Bill O’Brien praises Deshaun Watson’s work ethic

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One of the best young players in the NFL had his rookie year cut short by a torn ACL. But Deshaun Watson is working his way toward full health, and he’s working hard to get ready to have a huge impact in year two.

“He’s in the building every morning at 6:00 a.m.,” coach Bill O’Brien told reporters on Tuesday. “He’s taking care of his body. He’s eating correctly. He’s in the meetings. He’s focused in the meetings. He’s ready to go. He has good ideas. There’s good interaction in the meetings, and he’s come out here on the field and been able to do what he can do. Obviously, training camp will be a big period of time for all of us, especially for he and I moving forward through getting into 11-on-11, full pads, but he’s had a good spring.”

O’Brien said he’s noticed a “consistent, daily approach” from Watson in his second NFL offseason.

“I think you’re out of the college scene and you’re living on your own and you’re earning a paycheck now,” O’Brien said. “I think it’s more about being on your own and just learning how to have a consistent, daily approach.”

But it’s all not business for O’Brien; Watson’s skills and abilities allow the coach to have plenty of (wait for it) fun at work.

“It’s a lot of fun to coach a guy like Deshaun,” O’Brien said. “It really is. Just him personally, he’s a very smart guy. He loves football, so every day he comes in willing to learn. Just really kind of soaks up the knowledge but then he has his own ideas, his own creativity on what he sees on different packages that we do, which we really enjoy talking about those things. When you have a guy like Deshaun, you can be creative because of his skill set. So, it’s been a good spring.”

The challenge will be for the “good spring” to become a great fall for a Texans team that won only four games last season. If players like Watson, J.J. Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, and Tyrann Mathieu can stay healthy, it could be a special season in Houston.

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  1. The Texans are one of those franchises in sports that have a hype about them based on potential that never comes to fruition. Then after the faces of the team leave or take a back seat, they win. Watson was having a great season until a non-contact practice injury ended his year. The league has game film on him and is prepared, but I’m hoping that last season wasn’t an aberration and he can continue his stellar play. It’d be nice to see all of this talent compete and not get abruptly escorted out of the playoffs again.

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