Ex-tackle Mike Adams loses 68 pounds, hopes to return to NFL at tight end

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Mike Adams was a talented enough offensive tackle that the Steelers took him with a second-round pick in the 2012 NFL draft, and he started six games as a rookie. But his career stalled both in Pittsburgh and then in Chicago, and he was out of football last year.

Now he’s hoping for another chance, at a new position.

Adams has lost 68 pounds, from 323 to 255, and he’s hoping to get another chance to play in the NFL, as a tight end.

“I want to give it another shot and get after it,” Adams told the Rivalry podcast. “I love the game. It’s what I want to do. It’s who I am.”

Adams looks like he’s in very good shape, and he wrote on Twitter that it’s primarily about eating right.

Diet is key for the weight loss mixed with good ol hard work in the weight room and yoga studio to get cut up,” Adams said.

Making it at a new position after a year out of football is a tall order, but he’s eager to show some team what the slimmed-down version of Mike Adams can do.

29 responses to “Ex-tackle Mike Adams loses 68 pounds, hopes to return to NFL at tight end

  1. The Cards need a blocking tight end. Hell we need a blocking lineman too… Give him a shot in Arizona….

  2. I was surprised this guy didn’t make it; he came out of a great program at Ohio State and you figured that at the very least, he could start at right tackle or at guard for some NFL team. I’m glad he’s not giving up.

  3. Pretty impressive right there. Hope he gets a shot, that’s dedication.

  4. Suspended twice in college, failed a drug test at the combine, stabbed in Pittsburgh, whereas all three defendants were found not guilty, as he was the aggressor after claiming they tried to rob him. A bust of a draft pick, but he lost weight, so now he’s dedicated. More likely out of money.

  5. Remember this is the kid who drove to Steeler headquarters to
    explain his positive test at the Combine. He indicated to the Steelers
    that he had made a mistake and would not be a problem if they
    drafted him. They did draft him and he became a problem.
    Amoung them being an incident where he got into a
    late nite brawl with three men whom he accused of robbing him.
    The 3 men were found innocent after a jury trial..
    He also had injury problems.

  6. He doesn’t love the game. He loves getting the paycheck. He was so lazy with the Steelers he was replaced by a journeyman. Maybe if he had put forth some of this effort he’d still be in the league. I applaud his efforts but unless he can prove he has changed and won’t get lazy again I wouldn’t give him anything but the veteran minimum with ZERO guaranteed money. That’s likely the only way he can be motivated.

  7. Oh, and let’s not forget that he was considered a first-round talent until he failed a drug test at the combine. Not very bright.

  8. Yeah that is what happens when you go off the juice. Not normal for 325 people with tremendous athleticism to be walking around…the NFL has 9-10 on every team…not normal

  9. He still can block, you don’t forget that in a year.
    Obviously hes not a deep threat but get him the ball, 2-3 steps and fall forward.
    8 yards just like that

  10. Keep working kid. There will be a TE spot open on the Redskins by week 2 after Jordan Reed goes down.

  11. That’s interesting, but this is 2018. All we care about is his stance on kneeling for the anthem.

  12. If they decide to give a bum like Johnny Manziel a 2nd chance, they can certainly give one to Adams.

  13. He might as well join in on the collusion fun because nobody is hiring him.

  14. Good for him he’s gonna take another stab at football. He already 45 lbs under Ben’s weight maybe he could replace Landry as a backup.

  15. This is Hilarious.
    He is definitely out of money and realizes that he is unable to work in the real world. This guy is to busy living in columbus bouncing from pool to pool bumming cigs and stealing beers. Good luck teams!

  16. Even if he doesn’t make it back to the NFL, that weight loss is going to have a tremendously positive impact on his life. Always sad when you see guys balloon up after football so that their already beaten up joints are carrying even MORE weight around.

  17. Maybe Little Ben will lose some weight and return to the NFL as a quarterback who doesn’t poop his pants during the first playoff game.

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