Ryan Tannehill: Mobility will still be a weapon for me


Quarterback Ryan Tannehill has suffered a pair of knee injuries since he last took a meaningful snap for the Dolphins, which has led to some questions about whether he’ll be able to make the same use of his mobility that he did when he was healthy.

Tannehill is not one of the people questioning that ability, however. Tannehill believes that his ability to make plays with his legs will remain an asset he can use to his advantage moving forward.

“I feel like I am moving well, able to escape, able to get upfield when the window is there,” Tannehill said, via the Miami Herald. “It’s still going to be a weapon for me. When defenses present an open spot, we have to take advantage of it with my legs.”

Tannehill has 1,065 career rushing yards on 216 carries and escapability is certainly a useful trait, but his long-term outlook in Miami is likely to be shaped much more by what he does when he throws the ball in 2018.

2 responses to “Ryan Tannehill: Mobility will still be a weapon for me

  1. Not going to get on here and battle whether Tannehill is a good QB or not, Everyone has their opinions on him. But one thing nobody should deny is that he is one of the better running QB’s in the league and when he get’s loose, he’s not afraid to put his shoulder down and put DB’s on their butt’s.

  2. I agree with the first comment. I hope that much of the running we will witness next year from him is not running for his life.

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