Delanie Walker declares himself the best tight end in the NFL

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Titans tight end Delanie Walker has a high opinion of himself.

Walker believes that he — not Rob Gronkowski or Travis Kelce — is the best tight end in football.

“Honestly, I feel like I’m the best tight end in the league in all phases,” Walker said, via the Tennessean. “Blocking, run blocking, catching the ball, breaking tackles, stuff like that. At the end of the day, if you don’t feel like that you shouldn’t be in the league.”

Walker said he’s been focused this offseason on his conditioning and believes he’s primed for a big season at age 34.

“Every year I try something new,” Walker said. “I don’t eat pork, I don’t drink alcohol. That’s been helping me, keeping me fit and in shape. Just go out here and I try to bust my butt every day in the weight room, on the field, and it’s tended to work so I’m going to stick to that regimen.”

He’ll need to have a big season, to match his big talk.

68 responses to “Delanie Walker declares himself the best tight end in the NFL

  1. BEST? probably not..but PRETTY DARNED GOOD and perhaps Top 5? Just might be…the dude can play.

  2. It must be “more fun” if you think you’re the best player at a particular position in the league.

    Is the word humble still in the dictionary?

  3. There’s believing it, which I agree with him you need to have, but then there’s saying it publicly. That’s where he loses me.

  4. He might have more respect if he stood for the anthem instead of “protesting” for some bogus cause.

  5. This guy reminds me of vernon davis before the nfl began hgh testing.

  6. It’s true that he doesn’t get the plaudits that others do, because he’s not on a team that gets a lot of spotlight. Is he better than those other guys he mentioned? Don’t think it really matters too much as long as he’s trying his best in all phases of the game. Really good player with out a doubt though.

  7. He may not drink alcohol or eat pork, but he’s definitely on psychedelics if he thinks he’s better than Gronk.

  8. Delanie – 12yrs, 175gms, 752tgt, 479rec, 5621yds, 11.7ypc, 2.7rpg, 32.1ypg, 34TD, 13fum.
    Gronky – 8yrs, 102gms, 722tgt, 474rec, 7179yds, 15.1ypc, 4.6rpg, 70.4ypg, 76TD, 3fum.

    Gronky’s Records:
    Youngest player with 3 TDs/gm, and youngest with 3TDs/gm playoffs.
    Most TD recs/season (18)
    First TE to ever lead the league in recs (2011)
    Most season yards ever by a TE (1,327 in 2011)
    Most TD recs in first 2 seasons by a TE (28) – tied with Randy Moss for most by any player.
    Most seasons with 10+ TDs by a TE (5)
    Most consec seasons with 10+ TDs by a TE (3)
    First TE to ever gain 3 seasons with 10 TDs combined with 1,000+ yds.
    Most postseason rec TDs (12)
    Most postseason rec yds (972)
    Plus other records tied.
    Plus widely considered the best blocker among leading TEs.
    Plus (despite haters saying he’s glass) his rate (897yds/yr) is higher than TE Gonzalez (889).

    Delanie’s records:
    Just two – best TE in Delanie’s fantasy world & tied for biggest baseless boast in the league.

  9. I find it hilarious that guys who some would consider the best TE never do/did this boasting.

    When healthy is there a better TE than Gronk in current days? Not a chance, statistics will back this us as well. Have you ever heard him say something stupid like this? Nope!

    Neither has Gates, Gonzales or Witten. Other guys some think were at the very top recently.

  10. Interesting how he waited until witten retired to make that statement.

  11. He’s gonna get ridiculed for this by people who don’t watch Tennessee. But honestly he may be #2 or #3. He is a fantastic blocker & a really good receiving tight end. He’s never had the passing game around him to put up crazy receiving numbers but he still puts up good numbers. Finally Tennessee has an OC who may have a clue, I expect a big season out of this offense including a big one from Walker.

  12. Hey good for him but also… Hahahahahaha! When healthy it’s clearly Gronk with Kelce coming in second and Gates and Whitten before walker.

  13. ya whatever pal, just be thankful you are a player in the NFL and stop making these dumb statements because you are NOT the best tight end.

  14. He probably is not the best, but he is definitely good. All players should think they are the best otherwise why go out and compete.

  15. Every time an athlete makes an outrageous claim about where they rank or how they rate themselves, they always pull the “if you don’t feel like that, then you shouldn’t be playing” card. It’s almost like trying to qualify their own arrogant b.s.

    Walker has been a top-5, top-10 TE in the league since he joined the Titans…but to act like anyone is taking him over Gronk, Kelce, Olsen, or Ertz…is silly. Before Tyler Eifert injured his life, I’d have taken him over Delanie. He’s limited athletically and aging gracefully because Vernon Davis was the man in SF, sparing Walker’s body yrs of wear & tear of starter’s snaps.

  16. Every starting player in the league should believe that they are the best at their position. I imagine there are atleast 20 tight ends who feel the exact same way. That being said, I think Walker has a skill set that puts him in the conversation. Tight ends are more affected by game flow and play calling than most of the guys on the field

  17. Gronk is still just above Kelce, then there’s a decent gap.

    Best of the remaining guys maybe. But I suppose no one says I’m the “third best”…

  18. Do you guys value run blocking and pass blocking out of your TEs? I don’t follow the Titans that close, but it is very possible he is the most WELL ROUNDED, though I don’t think that makes you the best. He is clearly not the offensive weapon Gronk is.

  19. crush22 says:
    June 2, 2018 at 8:10 am

    Every year, at this time, everybody claims they’re the best.

    Except the guys that really are. They don’t have to, they let everyone else say it.

  20. When my Grandma was alive she always said I was the best player on my HS football team. She would also talk about how handsome and smart I am. She said it out loud so it must be true, right Delanie?

  21. As a niner fan, if it weren’t for his age I’d take him back. At least the Seahawks didn’t saw off his arms like they did V. Davis.

  22. so this is the same guy that told the fans that disagree with the protests to stay home–but how can they watch the best tight end in football if the fans don’t watch the games?

  23. Other Gronk Stats missed:

    Most games missed due to injury

    Most playoff games missed due to injury

    Only player to have ever broken his arm on an extra point

    Most consecutive failed hail mary attempts to win or tie a Superbowl

    Most time spent on the sideline

  24. There are a few TEs that are better in a category or two, but when it comes to all facets of the game: route running, catching in traffic, run blocking, play recognition, plus the intangibles and leadership as a captain, Delanie is probably right. He’s most likely the best all around TE in the NFL. He will get more recognition this season when the Titans make another playoff run

  25. Yet another Baalke mistake, this time by letting him go. Usually with Trent it was from bringing them in.

  26. If he had Brady or rivers or smith throwing to him during his career his stats would be much better. He is very good and has been durable. But he does make people cringe when he makes statements like this

  27. Bubbalicious says:
    June 2, 2018 at 11:58 am
    Other Gronk Stats missed:

    Most games missed due to injury

    Most playoff games missed due to injury

    Only player to have ever broken his arm on an extra point

    Most consecutive failed hail mary attempts to win or tie a Superbowl

    Most time spent on the sideline


    Don’t you understand that these things make his numbers more unbelievable?


    Go Pats

  28. Bad timing on my part to try and get him to endorse my new pork-based alcohol

  29. “The pride cometh before the fall”
    Didn’t he tell fans who boycotted the anthem protests “We don’t want you back?”
    Yes. He did. The same mutts who want respect for their position throw shade at others for theirs. He’s not the best. Kelce is better (Not a KC, or Kelce fan). Gronk, when healthy is the best ever(DEFINITELY NOT A PATS FAN!) He’s more WWE ready than NFL ready).Greg Olsen is better. Witten was better(may return). Antonio Gates is still better(may return)

  30. Damn, I wish he had been quiet about his greatness. Now there will be a rush on drafting him in fantasy football. He may actually get drafted this year.

  31. Players that are really the best never have to say it themselves.

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