Tom Brady declines to comment on his contract


This time, he didn’t plead the fifth. But the message was the same.

Asked by reporters on Thursday whether his contract contributed to his absence from offseason workouts, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady avoided the topic completely.

“I’ve never talked about my contract,” Brady said. “I’ve never brought up money, I think for a lot of reasons that I’ve said over the years. Those things are very personal.”

It’s hard not to think that the contract is at least a factor in Brady’s unwillingness to show up for unpaid offseason work. His current deal averages $20.5 million per year, which was only $633,000 behind the top annual average at that point. In less than two years, however, the top of the market has gone from $22.13 million (Joe Flacco) to $24.5 million (Andrew Luck) to $25 million (Derek Carr) to $27 million (Matthew Stafford) to $27.5 million (Jimmy Garoppolo) to $28 million (Kirk Cousins) to $30 million (Matt Ryan).

Which means that Brady is now $9.5 million per year behind Ryan.

Brady apparently hasn’t asked for a new contract, but he also possibly believes he shouldn’t have to. But with the Patriots possibly uncertain regarding how long Brady will play at a high level and whether they want to make a commitment that would tie their hands beyond 2018, it may be hard to come up with an offer that would represent more than Brady currently is getting but that would still reflect far less than he deserves.

14 responses to “Tom Brady declines to comment on his contract

  1. If Brady cared about where his contract was with respect to other QB contracts he would’ve left the Pats long ago. Offseason issues are 100% due to the polarizing Guerrero Effect in the Pats organization.

  2. Brady probably gets paid under the table in addition to his salary. Either that or the Patriots fund all his stupid business ventures. At any rate, I have little doubt that the Patriots violate the salary cap rules just like all the other rules. They only care about winning. Honesty and fair play have no business in NE.

  3. Emails and midnight drops do well to ‘bridge the gap’ for lower end contracts….also cash is not 1099’d so amounts to even more due to no tax. In a nutshell, the lower contract for cap space is easily supplemented

  4. “he also possibly believes he shouldn’t have to.”

    After all this, you still believe you know what Brady thinks. SMH.

    And the Raiders are calling out Khalil Mack.

    And Gruden and Carr can’t coexist.

    The things you people manufacture to get clicks… Amazing.

  5. takeyourpunishmentandquitwhininglikeababy says:
    June 7, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Waaahhh, Patriots, Patriots, PATRIOTS!!! (in Jan Brady voice)

    Thank you for the constant laughs you provide. The irony of that userid consistently whining about the team that populates it’s nightmares is a never ending source of amusement.

  6. .
    ” Brady apparently hasn’t asked for a new contract, but he also possibly believes he shouldn’t have to.”


    Exactly correct…. Brady shouldn’t have to ask for a raise. That’s the job of his agent, Don Yee. It’s the least he can do for making 3% of 20.5 million annually. You can cipher the math.

  7. With football, endorsements, and his wife being ridiculously rich don’t think he needs any more money. It’s not the contract that’s the reason he skipped the Voluntary workouts he’s pretty old can’t do everything like he used to.

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