Patrick Mahomes turned down endorsements, wants to prove it on the field first


Patrick Mahomes was the Chiefs’ first-round draft pick last year, and like most first-round draft picks he had local businesses offering him endorsement deals. But he doesn’t want to be a star in commercials before he’s a star on the field.

Mahomes’ agent, Leigh Steinberg, told ESPN that the goal for Mahomes’ first year in Kansas City was just to establish himself as a part of the team, and not to get every endorsement dollar. As a result, Mahomes turned down offers that would have given him a higher profile, not wanting to create a perception that he saw himself as a star before he had proven himself.

“We talked about how the first year the goal was to integrate into the team, and the only way to do that is to pay deference to the incumbent veterans and try not to go into the situation with a high profile,” Steinberg said. “We intentionally didn’t do endorsements that would run in the Kansas City area even though they were offered. We didn’t want him to be on billboards and everything when he wasn’t even playing.”

As Alex Smith‘s backup last year, Mahomes says, earning respect in the locker room was a higher priority than earning money from sponsors.

“That just comes with the relationship you build with the guys off the field and on the field,” Mahomes said. “Whenever you have respect for each other and you know that you’re trying to make the team the best you can, and you know he’s trying to make the team win, you can talk to each other and say things to each other and you respect that. That comes with all of this offseason work, the weight room, the running. If you’re giving it your all every single day, people will respect you and respect whenever you say anything on the field.”

If Mahomes becomes the kind of player the Chiefs think he will, those endorsements will come.

47 responses to “Patrick Mahomes turned down endorsements, wants to prove it on the field first

  1. Hey kc fans
    This kid mahomes could be the greatest qb ever and it won’t matter cause poor Andy can’t get out of his own way

  2. Good advice from his agent & common sense make a great combination. It also doesn’t hurt to be able to air it out to the fastest guy in the league or hand off the rock to the best rookie RB since Zeke.

  3. Very anti-RG3, kudos. Although, I doubt he gave up much. He most likely also turned down local endorsements because he could make more money elsewhere.

  4. It’s gonna be funny this fall watching the world drool over Mahomes arm after all the “once in a generation arm” crap we heard about Josh Allen.


    Mahomes is gonna make throws that Allen could only dream.of.

  5. This is a good way to spin it but more likely he’s making an investment in himself. If he succeeds this year he makes himself way more money in endorsements than he would have last year. Given these are multi year deals he’d end up losing a lot if he turns into Rodgers.

    Course it’s a gamble and he could suck and not have any opportunities. So still good on him betting on himself and good on his agents for spinning it well.

  6. Now, if the Chiefs only had a defense (and a coach). One can dream.

  7. Not very smart. He should have grabbed as much as possible because he has BUST written all over him.

  8. I don’t know much about Mahomes.

    But so far I love this guy’s attitude. A few other players should follow suit.

  9. This kid is going to take Kansas City to multiple championships and will be a HOFer.
    The Kid just gets it. his parents did a great job

  10. Purely a business decision. They probably low balled him. If he goes out and plays well they will offer him 3x their initial offer.

  11. He’s going to be a decent quarterback, but I think turning down endorsements is a bad business decision.

  12. should have taken the money, will be another loser qb on a great list of them

  13. I understand exactly why he did what he did. It is admirable. I hope the team and fans are patient with him. He may turn out to be very good. I can’t say that I’m rooting for him because he’s a division rival but I will say I like his attitude and approach. The arrow is pointing up.

  14. NO matter what else I have heard about this guy, this is probably (for better or worse) the thing that makes me feel most confident about him.

  15. So he actually feels the currency of teammate support is worth more than currency in the bank? Well done, son, well done.

  16. Well, this is really talking in retrospect for he and his agent. They were talking about last season, not this season. So I think @ripwarrior is right, this is most likely just shrewd business. I’m not criticizing anyone, I’m just saying I think there’s a very realistic alternative narrative to this.

  17. Lifetime Ban For Kneelers says:
    June 2, 2018 at 11:31 am
    This kid is going to take Kansas City to multiple championships and will be a HOFer.
    The Kid just gets it. his parents did a great job


    Same thing Irsay said about Andrew Luxk

  18. Wow, the Chefs are drunk with optimism as usual, and it always ends with a playoff choke..
    The Qb won’t matter, and no one respects KC.

  19. Mahomes is gonna make throws that Allen could only dream.of.

    He very well may be more successful than Allen but this comment is just silly. Clearly you’re jumping on the “josh Allen sucks” bandwagon and that could be true but you’ve never seen Allen throw apparently.

  20. I can see where he’s coming from, but dang dude, take the free money.

  21. Smart rookie. It’s called earning the respect of the locker room. You don’t want to be a commercial endorsement star before you have taken a single snap.

  22. Wentzmania, shut up. Andy was a good coach while in Philly & has been a good coach in KC. There’s no need for the disrespect just because the birds won a super bowl & you think it’s time to puff out your chest. In fact, you should show respect since, ya know, Doug learned a lot of Andy’s good qualities while seemingly not his bad ones to help him bring home the Lombardi.

    -eagles fan

  23. Mahomes will be the best QB Andy Reid has coached. Hopefully, Andy doesn’t take the gamer out of him like he did McNabb. This kid has a strong arm and is accurate and has wheels. The AFC is weak enough where they can make some noise.

  24. That’s OK, Pat.

    You should probably go get royaties from,,… etc..and stuff.

    Yeah. Thanks for getting drafted, Jesus.

  25. As an Eagles fan I always rooted for Andy and the Chiefs while not playing my team even before the Super Bowl win. I don’t know how you can’t root for them now especially after all the good years and giving us Doug P. If we don’t win, I hope the Chiefs do.

  26. Nice play by Mahomes. He likely gained a lot of respect in the locker room with this kind of attitude. Bodes well for the upcoming season.

  27. LMAOOOO at the clueless, ignorant morons saying the Chiefs will miss Alex Smith. LMAO.

    Yeah we’re really gunna miss a QB who went 1-4 in the playoffs, could barely throw for over 3500 yards and 20 TDs in a season, once went an ENTIRE season without throwing a TD to a WR, was consistently awful on 3rd downs and in the redzone, struggled under pressure, was a one read QB who either checked it down, tucked it and ran, threw it away or took a sack if that first read wasn’t there, showed terrible pocket presence, needed an elite running game and until last year (because of Tyreek Hill), was pretty much the most conservative QB in the league who rarely threw past 20+ yards.

    Yeah we’re really gunna miss all that from a 34 year old QB.

    Stupid Chiefs for taking a potential elite QB FOR ONCE who is the complete opposite of what I just described Alex as.

    Stupid! Chiefs should’ve stuck with mediocrity at the most important position in sports for a 55th straight season! Who wants to be a consistent Super Bowl contender year in and year out like the Patriots, Steelers, Packers, etc…?!?!?


  28. And LOLOLOLOL at all the “BUST!” comments from all the morons on here.


    Are you incapable of watching football players play football and evaluating their talent?

    LOLOLOL if you honestly believe Mahomes will be a bust. You clearly haven’t watched him play. And you’ll be dead wrong as I’m sure you are about most things.

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