Washington exec linked to cheerleader allegations resigns

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The unfolding Washington cheerleader scandal has apparently cost at least one executive his job.

According to Craig Hoffman of 106.7 The Fan, team executive Dennis Greene has resigned.

Greene was previously the team’s president of business operations, but those duties were taken over when Brian Lefemina was hired from the league office two weeks ago. As recently as this morning, Greene was listed on the team website as president of hospitality.

The resignation came just before a new story in the New York Times which listed new details about Greene’s involvement in a trip to Costa Rica in which cheerleaders said they felt like escorts. The team had promised they were “immediately looking into” the allegations.

Greene had been with the team since 2001.

It’s unclear based on the report from The Fan if Greene was removed specifically because of the cheerleader story or for other reasons.

The Times article details the involvement of the cheerleader ambassadors, who weren’t actual cheerleaders, but attractive props who made appearances on behalf of the team. Greene would reportedly survey a line of the ambassadors before games.

“He would look each of us up and down and say, I want that one and that one, and everyone hated when you got selected for that,” a former ambassador said to the Times. “It was humiliating, like we were cattle.”

11 responses to “Washington exec linked to cheerleader allegations resigns

  1. Is that any different than players being evaluated on talent, and forced to attend press briefings? Especially those on “minimum” salaries?

  2. I can only assume some fully understand what transpired and that would explained a couple of the comments. You simply have to read the articles to understand the situation here. The headlines are not enough information.

    The team took these cheerleaders to a foreign country. They confiscated their pass ports. The to them to a beach and had them pose (at least partially) nude in front of the sponsors. Then the sponsors got to chose which girl they liked the most to be their escort for the evening.
    What if that was you? What if that was your wife? What if that was your girl friend, sister or mother. Would you want them to be treated like this? Would that be acceptable?

  3. Dennis Greene resigning now (or at least it being announced that he was resigning) on the day after the Cap’s first win ever in a Stanley Cup Final’s game is totally Bruce Allen. He should work on Capital Hill.

  4. They are hired as eye candy.
    Nothing more.
    What did they think they were being given a free trip to the islands for…

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