Reuben Foster pleads no contest to weapons possession


49ers linebacker Reuben Foster had domestic violence charges against him dropped last month after his ex-girlfriend recanted her allegations and Foster has now also resolved a weapons possession charge from the incident.

According to multiple reports, Foster entered a plea of no contest to that misdemeanor charge on Wednesday. As a result, Foster has been sentenced to 232 hours of community service and two years of probation, during which time Foster is not permitted to possess a gun.

That plea gives resolution to all of the legal charges that Foster faced this offseason. He was arrested for marijuana possession in Alabama before the February arrest, but that charge was dropped after Foster completed a diversion program.

Foster, who rejoined the 49ers after the domestic violence charges were dropped, could still face league discipline for violating the Personal Conduct Policy.

26 responses to “Reuben Foster pleads no contest to weapons possession

  1. NO Contest. I don’t understand why we have it.

    It means you will take a sentence similar to guilty but you don’t have to admit guilt.

    In court, during sentencing via a plea bargain, you HAVE to admit guilt, or the judge won’t sentence you, until you do. I’ve seen cases go to trial because the guy won’t admit it. Maybe rightfully so, maybe not. But No Contest is outdated nonsense. Decisions should be made by plea bargaining or a jury. Not some middle ground where both sides feel like they win. Both sides didn’t win. Nor did they lose. Dumb.

  2. And the preferential treatment continues for this guy…Lynch will be making a statement about how proud he is of how foster is turning his life around.

  3. backintheday99 says:
    June 6, 2018 at 2:19 pm
    NO Contest. I don’t understand why we have it.

    Because a guilty plea leaves you wide-open in civil suit. A nolo contendere does not admit guilt and just means you wish to forgo a trial and will accept any punishment. However, it can’t be used against you in a civil suit, unlike a guilty plea, and thus if someone, such as his money-grubbing ex, decides to sue him.

    It’s a win for the State (avoids an expensive trial) and the individual (who is protected from, essentially, an automatic disadvantage in possible civil suits and some protection from possibly triggering a parole violation or other settlement violation, such as his diversion issue in Alabama).

  4. What exactly is a “weapons possession” charge? And how exactly does that work in conjunction with the 2nd amendment?

    If he’s already a felon, that’s one thing. If not, leave the man alone.

  5. So basically he gets away with everything. I’d love to see what community service he does. How much you wanna bet he gets caught with another gun and gets another pass? Unequal justice for the rich.

  6. I’m all about throwing this scumbag under the jail for the abuse, but possessing and bearing arms is a fully-protected individual right in this nation.

    If the abuse and drug charges have been dropped, then give the man his guns back and leave him alone. What kind of gestapo is this anyway?

  7. Gun control laws should be enforced. There are too many mass shootings and school shootings. Just a couple of days ago, a 13 year old was arrested for planning to shoot people inside a school, and he had guns in his possession. Things are getting out of hand. The Supreme Court needs to step in and declare that the 2nd amendment does not give any people the right to own guns unless there is a need for a well regulated militia. There is no regulated militia in this country, only private, unregulated militia. Therefore there is no right to own guns. Only people who are deemed no danger to society should be allowed to own guns. IOW we should have strict gun control laws like those in Australia and Israel, where mass shootings are as abundant as hen’s teeth.

  8. For those of you too lazy to read up on the charge, he had in his posession a Sig Sauer 516 SBR. California does not permit guns that can accept a detachable ammunition magazine or that possess one or more military characteristics, such as a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon. It cannot have a flash suppressor either.

    Like the law or not, it is the law, and he broke it.

  9. Willing to bet good money that he had a gun in his car or on his person within 2 hours of the court case being finalized. Those things (guns) are like drugs to some…they’re addicted to them.

  10. There are reasons why athletes keep guns in their homes. I’m a proponent of gun control but I understand why a millionaire whose life plays out in front of the media every day would own a gun. People are crazy. R.I.P. Sean Taylor.

  11. Foster got really fortunate on all 3 charges he was facing. He could not have skated past them easier. the 9ers also look good by sticking with him. if he was a FA right now your favorite team would be offering him a contract.

  12. Fair enough. Foster legally purchased his firearms in Alabama and had no criminal record. He was basically prosecuted for bringing them into a state with massive gun control laws. If he smokes his weed in California, stores his guns in Alabama and avoids crazy women with a history of false domestic abuse claims he should be good to go.

  13. I think this guy is probably going to get into trouble again, and again, and again. And I loathe the 49ers.

    But if the law is satisfied, then I am satisfied, and the NFL should be too. Let him ply his trade and make his money, I have a feeling he’ll be needing lots of it in the future

  14. I am Canadian and mean no offense but I don’t understand the obsession with guns in the US. The second amendment relates to militia not individuals and was enacted 300 years ago.

    Why is there not such a staunch stance with the first amendment that Trump has obliterated without a peep. Why pick and chose aspects of your constitutions but not defend all of it so passionately?

    Why are so many opposed to getting gun control under proper control? You can still own guns so why are people so against doing it responsibly? Is there not an understanding that the amount of gun violence in the US is so ridiculously out of proportion to the rest of the entire world including the worst areas of the planet?

    I am seriously just trying to understand better and not create a fight. If someone could explain this phenomenom to me with a reasonable argument I would appreciate it.

  15. I’d bet any amount of money that he will possess a gun before 2 years is up. Not sure he’ll get caught with it, but I’m sure he’ll have one.

  16. He will never go 2 years before being arrested again for something. He is a time bomb.

  17. Thought that was ‘poisonous fruit’ due to the battery charge being dropped. If there was no battery they would not have found the guns.
    Either way it’s good for him if he learns from it.

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