Zach Miller will do as much as he can to play again

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The Bears placed tight end Zach Miller on the physically unable to perform list on Tuesday, which means that he won’t be returning to the field in 2018 after suffering a knee injury that’s required him to undergo nine surgeries since being injured last October.

The severity of the injury makes it no surprise that Miller won’t play this season, but he’s not giving up on the hope of returning to the field at some point in the future. Miller said “positivity has been one of my qualities that’s helped get me through all this stuff” and that he’s going to do all he can to give himself a chance to continue his career.

“With my doctors and everyone I spoke to, we’re not going to put any set limitations on this,” Miller said, via “We’re just going to take it as it goes. There has not been a definitive, ‘you can never do this again.’ That hasn’t been talked about. It’s to approach this as you are planning to get back to where I can be myself and play football and then when that time comes, some of that is out of my hands. So, I’m just going to do as much as I can to get that point and see what happens.”

The Bears signed Miller to a one-year contract on Monday that will pay him $458,000 while he’s on the PUP list. Miller said he plans to help the other tight ends while continuing his rehab and it’s hard to imagine his upbeat attitude in the face of injury won’t be of some help to his teammates as things unfold in the coming months.

7 responses to “Zach Miller will do as much as he can to play again

  1. Zach you’re a pretty good route-runner who excels at getting open. But you’ve been injured a ton. I kinda don’t want to see you injured anymore.

    Bears fan

  2. My opinion of him? A very good human being. The consummate teammate. Was always on camera trying to beef up his teammates, even when the team wasn’t doing so well. Always enjoyed his on-air time because he’d consistently try to make his teammates look good to the press.

    We need people like that, now-a-days. Just sayin’.

  3. He’ll serve the role Mark Sanchez did last year for Trubisky… mentor to the younger guys at a key position with no expectation of seeing action on the field. And I’m OK with that.

  4. You’re 33 with a major injury. Call it a career.

    Gonna miss your heart tho. Coaching?

  5. He’d make an excellent coach. I hope that’s the role the Bears (or anyone else) would want him in with this young team. He’s that great of a guy.

    Class move by Pace. Awesome foreshadowing of the type of person Nagy is. Totally diggin it.

  6. Remember that monster contract he wanted last offseason? People always applaud those who bet on themselves but this didn’t work out for him. I bet now he wishes he took a more reasonable long term deal. Looks to be a mistakenly prudent decision the Bears made.

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