Baker Mayfield on Josh Gordon: “I’ve never seen anybody like him”


Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield played with some good players at Oklahoma, but no one like Josh Gordon.

Mayfield told Andrew Gribble of the Browns’ website that throwing to Gordon during Organized Team Activities has been a unique experience.

“I’ve never seen anybody like him,” Mayfield said.

Gordon might be the most talented wide receiver in the NFL. In 2013 he caught 87 passes for a league-leading 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns in 14 games, despite catching passes from the likes of Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden and Brian Hoyer. Unfortunately, Gordon has had multiple drug offenses and has played in just 10 games in four seasons since then.

Now Gordon is saying all the right things about being back with the Browns and firmly committed to football. Mayfield’s development as a quarterback will go much more smoothly if he has Gordon on his side.

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  1. Not just Gordon, but Cleveland offense is stacked. Dont see how any of the new QBs wouldn’t have wanted to land there (cough Rosen cough). Just think about it
    -they have Todd Haley from Pittsburgh running their offense now
    -they have a good strong offensive line and they added Austin Corbett to it from the draft
    – their receiving group includes former 1st founder Corey Coleman, Josh Gordon, newly acquired Jarvis Landry and they drafted another talented but troubled player in Antonio Callaway
    – and if the QB needs a security blanket, what better way to go than last years first round tight end David Njoku
    – To top it off they added Nick Chubb in the second to tote the rock. Him and Duke Johnson should form a good duo running the ball.
    Cleveland, on paper seems like QB paradise this year

  2. Im sure Gordon is still good but I cant see him being as good after all of the lost time.

  3. Still can’t believe that Goron publically admitted that he would get drunk before his early afternoon college games. Hope he continues on the upslope, but damn that fact shook me up. Wishing him all the best as a person first!

  4. Watch the Browns win 10 games this year and edge out the Steelers for the division.. Unfortunately, unless that’s the case, Hue will be the next big change in Cleveland.

  5. I really wonder what Gordon could have done if he didn’t miss so much ball and was on a team with a solid offense in a real quarterback. Guy could have been unbelievable. Hopefully he still has some of that left in him but imagine putting him on a team like the Rams or the Eagles or the Niners with Garoppolo the guy is 100% legit Beast.

  6. Despite the moronic posts of some above, I agree that this year’s Cleveland Browns are likely to surprise a lot of people. Don’t think so? Just check out the playmakers they now have on both sides of the ball. Steeler and Ravens fans better think twice before writing in the traditional automatic “W” next to the Browns games on their schedules. And, as a Browns fan of long standing, I can’t wait to see Cleveland administer some long overdue thumpings to those two teams!

  7. Dude put up back to back 200 yard games, and you couldn’t pay me to remember who was throwing to him in those games…And they were against legit defenses too.

  8. I’m concerned about any quarterback that picks 6 as his number. Take that Biblically or just think of Jay Cutler. Or just think “pick 6” , the guy has “pick six” running through his mind. Jay Cutler anyone?

  9. Or maybe it was chosen because it represents the number of points represented by touchdowns. Koi

  10. Fortunately for the Browns they play in the cream puff AFC North. It won’t take much to find a means to win the division against the lackluster competition and coaching.

  11. tvguy22 says:
    June 6, 2018 at 8:39 am
    Maybe they could contend for the playoffs if they had an NFL coaching staff.


    The coaching staffs for the other teams in the division are pretty sad as well. Harbaugh is the only half decent coach of the bunch and he suffers from a huge lack of talent on his roster.

  12. Brownies are going to surprise some teams this season. Last year they lost several of their games by one score. They have overhauled the entire team and have a decent OC. I hope Gordon lights it up this year and I don’t mean the weed.
    No longer are the days where the teams in that division can get automatic 2 Ws each season.

  13. haters keep hating. the bandwagon closed in September of 1999. just wait until we are good, then you will rue the hating day. that said, all y’all forgot that Carlos Hyde will also be toting the rock. so for those keeping score:

    QB: Tyrod (I’m going to take these tanking Bills to the playoffs) Taylor
    RB: Chubb, Hyde, Johnson
    WR: Gordon, Landry, Coleman, my grandmother
    TE: Njoku

    the D has 5 new starters in the secondary alone, and we get to see the rookie who broke his kneecap in Howard Wilson. the LBer room just got a bit better with the 2nd guy w/ a ring. leadership. and we have Miles Garrett. We are set up like the 1970s freaking Stillers. we got a Mean Joe type generational talent, and a QB surrounded by a cast of young guys mostly drafted by the Browns. you haters better have hip waders, that’s all i am saying.

  14. Josh Gordon is a freak of nature no doubt about it. He admitted that he was high during those games in 2013 yet played like that. Then the guy is always in killer shape in spite of spending the last few years going between rehab and working at a car dealership (meanwhile players are getting out of shape after one offseason) and finally, the guy who hadn’t played a game since 2014 just showed up in 2017 with a couple weeks of practice and averaged 67 yards a game like he never left even though he had the most inaccurate QB in the league.

    That’s unreal.

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