Bills file trademark for “Respect the Process”

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“Respect the Process.”

That’s the Bills’ motto. Or is it the 76ers’ motto?

The Bills filed a trademark for “Respect the Process” on May 23, trademark attorney Josh Gerben tweeted. The team wants to use the phrase on cellephone cases, magnets, flags, towels, water bottles, door mats and in video games, according to the application.

The 76ers have used the phrase “Trust the Process” in their rebuilding efforts.

While the 76ers never filed for a trademark, Joel Embiid did for “The Process” in 2016. The center, who has “The Process” as his background picture on Twitter, could block the Bills’ filing by his own application, per Gerben.

31 responses to “Bills file trademark for “Respect the Process”

  1. The Sixers were so far in front of this its not even funny. Former Philadelphia Sixers GM Sam Hinkie coined “The Process” 5 years ago and how the Bills try to claim it is one big joke patent or not!

  2. I said “Good from far but far from good”, in 1970. I’m sure it’s was said in Roman times but I bet some Feeb thought he said it first in 1993 and trademarked it.

    When you have a legit business ‘McDonalds’. ‘Starbucks’, etc, I can see a trademark being a saving grace from copycats. Trademarking ‘Whatever Process’, etc is just nonsense money grab.

    The Olympic skater Debi Thomas said “Just Do It” before Nike made a killing off of it.

  3. Why would Embiid be able to block the Bills application is something I don’t understand…

  4. When franchises use the term “process”, there usually is none. How is waiting out Tom Brady’s career a “process”?

  5. Bad week for the sixers…first collangelo….then kendall Jenner starts dating ben Simmons….and now they might lose their slogan.

  6. I hope this trademark about the process, works better for the Bills!! Disgruntled Cowboy fans have had to listen to Jason Garrett and his “process” for 8 years now …smh

  7. Sports team trademarking everything but the dictionary is out of control.

  8. Because it’s so incredibly hip that everyone will want to put it on a T-shirt. I have three “Respect the Process” T-shirts, four mugs, anf a tumbler myself.

  9. How can you get a trademark for something like this? It’s completely unoriginal and has been used in a sports context a million times before.

    Application denied.

  10. “Respecting the process” is different “the process” in the way that nouns and verbs differ… this should be Buffalo’s first win of the season, and this one is BIG!!! …eyes rolling…

  11. Respect the last 18 years of mediocrity.

    IN ALL FAIRNESS: I have watched tom brady and the patriots get ridiculous, fictitious calls and/or no-calls (offensive holding, offensive pass interference, etc.) against every team.

    So… I wouldn’t want to imagine the amount of terrible calls
    the Bills receive TWICE A YEAR.

    THEN AGAIN… I watch even more bad calls in “our” two games against the pittsburgh steelers.

    ANYWAY… respect the process.

  12. Respect the Process??? Sounds more like the slogan of government bureaucrats than sports!

    “Gather round men. Now, forget excellence, or good or bad, right or wrong, or whether or not you put in the effort: just remember that there’s a procedure to follow – you just gotta respect the process I’m afraid. Now go out there on the field and see what happens.”

    Truly inspiring… That being said, it’s better than the Colts’ one “Playoffs? Are you kidding me?”

  13. They ought to trademark the phrase “Wide Right”

    Don’t forget “No Goal!”

  14. As a Bills fan of over 55 years all I can say is…..Respect what process?….Respect the process of missing the playoffs for 17 straight years?………Respect the process of BACKING INTO the playoffs and then only scoring 3 lousy points?….Respect the process of allowing your back up QB to throw 5 interceptions in 1 half of a game….Respect……………………………………………………………………………….

  15. There’s no way this will be tied to Nike endorsement deal. Not a chance.

    (that was sarcasm by the way)

  16. what process? being 2 and 3 steps behind the pats for 20 years?


    try winning something before registering a meaningless trademark

  17. I don’t know. Probably should have trademarked 0-4….in a row! Now THAT was a process! Seriously, Bills fans have suffered long enough. Let them enjoy “the process” back to relevance again. BYW? Making 4 SB’s 4 years in a row was something that should be respected. Like many SB outcomes one or two plays made the difference between champs and footnotes.

  18. blameconservatives4everythingbad says:
    June 2, 2018 at 8:50 am
    Meanwhile in New England they concentrate on winning games.

    And you think “The Patriot Way” or “Do Your Job” isn’t trademarked?? I personally think the whole trademark thing is kind of stupid but whatever McBeane wants to do I’m all in on. Maybe the Pats should change it to “Do Your Job, or you’ll get fired to prove a point”. For once in over a decade you entitled brats have something to worry about, the foundation up there doesn’t seem as sound as it has been forever now. So shut up and “Do Your Job” as a fan and watch your team implode from the inside!! #BillsMafia #TrustTheProcess”

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