the same when he comes back the fan base will loose their minds with rage that IND did not draft a QB, especially considering many experts said elite prospect 6″4-226pd QB Josh Rosen was considered by many experts to be the best, most polished, NFL ready Pure-Passer to come out in the last 10yrs next to Andrew Luck, and they could of had him at 6th overall.
    Luck still not throwing a football just makes me extremely nervous as the guy was operated on JAN-2017. I suffered the same exact injury luck did tearing my Labrum in 345 degrees or almost all the way around. The Labrum gets very very little blood to it making it extremely hard to heal up, mine wasnt healing either and I ended up have 4 surgeries. I ended up having an open surgery called a Laterjet procedure ending my baseball career. The Fact were going on 18 Months later and his Labrum an injury that typically takes 7-9 Months to heal up STILL ISNT HEALED UP Makes me extremely nervous being that I know a ton about this injury and had hard real bad tears can be to fix n heal up especiallu for throwers of a baseball/football with all the stress n torque we put on that joint on a daily passes over our pre-teens to mid-late 30s. The Sad truth is Andrew Luck may never be the same QB ever again.

  4. 49erfan44 says:
    May 31, 2018 at 2:30 am
    …why is it that they can’t pinpoint what is wrong with his shoulder?
    How do you know they haven’t?? Answer – they know exactly what happened when he injured it v Titans in Sept 2015 – but made it worse trying to push thru it and have since been lying profusely to the media, to the fans (and on IR reports). Ticket sales. Just in late January Irsay claimed Luck was “good to go” for 2018. Then a week later, in the days before McD was due to sign, Luck was undergoing another (independent) medical assessment – almost certainly demanded by McD – and the week after McD jilted the Colts, amid all the loud McD-bashing, Ballard quietly released the news Luck had merely “turned a corner” in his recovery. I tell you, McD didn’t sign because he found out how unlikely Luck was to play.

  5. Did they get an offensive line yet? Getting reps is all well and good but Luck needs to come back only if he’s comfortable doing it. Most likeable member of the Colts by far please don’t ruin him.

  6. dejadoh says:
    May 31, 2018 at 12:53 am
    Luck needs an offensive line to protect him so he’s not taking hits.


    It’s 5 years too late, but he has a line now. Even with a great line his injury wasn’t preventable…he doesn’t avoid contact. His ruptured kidney was the result of scrambling and taking on a LB, and this shoulder injury started because he hangs onto the ball too long and took huge hits outside of the pocket

  7. Although the medical term is a torn labrum, in Andrew Luck’s case it is also known as the Ryan Grigson effect. If you do not know who Ryan Grigsion is, suffice it to say he is a guy who dislikes Offensive Lines and loves participant banners.

  8. The Colts just haven’t been the same since they got caught with deflated footballs in the 2015 AFCCG.

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