Tyrod Taylor: I still feel that I’d done more than enough to stay


Tyrod Taylor felt he did “more than enough to stay” in Buffalo, but Bills coach Sean McDermott made a decision to move on. Taylor now is the starter in Cleveland for however long he is the starter in Cleveland, and AJ McCarron and Josh Allen have arrived in Buffalo.

Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News asked Taylor when he realized he wasn’t McDermott’s guy.

“Whether I was or whether I wasn’t, I’m not there anymore,” Taylor said. “That’s his decision moving forward. I still feel that I’d done more than enough to stay where I was. But at the end of the day, they made a decision to move forward, and that’s their decision.”

Taylor said McDermott and General Manager Brandon Beane kept him informed of trade talks before the Bills sent him to the Browns on March 9. He said the phone conversation informing him of the trade “wasn’t a bad one.”

“There was actually a positive energy on both sides,” Taylor said.

Taylor has moved on like the Bills have moved on, ready to try to do in Cleveland what he did in Buffalo in helping end the Bills’ long playoff drought.

“I’m excited, happy with the place that I’m at now and the team that I’m playing for, and I’m excited about the opportunity,” he said.

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  1. Great kid, he just won’t pass unless his receiver is sitting there waiting for it. Just no geometry in his passing game. He has trouble connecting moving parts. Awesome teammate and a class player. He’s just not a complete quarterback.

  2. All I can say is that you’ve got some class Tyrod. Show Buffalo on the field how wrong they were. Glad your a Brown.

  3. If Tyrod’s talent matched his classiness, he’d be one of the best QB’s in the league.

  4. I wish good things happen for Tyrod. Classy guy on and off the field and a hard worker but he was never going to take us to a SuperBowl. Not saying we are anywhere close but every team in the league should be striving to win the Super Bowl and if you know a guy isn’t gonna get you there, then it’s best to give him an opportunity elsewhere.

    That playoff game was unwatchable, I waited 17 years for it and I couldn’t even look at the TV without squinting. The excuse for his poor play has been that the Jaguars defense is loaded; that’s just the same Tyrod we’ve always seen when you force him to beat you through the air.

    Hope the fresh start in Cleveland with that stacked receiving core works out better for him than his time in Buffalo.

  5. Love Tyrod and he was a solid QB for us, but for some reason most of the fan base has always been against him. I was with him till last year when I realized in the 4th qtr there’s no way he’s leading us back to many victories unless there is 8-10 minutes on the clock.

    At the same point, he’s better than any other choice we’ve had. I really hope with the first time he’s had actual weapons that he leads Browns to the playoffs.

  6. The Bills have to live with the consequences of their decision. Yes, Josh Allen has a big arm and is physically strong but it is still very difficult to find your franchise QB in the Draft. Allen is no certainty to succeed and Tyrod’s numbers were pretty good.
    With the loss of O-line and QB experience, I expect the Bills to win less games in the season ahead.

  7. Tyrod is a good dude. I will be rooting for him in Cleveland. I appreciated his time in Buffalo and I am glad he was well compensated for it. But I’ve watched every single one of his throws in the NFL and I believe the Bills did what they needed to do. Taylor had his moments, but he couldn’t put the Bills in a position to truly contend, and that’s the bottom line. If the goal is to win championships, then eventually you need to just rip the bandaid off and try again, even if the odds are uncertain. Best of luck Tyrod.

  8. Isn’t everybody happy in the off season until the losing starts in the regular season for the browns. I honestly feel like they have a way better squad, but we’ve been saying that for a while. Hope they got somebody good to replace Joe Thomas with. That’s the only glaring hole I see, but then again they’ll probably figure out a way to browns it up again this upcoming year.

  9. He was a perfect bridge QB for the team. Solid starter who didn’t cost the team a lot of draft capital and not a malcontent when things don’t go his way.

  10. Got the Doug Flutie treatment from Buffalo. At least Tyrod got to start his own playoff game.

  11. I wish Tyrod much luck in Cleveland. I hope both he and the Brown’s fans get much needed success going forward.

  12. Yes, did everything but throw over the middle or engineer game winning drives.

    He’s got his confidence though. That will take him far.

  13. Team hasn’t sniffed the playoffs in 20 years, so naturally they fire the QB responsible….and I guess that’s why they call them the Bills.

  14. As a Bills fan, I have to say we got to the playoffs despite him, not because of him. The low INT stat is always thrown around with him, but it is so badly taken out of context. He doesn’t throw allot of pics because he can’t read the field, can’t read defenses, and is innacurate; so he only throws the ball when his receiver is wide open. Yes, few pics, but also can’t move the ball. He was completely reliant on dumping the ball to Shady, his top receiver, and letting him make plays from behind the line. Check out his stats in the 4th quarter when down if you want more reliable stats. He is one of the worst in the league when it comes to conversions and INTs. He is nothing more than an extremely athletic backyard QB.

  15. The Bills were something like 3-18 when trailing at any point in the game with Taylor. He will be remembered in Buffalo as the QB on the team that ended the drought but the QB that will be remembered for ending the drought will always be Andy Dalton

  16. In all truth who did the kid have as receivers? Charles Clay is good when he is not injured. Taylor has
    Nobody to throw to. Buffalo got rid of Watkins Woods and Hogan.

  17. He is the definition of qb purgatory. Not great but not terrible. He did some very good things but to think after 3 years we were gonna get more out of him is just silly. At some point you have to determine if you can do better, which they did determine. That being said, you can do worse too.

    And guess what… we can be critical of Tyrod the football player without people complaining that we are trashing him as a man

  18. Got the Doug Flutie treatment from Buffalo. At least Tyrod got to start his own playoff game.

    Ahh you mean the game where fluties replacement engineered the game winning drive only to have lost it by a fluke and questionable call? And we all assume (Me as well) that flutie would have done better? If I’m not mistaken, the titans have the 4th best defense of all time that year…

    Yet Taylor engineered 3 points in his lmayiff game… and people think the bills are stupid for not attempting to get better?

    The bills made the playoffs because of their secondary and their ability to make plays… when they didn’t they lost…

  19. The fact he’d think inconsistent mediocrity was “good enough” just completely validates the Bills decision to move on. Apparently he was content with having a good game in-between 3 weeks of complete no-shows, for the sake of the Bills and their fans i’m glad McDermott and company weren’t.

    This is the NFL. If you aren’t improving, you’re getting worse. He was not improving. He was not progressing. Barely averaging 200 yards per game isn’t “enough” to lock down a franchise starters role. He’s a decent player, but he’s nothing more than a placeholder/band-aid. The Bills would have been fools to build around him long term. He’d run his course, time to move on.

  20. I understand he may not be a player that can will you to the Superbowl. But for The Browns 8 wins is great. Tyrod is a DC dream not turnovers, he extends drives with his lwga. The Browns want to be a power running team with a good defense and a solid line. A QB that doesn’t make mistakes they have that now. Baker Mayfield next yr will be the QB that can win you games. This yr it’s about respectability. Browns will not be fun to play. Tyrod has weapons he never had in Buffalo How he does is up to him. Landry Gordon Calloway Coleman Ndoku Duke, Hyde and Chubb he has options now

  21. He did, honestly. The Bills do seem to be trending upward and Taylor isn’t the type of QB most teams would hook their franchise to, but Tyrod played decently well for them. Most importantly, he had the confidence of every player on offense and the change in energy was noticeable when he was benched. Of course, Peterman was completely unprepared by the team to start (no QB throws five interceptions in the first half without the team not preparing him, no matter how bad he might be), which makes the change even stranger. After that incident, there’s really no way for a starter to come back and play as confidently as before. It’s just not a good way to handle your QB, as we saw in Cleveland, but is even worse in this case because Tyrod wasn’t a rookie who simply was not ready for the NFL. Most people don’t respond well to “We don’t really want you, but you’re the best we’ve got for now, so do your job until we can replace you” as a directive.

  22. The fact is, Buffalo was in ‘cap hell’. Tyrods’ $16M contract would leave them only 2-3 M left under the cap. Trading for a low cost vet and drafting a QB high gave them relief to be able to sign other needed pieces. They reached their ceiling with Taylor and the existing players on the team. Chances are that a step back may produce a step forward down the line. If not, bye bye Beane.

  23. Tyrod did more than enough to stay, but at the same time didnt do enough.

    In terms of completion percentage, total scrimmage yards, turnover ratio and leadership, he did more than was ever asked of him. But at the same time, when you are scoring TDs at a rate 40% under the best QBs in the league, you are going to have problems winning. And thats his downfall. NOBODY questions that Tyrod can run an offense. He can. Hes proven it for a while. And he can run it efficiently. This makes him possibly the best stop gap QB in the NFL…but nothing more. His inability to score with consistency was always a problem. And the other big problem is that he relies on his legs far too much. In total yards, hes up there with the best QBs, but in terms of pure passing, hes laughable. This means that if he ever gets behind, its a problem. He flashes greatness, but lives in mediocrity. Hes average. And the Bills didnt want to settle for a “franchise QB” who is just average.

    In the end, he had one 300 yard passing game in 3 years in Buffalo. That tells you a lot about his ability to come back in a game

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