DeVante Parker doesn’t care about Chris Chambers’ opinion

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DeVante Parker doesn’t care about Chris Chambers’ opinion and apparently doesn’t believe anyone else does either.

After the former Dolphins receiver ranked Parker third among the team’s current receivers behind Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson, Parker responded on Twitter.

Nobody cares about his opinion,” Parker wrote.

Chambers, who trains NFL players at his fitness center in Davie, Florida, first criticized Parker on May 25 in the Miami Herald. He said he had reached out to Parker “several times to offer my assistance to speed up his growth curve” with no response.

“I don’t know if he fully gets what it means to be a pro,” Chambers said, via Barry Jackson of the Herald. “[Athleticism] and talent only last so long. Hard work, dedication and technique will take you a longer way when you add it on top of talent.”

The Dolphins continue to wait on Parker to break out and live up to being a first-round pick in 2015. He has never had more than 57 catches, 744 yards and four touchdowns in a season. But Miami is taking a different approach with Parker this season.

19 responses to “DeVante Parker doesn’t care about Chris Chambers’ opinion

  1. He’s right. Chambers is trying to pressure Parker in to paying for his training services by publicly shaming him. It’s a low class move by Chambers and not worthy his legacy as a decent playmaker for the Dolphins.

  2. Parker, Perriman, White..all fun to use in Madden. But in real life major 1st round busts.

  3. Chambers is right…Parker relies on talent and nothing more. Parker is still learning about eating right and proper hydration. I’m a huge Parker fan but I have learned not to not expect much out of him. Parker at this point in his career is a wasted pick and wasted talent. I doubt he shows up this year.

  4. Parker doesn’t feel the need to take training advice from an old mediocre WR. Chambers is now trying to publicly shame Parker as a result of his snub. Not so classy in Miami.

  5. Chambers is a former WR who knows what it takes to succeed in the NFLand I dont think he’s trying to drum up business for hiumself. This Parker kid is another in a long line of college athletes who have had smoke blown up their butts about how great they are. Then when they get to the next level and they are shown how their technique sucks they freak out. This kid could have said that he appeciates a former Dolphin trying to help him out or yada, yada, yada. Instead he basically says eff you. Why? Because Chambers committed the unforgivable offense of not telling Parker how terrific he is.

    Chambers came out of Wisconsin with all the talent in the world and struggled. He had to work to make himself into a solid NFL wideout. He also became a great blocker both downfield and from the line of scrimmage on running plays. The point being that the talent that allowed Chambers to excel in the NCAA made him ordinary in the NFL. This is what some of these young kids do not realize. They are in gown man land now and no one cares what they did against East Alcorn State College as a freshman.

    That is what is wrong with today’s player, they are largely uncoachable. Or, they are uncoachable the second you stop shoving sunshine up their can on how magnificent they are. How do you explain players having problems with Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll? Yea I don’t blame players for not liking those coaches. All they do is take teams to conference championship games and super bowls. Boy does that suck.

    So Chambers speaks the truth and Parker freaks out. Too bad. The fact that 57 receptions is his career high speaks means he has much room to grow professionally. Parker’s having a high ankle sprain in 2017 and Tanneyhill’s injury mean nothing. What about 2016? This kid is going into his fourth season. No excuses anymore. Parker must put up or shut up NOW or the team won’t pick up his fifth year option.

  6. “…the former Dolphins receiver ranked Parker third among the team’s current receivers behind Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson.”


    Is he sure Amendola isn’t ahead of him, too?

  7. Parker is the Tin Man. Some guys just don’t take any pride in what they do for a living. It will eventually cost him a lot of money that he’ll never be able to get back.

  8. Parker has been damaged goods, no doubt but please stop making Chris Chambers to be anything great. Yes he was more durable but he did fall short of overall expectations in Miami. Let’s not make him out to be Duper and Clayton.

  9. If Parker was smart he’d have gone to Terrel Owens WR training camp, as Julio Jones did

  10. This is a classic example of an immature kid that just doesn’t get it. I care more about Chris Chambers’ opinion now, more than ever. DeVante needs a major attitude adjustment. Just by responding in such a manner tells me everything I need to know. Wake up DeVante. Embrace it when a well-respected veteran reaches out. That means he sees your potential. We all see it….but you’ve got a LONGGGG way to go…and right now, the letters B-U-S-T are defining who you are RIGHT NOW.

  11. Chris Chambers was a very good WR. But he is totally wrong on this case.
    He has every right to solicit for business. But it is unacceptable to go public when a prospect is not interested and blame it on “lack of commitment” and then rank Parker as the worst Dolphin WR. You expect that garbage from a street vendor when you refuse to buy their junk. But not from a fellow player who is a professional trainer.
    Please note that the fact that Parker ignored Chambers does not mean that Parker does not want to train. It means Parker does not want to train with Chambers.
    Parker has been a disappointment. But the Dolphins have praised him recently for training hard. And Gase backed Parker saying that he knew what to do and did not need anybody to hold his hand.

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