Carlos Dunlap says he isn’t worrying about his contract

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Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap missed out on $300,000 in workout bonuses by opting out of voluntary work with the team this offseason in a decision that’s been linked to his desire for an extension as he enters the final year of his current deal.

While contract matters were likely part of that call, Dunlap said over the weekend that he’s not sweating things on that front.

“I’m not worried about the contract yet man,” Dunlap said, via Scott Eisberg of WCIV. “You just go out here and you play football. The film that I put out there already speaks for itself, I feel like I’ve already earned the respect of my peers. I’ve been fortunate enough to be an All-Star, being in the Pro Bowl. The film speaks for itself. I’m just going to continue to put good film out there and let whatever happens happen.”

The Bengals hold their mandatory minicamp next week and then have several weeks off before training camp. We’ll see if the team and Dunlap use that time to come together on an extension.

7 responses to “Carlos Dunlap says he isn’t worrying about his contract

  1. Yup, here sure showed them.
    He threw away $300,000, is in slightly worse shape/preparedness, and shows himself to be a PITA.
    Frequently players are disappointed about not getting an extension.
    The correct way of handling that is to train and try especially hard so another team will want to hire you after the season.

  2. Say what you want about Carlos Dunlap… but… I’ll take his good locker room presence, only 1 game missed since 2012, no off-season issues in Cincinnati, and his five year low of 7.5 sacks.

  3. Something tells me all these guys who throw away money from workout bonuses will be wishing they had that money when they are no longer playing. They treat money like it’s monopoly money–until they have to work for a living where it takes the average person about seven years to make $300k.

  4. Well… Tyler Eifert participated in everything (SEE: pro bowl)…

    … and… that worked out real well.

  5. In the end the NFL is a business. Carlos made a business decision, it either works out for him or it doesn’t. I’m a fan of Carlos snd the Bengals. How they handle there business is not my concern.

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