A theory emerges on T.O.’s decision to skip Canton

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It’s not entirely clear why receiver Terrell Owens won’t be participating in the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. One person with knowledge of how the ceremony works has offered a theory.

For the Hall of Famer, induction weekend can be an expensive proposition, with travel and lodging for multiple family members and friends, and the cost of a party commemorating the honor. As one source explained it, most Hall of Famers get financial support from the team with which they are most associated, or possibly from a sponsor.

Given that Owens played for so many teams — and routinely nuked the bridge back to each one — it’s possible that Owens realized during his initial visit to Canton that: (1) Hall of Fame weekend won’t be cheap; and (2) the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills, and/or Bengals won’t be chipping in to cover the tab.

If Owens can instead persuade another network to televise an induction party, at which Owens would deliver his speech, the network would foot the bill for the event. And Owens would have a one-man Hall of Fame party that potentially will upstage the official enshrinement of Owens and seven others.

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  1. Sounds plausible. Then again T.O. likes to be in the limelight by himself and I doubt he would want to share the weekend next to another, and arguably better, WR in Randy Moss. I think T.O. realizes what better way to bring attention to himself (and his absurd notion of playing again in the NFL) by trying to redirect most of the attention on himself instead of the rest of the Hall of Fame class.

  2. Great talent but not a great player. Had only one real good playoff game in his career and was 4-8 in the playoffs for his career. Don’t forget the Eagles made it through the playoffs without him.

  3. He made several millions of dollars playing football…. this oughta be a 5-figure deal, I can’t imagine a 6-figure deal but maybe because I haven’t been enshrined yet…..he oughta have the money, right? Right? Hello?

  4. I doubt the NFL has the money sitting around to pay for flights and hotel rooms for the handful of players and family they have made money off of the last dozen or so years.

  5. Meh, this one I’m not buying.

    TO was not outright hated in Dallas by anyone except Bill Parcels.

    If you remove his antics and mouth running, he was never really in trouble off the field anywhere was he?

    Could be that TO is just broke?

  6. I believe he was on The Dr Phil Show years ago stating how he was completely broke from his $125g/month child support payments to four different baby mommas. A few later he was facing prison for tax evasion approaching a half million. He said he had $80 million in career earnings stolen from him by trusting the wrong people. It couldn’t possibly be his fault. I mean, who doesnt need 8 houses and 25 exotic cars? His latest marriage ended after only a few days after his estranged wife said he only used her for her money so he could secure a $2 million loan for a mansion. I’m sure he is still as broke as one can possibly be as he desperately tries to get anyone to foolishly sign him. All things considered, this theory actually makes sense.

  7. The league as a whole should foot the bill and not individual teams. Who pays the Peyton Manning tab? Is it 50-50 between Irsay and Bowlen since he got a ring from each?

  8. It’s truly difficult, if not outright impossible, to have any sympathy for someone who earned $80M+ and can’t afford the induction expenses. And he has completely ostracized himself from all aspects pertaining to the NFL. No one wants him. He can’t even show his face on stage in the coming years. He earned every bit the attitude everyone has towards him. And he absolutely refuses to ever look in the mirror. It’s everybody else’s problem. Maybe he’ll catch on yet with another team before the ceremony. And that would push his HOF consideration out at least another five years or even ever. Now I’m pulling for him to sign with another team.

  9. Back the players that want to protest on the job, but call the HOF player cheap or broke because he doesn’t want to be part of the NFLs side show.

  10. A TO only TV event? No thanks. I have plans to watch paint dry that evening.

  11. T.O. will cross that bridge when he … oh, wait, he’s already burned the bridge.

  12. It’s certainly possible, if Owens is hurting financially, that he is not going due to costs. But it feels like a stretch to get from there to him wanting to get a sponsor or network to pick up the tab for an event entirely focused on him. I just don’t think he has the “star power” to make that happen.

    On the other hand, if we’re looking at conspiracy theories, do you suppose he is turning it down because he doesn’t have a close enough friend, former coach, mentor or such that will serve as his presenter? I wonder if his abrasive personality has spilled over into his retirement years?

  13. Why doesn’t the league pay for these expenses for all inductees? You’re talking about the legends of the game and a league that makes eleventy billion dollars a second. Surely they can kick in 50k or 100k per inductee.

    It’s the same logic behind giving former Presidents a generous pension, so we don’t suffer the indignity of a broke-ass Bill Clinton, drunk as Jim Lahey and working as a Walmart greeter to make ends meet.

  14. I usually feel bad for players that blow through their millions, but I don’t feel bad for this guy at all.
    He was a great player, one of the best receivers ever. Yet, for some reason, he constantly trashed the teams he was on and their players. Especially the QB’s.
    Most HOF players don’t get released from 5 different teams.

  15. Owens doesn’t deserve to have his name mentioned at the HOF induction ceremonies. Put his bust in the HOF, for his play on the field deserves that. However, as a person he’s always been a jackass. Why give him any mention at all if he’s going to be a total jerk and skip the ceremony?

  16. What a drama QUEEN. So glad he’s out the NFL and to be honest he shouldn’t be in the HOF he was not a team player and frankly he was disliked by pretty much by everyone he came in contact with. He doesn’t belong in the HOF with all the deserving ones. Ii’m glad he’s not going to the ceremony no one wants to see him anyway!

  17. This is what the NFL gets for letting him into the HOF, they never should have did it.

  18. catquick says:
    June 7, 2018 at 11:40 pm
    Someone, or all should pony up. He was a true superstar wideout. No doubt.

    Who earned millions of dollars during his career. And blew it. Now it’s our responsibility to finance his PARTY?

  19. This decision wasn’t made in the heat of the moment. This has been thought about for a while, especially given the statement from Owens. It was clearly written by a PR agency or his lawyer.

  20. Football is a team sport. Terrell Owens is the ultimate egotist. nothing he does surprise me. He would have been better off playing golf or tennis.

  21. Celebrity Net Worth has him listed at only a 100K so this is plausible. Still I’m sure Jerry would pony up if he asked

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