10,000 show up for Vegas Stanley Cup viewing party

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The Raiders have to be feeling better and better about their ability to put butts in the seats in Las Vegas.

Via SportsBusiness Daily, roughly 10,000 fans showed up on Monday night for a Stanley Cup Final watch party at T-Mobile Area, site of the Golden Knights home games.

If that many will show up to watch the game on TV (when people have TVs at home), how many will show up to watch the Raiders play in person?

Folks in Vegas will be getting what could be their last chance to see the local hockey team play in person on Thursday night, when Game Five happens in Vegas. If the Golden Knights lose, they’ll be staying in Vegas for the duration of the offseason.

You should stay right here for a couple of minutes for the highlights of Monday night’s win by the Capitals, which gives them a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven series.

15 responses to “10,000 show up for Vegas Stanley Cup viewing party

  1. Stanley cup finals vs an underperforming (and soon-to-be-outcoached) Raider team… I don’t see the connection.

  2. Life Hint: If you don’t like hockey that’s fine. But then don’t you go clicking on a story with the phrase Stanley Cup in the headline.

  3. redlikethepig says:
    June 5, 2018 at 11:37 am
    Hockey is stupid. Doubly so on a football blog.


    At least it hasn’t started to resemble the WWE yet (like certain other sports I could mention).

  4. If that many will show up to watch the game on TV (when people have TVs at home), how many will show up to watch the Raiders play in person?

    Depends on if they’re a winning team or not. The Golden Knights made it to the championship.

  5. Unfortunately the Caps are just too hot right now for Vegas. But what an amazing run for the Knights. No one, and I mean no one saw them making the playoffs much less the Cup finals. Good on them. The Raiders better hurry and build an actual contender fast or they will be less relevant than expected.

  6. i guess if you are a high roller, you can be a guest of MGM resorts, Ceasars properties, or Venetian, etc… since they are the ones who have bought all the tickets thus far. The reality is that just as likely you will be sitting next to a visiting team fan as you are to be next to a raider fan…

  7. erinrodgersreachednirvana says:
    June 5, 2018 at 12:15 pm
    Ovie gonna get his cup!


    Maybe…and for the longest time the only cup I thought he’d ever get to touch is the one protecting his nether region.

  8. I’ll give Vegas fans props for being this invested in their first year, but DC is absolutely Caps crazy right now. Capital One Arena was completely full for the viewing parties for Games 1 and 2, and there were probably 20k people outside the arena last night during game 3. 25 years without a championship in any sport (no, DC United don’t count), and suddenly we can taste it. One more win, and it’s real. Bring it home CAPS!!

  9. Significantly more Caps fans did this in DC when the games were in Vegas (and will do so again for Game 5). Also, the Vegas owner complained about how many Caps fans and red shirts were at the previous games in Vegas. I have several Caps fan friends who will be at game 5.

    A LOT of people will show up to Raiders games. However, many of them will be rooting for the opposing team having planned their Vegas trip for the week their team visits the Raiders. It’ll generate money, but it won’t be a great home field advantage.

  10. Caps fans are rabid and traveling. Its news worthy the sights in DC outside of the CAPital One Center during and after the games.

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