Paul Guenther: Khalil Mack has “a lot of catching up to do”

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Paul Guenther took over as the Raiders defensive coordinator this offseason and he’s spent the last couple of months installing a new defense.

He’s installed most of a new defense, anyway. One big piece of the puzzle has been left untouched because Khalil Mack has not been in attendance at the team’s voluntary practices as he looks for a contract extension with the team.

Oakland’s voluntary work ends this week and they’ll have a three-day minicamp next week to wrap up the offseason program altogether. Guenther said Tuesday that he doesn’t know if Mack will be taking part, but that he’s going to be well behind the rest of the team whenever he does report to work.

“He’s going to have a lot of catching up to do,” Guenther said, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “We’re going to have to have a plan for that, for sure. Really, I’m concerned about the guys that are here now working. These guys have been busting their tails every day — coming in early, meeting with the coaches, being great in the meeting rooms, communicating on the field. We do a lot with one-minute situations today, so it was really good to see.”

As much as Guenther may be focused on the guys who have been there, Mack’s presence would be significant. Guenther called him the centerpiece of the defense when he got the job in January and it’s hard to imagine that view has changed over the last five months even if Mack hasn’t been around the building.

16 responses to “Paul Guenther: Khalil Mack has “a lot of catching up to do”

  1. We had to be at baseball practice ‘voluntarily’ an hour earlier every day, in college. For ‘stretching’ and warm-ups. Call it what you want. You didn’t go, you were gone.

    It was a way to skirt NCAA rules. They created the monster by making it ‘voluntary’. Only superstars don’t attend. When was the last time the’ ST ‘gunner’ skipped OTA’s?

    Then they get workout bonuses to attend. When was the last time a scrub got one of those? Time to make them not voluntary and get rid of the 18 game issue or make Thursday night games after a bye week or whatever unfair situation the Players Assoc wants to get in return.

    Guenther just called him out. So you get called out for not volunteering?

  2. I just got this feeling that the Raiders arnt gonna resign Mack.

    I hope they do, but i feel like for someone whos gonna make like 100+ million you figured theyd wanna do it as soon as possible before some other guy signs a contract elsewhere and that pushes up Mack’s value.

    Aaron Rodgers has been licking his lips after seeing the last few QBs who got paid after his last contract.

  3. I would love to see him come back to Buffalo! He’d be extremely popular here.

  4. aldavisisthenfl says:

    June 6, 2018 at 8:12 am

    Hey Khalil, Derek said and did all the right things and got paid……maybe you and your agent should have paid attention

    Dude What are you even talking about.. Carr didn’t sign his contract until June 22 lol. mack is fine…stop it.

  5. I’d love to see Mack play under Guenther BUT I wonder if the Raiders could get a 1st and 2nd for him??? They can’t afford $20 million per year after Carr. That’s like 35-40% of salary cap combined.

  6. Andy Reid should trade for him just to spite Gruden for lippin’ off about “stealing” from the Chiefs.
    They don’t have the cap space but it would be hilarious.

  7. Probably will not be able to resign him due to the horrendous contract given to d Carr. This type of things happen to teams who’s record entitle them to a top 5 pick every year for a decade and a half.

  8. If he is the centerpiece then what happens if he has an injury? Does the whole defense fall apart then? LOL

    Defense is a system, and you cannot rely on a single player, no matter how dominant he may be. You do take advantage of his special abilities when he is in the lineup, but the defense should still work if he is not there.

  9. Mack was healthy last year when the Raiders went 6-10, but Derek Carr was not. They were 12-4 the year before when Carr was healthy. The Raiders drafted two offensive tackles early in the draft. I think Gruden gets it.

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