Based on his own words, T.O. decided he didn’t love Canton

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Many assume that receiver Terrell Owens has decided not to attend his Hall of Fame enshrinement as a measure of cockeyed revenge against the voters for passing over him twice. There’s a chance the truth is hiding more visibly in plain sight.

If Owens was planning to boycott the process over the fact that the process had boycotted him, why wouldn’t he have said so a lot sooner? The statement he issued in connection with the decision not to show up for the enshrinement suggests that the catalyst came when Owens went to the Hall of Fame.

“After visiting Canton earlier this year,” Owens said, “I came to the realization that I wish to celebrate what will be one of the most memorable days of my life elsewhere.”

Never one to mince words or pull punches or, you know, be diplomatic for the sake of being diplomatic, if Owens decided not to attend because he wasn’t inducted in his first or second year of eligibility, Owens surely would have said so. What he said is that: (1) he went to Canton; and (2) he decided he’d rather be somewhere elsewhere on the day of his induction.

Whatever the reason (and I’ll choose to accept the reason he gave), Owens has every right to choose not to go. Though his speech could have been very memorable (and maybe he’ll be delivering his speech on another network, perhaps at the same time Ray Lewis or Randy Moss are delivering their speeches), I’ll never complain about a seemingly endless night of monologues ending a little earlier.