Jarvis Landry thinks Browns QBs are “a lot better than what I had in Miami”


Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry said recently that he considers himself the best receiver in the NFL and he believes that Cleveland has the right pieces in place to help him prove that point.

Landry said Thursday that offensive coordinator Todd Haley is going to give him the opportunity to show he’s a “complete receiver all-around” rather than just a slot receiver. There’s an unspoken implication that he didn’t get those chances while with the Dolphins and Landry was more explicit in a comparison between the quarterback situations with the two teams.

“The quarterback play is so important, which has got me that much more excited about Tyrod [Taylor] and [Baker Mayfield] and the way that they’re throwing the ball out here, it makes me that much more excited,” Landry said, via Dan Labbe of Cleveland.com. “It’s a lot better than what I had in Miami. I’m excited about that.”

Landry said that he thought Ryan Tannehill was playing well enough in 2016 to take “us to a championship” before injuring his knee, but gushed about getting together with Taylor this offseason ahead of the offseason program.

“Again, I didn’t do that in Miami with the quarterbacks because they didn’t want to do it,” Landry said. “I would say that the chemistry and the type of guys that I’m around here makes me that much more excited because I know I’m going to be pushed at all levels at all times.”

Given all of that, it’s little surprise that Landry thinks the Browns offense can be “one of the best” in the league this season. If that’s the case, it will mark the first time in a long time that preseason optimism has matched up to in-season reality in Cleveland.

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  1. ryan tannehil and jay cutler are not scrubs but consider that ryan tannehil has the weakest arm of any established qb and jay cutler was exclusively in it for the pay check. Jarivs Landry, a straight up LSU savage like odell, hasnt played with a great QB yet. Best wishes to the young baller

  2. whodatalien
    Where ever you got the info that Ryan Tannehill has the weakest arm,you should just ignore that source from here on out. Time to look for a better source for your info.

  3. “Landry said that he thought Ryan Tannehill was playing well enough in 2016 to take “us to a championship” before injuring his knee, but gushed about getting together with Taylor this offseason ahead of the offseason program.”

    Tannehill? Championship? What kind of drugs are you on Jarvis?

  4. Its always a compliment when a ex player is still (months after being traded) talking about his old team. Going from south beach to Cleveland must be a difficult adjustment and taking a shot at Cutler I can understand but Tannehill hasn’t played a game in like 20 straight games. See what he does this year then compare QB’s.

  5. LOL! Looks like the above Comment has ZERO credibility. Weak Arm?? Tannehill was 4th in the League with passes over 40yds. You can cr@p on Cutler, but Tannehill was playing Pro-Bowl level when he went out with injury a year ago. As for Landry… he will NEVER come close to the numbers he had in Miami simply because they had only one other reliable receiver, so he was the blanket. He is going to go mad in Cleveland when he doesn’t get the ball all the time and be the Offsides, Cheap-Shot Cancer times ten. He is not a top 15 WR and is getting paid like a top 5. Good Riddance. I will take Danny Amendola over him any day in the same role.

  6. Comments like this is why the fins wouldn’t pay him Mike Evans type money and why the pool of teams that wanted him was shallow like a puddle. You aren’t even wearing pads yet and you are making comparisons to your old team and the players they had. That same team and players in Miami has him in the record books for catches despite him being primarily in the slot.

  7. Juice, your head is about to explode from that ego of yours. Dude, you weren’t even the best receiver on your team and you just joined a team with 1 win in two years. You got over by getting $$$ and I hope that makes you happy because you are a Brown and your QB is Tyrod Taylor.

  8. Cleveland signs Landry to a $75 million dollar contract
    and you’re going to expect him to bash the team’s QB situation?

  9. Jarvis should be drug tested for his comments. If he think TY Rod Taylor is better than T-Hill this proves he is delusional. His bridge burning attitude is why the Fins are so much better with out him. Good luck in Cleveland LOL

  10. That’s okay, Jarvis; the wide receivers they have in Miami are a lot better than what they had when you were there.

  11. Jarvis and his buddy, Odell are play makers on the field, but off the field they both have the maturity of an eight year old. He’s obviously still sore over not getting his Julio Jones deal from Miami. We’ll see how it pans out, but I’d be willing to bet Albert Wilson ($24 million 14.5 guaranteed) will give the Dolphins more “bang for their buck” than Landry ($75.5 million 47 guaranteed) would have. I’m not a Mike Tannenbaum fan, but he made the right decision not to overpay him.

  12. Let’s see what he thinks of the QB situation when they’re four games in and he’s been targeted a total of 10 times. Taylor *DOES NOT* throw the ball unless his WR is running wide open. He refuses to take chances on a throw, nor will he trust his receivers to win a contested throw. He’ll be begging for Taylor to be benched for Mayfield.

  13. I wish people would stop bashing players for doing their jobs. These quotes are all coming from press conferences and are direct answers to questions they’re being asked that is required of them in their contracts. If they don’t answer them they get fined (see Marshawn Lynch in Seattle).

    No one in the NFL is just walking down the street talking trash to TMZ like it’s WWE Monday Night Raw. If you don’t want him comparing his new team to his old team then find the reporter who asked him to do it at the NFL mandated presser and get mad at them. Pretty sure every player in the league and most of the coaches would love to not have to talk to the press.

  14. mrfrostyj — I agree the players and coaches are in a tough spot, but what gives him the right to lie about the off-season practices? Did the talking head ask him directly about this? I’ve read in several articles that this same disgruntled individual posted pictures of their practice sessions on his social media site. What are we to believe? His comments or his actions?

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