AAF won’t be accepting players right out of high school

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There are plenty of unanswered questions about how the two new spring football leagues will operate. Alliance of American Football co-founder Charlie Ebersol made his league’s position crystal clear as to one of those questions during a visit to the #PFTPM podcast on Wednesday.

The new league will not accept players straight out of high school.

Ebersol explained that they’ve yet to decide whether a rule similar to the NFL’s standard (three years after graduation of the player’s high school class) or an age minimum will apply. Regardless, high school players need not apply to the AAF as an alternative to college football.

There’s plenty more from Ebersol regarding a league that will launch a week after Super Bowl LIII in eight cities, including Orlando, Atlanta, Memphis, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Birmingham, and one city still to be named.

8 responses to “AAF won’t be accepting players right out of high school

  1. “What if you are dumb and don’t graduate high school until age 23”

    Then you weren’t very good at football. Guys who are good at football but dumb as rocks graduate at a reasonable age all the time.

  2. One city still to be named: Paducah.

    Because every football league needs its Green Bay.

  3. TBH I understand the spirit of this policy but in practice, there are a lot of high school athletes who don’t belong in college and wont get any benefit from being there. How many of these guys end up getting 2 years of a PE degree before turning pro? Wouldn’t two years making $50-100k per year for their efforts be more worthwhile before transitioning to the NFL?

  4. jimmysee says:
    June 6, 2018 at 7:48 pm
    One city still to be named: Paducah.
    Because every football league needs its Green Bay.

    Yeah, what league wouldn’t want, 100 years from now, a team that is in it’s original city, with fans that have been cheering for it for generations…the best stadium in the league, a team Hall of Fame that shares not only it’s history but that of the league as well. A team that survived economic struggles because the state it resides in decided to fund and retain it’s team, instead of allowing it to move or dissolve. Go Paducah Go!

  5. Dumb move. I suppose, like the NFL, they want to play nice with the NCAA so they’ll have scouting access and good relationships with college coaches and administrators. But not to tap that well of talent (good football players who are crappy students) is just shooting yourself in the foot. The whole POINT of the league is to develop talent for the NFL. What better way than to allow high school graduates?

  6. NFL really needs a minor league that’s in the USA. Some big names involved here and it’s a CBS product. This should be good. I like the mandatory 2 point conversion rule. Too bad there’s no kick off. I can see why since there is a 5X likelihood of getting a concussion during a kickoff. I really can see the NFL following this rule in the very near future if they are to stay solvent.

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