Donald Penn angrily called Jon Gruden after Raiders drafted Kolton Miller

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The Raiders took their left tackle of the future, Kolton Miller, with the 15th overall pick in this year’s draft. Their left tackle of the present wasn’t pleased.

Donald Penn, the 35-year-old who has manned the left tackle spot in Oakland the last four years, called coach Jon Gruden and demanded to know why they would use their first-round pick on a player whose likely role will be to replace Penn some day.

“I’m not going to lie, as soon as I saw the draft pick, I called Gruden immediately. Like ‘man, what the f–k?’,” Penn said on Michael Rapoport’s podcast. “He didn’t answer, but when I saw him the next Monday, he was joking with me saying, ‘You were ready to kick my ass, huh, Donald?! You were mad as a motherf–ker!’”

The Raiders would then draft another offensive tackle, Brandon Parker, in the third round. So it’s clear that they want to get younger at the position. But Gruden appears to have placated Penn by persuading him that the Raiders’ draft picks were about keeping a good offensive line in front of Derek Carr for many years to come, not about any sign that they’re losing confidence in Penn this year. Penn now says he’s working on taking the young tackles under his wing and hoping that some day, they’ll protect Carr as well as he does. Just not quite yet.

66 responses to “Donald Penn angrily called Jon Gruden after Raiders drafted Kolton Miller

  1. Man — what is it with these players today? Can you imagine any player doing that to coaches from the past like Vince Lombardi, Chuck Noll, Tom Landry, or Bill Parcells? There’s no way this clown would have done that with those guys! They’d have shipped him to Siberia!
    Many of these guys in the NFL just don’t get it. They think they are more important than they are. The NFL was here before they got in it and it will be here long after they are not in it. They don’t realize that all they are is one small part of the puzzle and they can be replaced so fast they won’t even remember what happened! If Gruden was as tough as he pretends to be, he’d have told Penn where to go and thrown him out of his office.

  2. He should have seen this coming, The thing he really needs to be worried about is losing his job and being forced to play RG, something you know he wont be happy about.

    Get healthy Donald, Raiders need you.

  3. Entitled jerk. This from a guy who threw the Redskins game because he and his buddies on the O line let Carr get killed because he stood for the anthem.

  4. Gee Donald, maybe it’s because you got Carr’s leg broken costing your team a playoff run, or the fact that you tried holding the team hostage the following off season demanding an extension only to play like garbage the whole year. Or maybe it’s because you’re thirty-five and coming back from major surgery that most likely will prevent you from ever playing at an elite level again. Maybe it was the domestic assault allegations. Pick something my man. The point is this team owes you no explanation for drafting who they did. I would’ ve cut him over the phone if I were Gruden.

  5. I guess Gruden watched the game tape of week 3 and week 4 from last year. Carr got molested and ended up with a broken back.
    Why have so much of the salary cap invested in the OL when the OL has proven that they are capable of committing treason against the franchise and the league?
    I can still remember Carr writhing in pain when he got knocked out of the game against Denver. That big dummy Newhouse looking down at Carr laying on the field like “You hurt, bro?”
    What do you think, Penn? That Gruden would watch that game film and not realize what you 5 were up to?
    I won’t be surprised when Gruden dismantles that overpaid bunch of Raider traitors.

  6. If any offensive lineman is 35 you should have a replacement plan for him. Does he think he’ll play well into his 40s?

  7. Kolton Miller sucks right now, he is terrible. Oakland draft him as a Projection of what he could be one day after they work on developing him , not for what he is right now. Miller needs some work. If i’m Donald Penn I wouldnt sweat it , Millers 1-2yrs away from starting, he was drafted purely on projection based on his natural size, athleticism and power.

  8. How dare they draft a replacement for a 35 year old LT coming off Lisfranc surgery!!!!

  9. Compete and be better than the other guy
    He has youth on his side, but you have experience
    This is the business you’re in

  10. Should have used the 1st pick on a QB.
    Carr is just mediocre, yet is paid like he is a 4 time Super Bowl winner

  11. Is everyone offended by everything these days? A 35 year old in the NFL is mad that someone that plays his position is drafted?

  12. Not sure what type of player he is, but being a manager of people, I respect people willing to call their bosses out on stuff. Good on him for showing passion about his job and belief in himself!

  13. I don’t care how good he is. He’s 35! It’s a young man’s game. You have to plan for the future. I love how all these guys talk about being a “competitor” and as soon as the team draft someone who plays their position they get pissed. It’s a bottom line business. If you are better than the kid, you’ll keep your spot. If not, you’ll take a pay cut to stay as a backup or move on.

  14. Penn is over rated and also the reason Carr was injured. Everyone knows this!!!
    Gruden should of said, it’s because you suck and we are replacing you.

  15. Yah…that’s a good way to get on the bad side of the HC pretty quick. Not taking anything away from Penn’s abilities but he is older now and he had to have know this was going to happen.

  16. Plus the Raiders desperately need a RT NOW. Even if Penn keeps his job they can move KM to the right side until he grows or Penn falters/is hurt.

  17. D. Penn, not to be confused with DePends, is a competitive dude. Playing at any position in this league at 35+ is way above the norm, and all good things must come to an end sometime. Here’s hoping he does mentor the new duo into the linemen they’ll have to be for the Raiders to succeed into the future.

  18. Is this the same Donald Penn who spent last summer as a holdout & this spring off with a foot injury? Let’s hope he didn’t take out his roid rage on his wife – again.

  19. Eagles once drafted Jason Peters replacement but you know what happened Lane Johnson became the best right tackle in the NFL and Peters continues to dominate.

  20. Boss to jagsfan1: “Jag, I hired a younger guy to do your job”
    Jagsfan1: “Makes sense boss. I’ve made my money here and I am 42”

    Like that?

  21. Woodstakes
    Not sure what type of player he is, but being a manager of people, I respect people willing to call their bosses out on stuff. Good on him for showing passion about his job and belief in himself!

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    Have you ever watched a football game? Don’t know what kind of people you manage, but, football is not a democracy!

  22. Gruden should have told Penn, don’t worry bro I’m sure your left tackle spot is going to be your’s for a long time. You’ll be playing for the Mean Machine in a couple of years when you’re out of the NFL.

  23. Kind of reminds me of the way Duane Brown got upset with the Texans and held out during offseason workouts, training camp, and 7 weeks of season because they wouldn’t give a 32 year old player with 2 years remaining on his current contract a huge new front-loaded contract.

  24. Gruden should’ve pulled out his Bruce Willis and say
    “Somebody call the Waaa-bulance”

  25. If Donald Penn didn’t want the Raiders to take an LT, he should have played up to his contract. If he wants to be mad at anyone, he should start with the guy in the mirror.

  26. For the fans coming here to have coments about his play watch his tape. He is a very good LT. However, he gave up what one sack during the 10 win season and that one cost the Raiders any chance they had a going anywhere in the post season. Not to mention he has been injured and is 35.. Last year Tackle was a weak spot. They had almost 0 depth and the right tackle is one of the reasons the offense was not very good. No excuses now Gruden. You love the QB and have selected players to actually improve an already great O-line. 10Mil a year.. this better not be the tinker toy offense they ran last season.

  27. With all the mere speculation of Brady’s attitude toward successors can you imagine if he ever made a phone call like that? It would be thevstory of the year.

    As for Penn, here’s to hoping this goads him into hitting camp angry and hungry. Hangry!

  28. Penn knows it’s a business. He’s at the point in his career where he must fight for his job, so he needs to be vocal and letting the teams know he means business and then be the best week after week. Loyalty is to excellence.

  29. So Gruden keeps Penn who is grossly overpaid, played horribly in 2017, is 35 and is a team cancer (among other things organizing the o-line not to block for Carr in the Redskins game). Presumably because Gruden is an enlightened HC.

    And yet Gruden cuts one of the best punters in the league and trades a valuable ST and offensive asset in Cordarrelle Patterson because they don’t fit his style. Of course neither of those players were detrimental to team chemistry.

    Yeah, so it has to be conceded that Gruden is a “coaching legend”….sort of in the same way as Hue Jackson.

  30. Donald Penn had such a terrible season after he got his money that Gruden had no choice but to protect his best asset which is Carr.

    Penn needs to look in the mirror instead of blaming someone else. Do your job and everything else will fall into place for you.

  31. Lighten up people Gruden felt insuring Carr protection now and in the future was job 1.Hard to argue with that. As for a pissed off Penn I love it shows he’s all in and passionate. Once he talked to Chuckie he is fine,motivated and mentoring the rookies just like I would want. I have some real concerns about this year but this is not one.

  32. I like that kind of fire. He had a bad year last year. So lets see what he has left. Im liking the Raiders O-line depth

  33. “gysot says:
    June 2, 2018 at 8:39 am
    He should be mad that they have not won a playoff game since the internet was invented.”

    Idiot….if you knew your history, the internet actually was started in the 50’s …grew every since, went total commercial in 1995 ….then if you knew Raider history or football history…the Raiders played in several playoff games and played in a super bowl after the 1995 full open internet……don’t talk stuff you have no idea about

  34. Amazing the disrespect for Penn on this board…shows that many posters he don’t know anything about Penn. he’s one – if not the best LT in the game and has been for years. He’s amazing at pass blocking AND run blocking. Gruden could have easily said ,’Donald we need someone to learn from the best in the game. You are 35 and we gotta have a backup LT.’

  35. It’s amazing to read all these comments hating on Donald Penn when he’s held down the left tackle position the top 15 player in the league. Everybody makes mistakes and his mistakes happen to get car injured. He’s a good tackle he’s been a great Raider I hope you have a fabulous year and if he decides to retire next year I wish him the best. And all you Raider haters who call yourself Raiders need to check yourself. There’s been a lot of Busters on this team and Donald Penn is not one of them

  36. Nothing like fans mad at a guy who is mad that someone might take his job. Bet you’d be tickled if your boss came in and said train your replacement because you’re so fired next year.

  37. The guy was a turnstile early in his career only played well for Oakland for a contract.

  38. He cant be serious. You are 35!!!! How many 40 year old offensive tackles are in the league?

    Even 36-37 year old starting tackles, how many are there? Probably not many at all. The fact he would be so surprised and angered by that makes me question his awareness. Like, dude….what do you expect?

  39. The fact that he and the rest of his co-conspirators threw an NFL game on national tv notwithstanding.

  40. The Raiders drafted offensive tackles in the 1st and 3rd rounds. They also added free agent veteran Breno Giacomini. Tom Cable is one of the best O Line coaches in the NFL, and there is plenty of veteran leadership around. Nobody is guaranteed anything, including Donald Penn and Kolton Miller. Gruden was brought in to win. The best players will play.

  41. halfcentaur says:

    June 2, 2018 at 8:04 pm

    He cant be serious. You are 35!!!! How many 40 year old offensive tackles are in the league?

    Even 36-37 year old starting tackles, how many are there? Probably not many at all. The fact he would be so surprised and angered by that makes me question his awareness. Like, dude….what do you expect?


    I think Jason Peters may be the oldest. Currently 36. Will be 37 by the time he plays in this years Super Bowl.

    If he can stay healthy through an entire season, he could still make an All Pro team. Hes dominant at his age still. Injuries are an issue though. But man, is he talented.

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